2000 Kawasaki ZX-6R: Ride Review and Analysis (Part Two) …

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Bimota SB8R Sport Bike
Bimota SB8R Sport Bike

2000 Kawasaki ZX-6R: Review and Analysis (Part

Sunday Ride: Face it, not going to change any negative about motorcyclists with the of this crew.

Last Kawasaki ZX-6R has been analyzed by the world press its redesign in 1998. What did have to say?

Well, on the side (1) it has a great motor spread of power, high horsepower — usable and smooth); (2) it light and flickable (turns in — almost too well for some

On the negative side, the 1998 of the ZX-6R yielded the following consensus, including (1) front has decent power but lacks (the word “wooden” up more than once); (2) the end, in general, feels — you don’t know what the tire is doing (is it about to let (3) the suspension needs to be sorted rate and valving is off — in the opinion of way off).

Well, enough the past, Kawasaki claims to addressed all of the shortcomings, and even the … motor. To quote Kawasaki’s ad copy, its new sportbikes been sculpted, tightened and to create the most dominating on the planet.” (Side note — who the word “dominating” first, or Kawasaki?).

Has Kawasaki delivered? S**t

I’ve just ridden a Kawasaki ZX-6R more 430 miles in four days — extensive freeway mileage and carving. In the past few months, also spent extensive on a CBR600F4 (including a track day at Springs here in California) and even ridden Yamaha’s R6. has emerged from this

A conclusion shared by at least one journalist who has spent extensive with the new ZX-6R (more that below) — this kicks …!

Let’s the issues the press (and had with the prior generation in the order discussed above.

of all, the redesigned brakes — has a new, differential-bore, 6 piston with new brake pad material, dual 300mm floating discs. How do they work?

Offering excellent feel and power, I was more impressed the I rode (particularly through the stuff).

As I mentioned Friday, I did get a to ride Honda’s F4 again and, in my opinion, the Kawasaki’s new are substantially superior to those of the F4 the F4′s aren’t bad). has obviously tested Yamaha’s R6 and has been aiming to outperform the class-leading brakes (particularly, the brake). I’m not ready to say that the front brake is better the front brake on the R6, but it is probably as good (if not better).

How about the vague front Kawasaki also attacked head on by (1) increasing trail by (2) increasing fork pitch by 5mm distance between the fork (3) replacing the tapered roller in the steering head with bearings (a trick learned Yamaha); and (4) changing spring and damping specs in the fork. and other chassis tweaks revised shock linkage and swingarm) have resulted in a handling motorcycle — and one that quite good feedback the front tire (goodbye,

The suspension? Excellent fork is both firm (no severe under hard braking) yet enough to offer a smooth The rear shock seemed a stiff over ripples in the while accelerating (something I could have cured the compression and rebound clickers), but well overall.

A related is the change in tire sizes — front and rear. The front is now a 120/65-17 versus last 120/60-17. This is the same tire size used by the new RSV Mille Special Edition.

The 65 series front tire, to Kawasaki, offers more surface in turns and smoother Coupled with a new, 180 section rear tire year’s was a 170) stability is improved, along with grip.

One of the most striking about the new ZX-6R is its incredible of flickability and high speed For many years, this was the grail of sportbike handling. You couldn’t have both.

you can.

The ZX-6R is so stable at speeds you simply wouldn’t it. To call it “composed” really say enough. Simply put, you relaxed and confident cruising at speeds.

At the same time, the is still very flickable in the stuff. It turns in quickly, but feel “tippy”. After you the bike for a while, the handling is reassuring and predictable.

What the engine? Well, Kawasaki need to do too much here. In the of many, the Kawasaki motor was the class leader. Nevertheless, tweaked the motor substantially, several new internal parts crankshaft, for example), an entirely new chamber, and significantly higher ratio. The motor is awesome.

Bimota SB8R Sport Bike
Bimota SB8R Sport Bike

Moving 379 pounds of dry weight (9 lighter than last according to Kawasaki), the ZX-6R is quick for a 600. Moreover, it has a broad powerband.

Around you could make quick at as low as 4,000 rpm on the tach. Between and 6,000 rpm, if you’re in the to cruise, the ZX-6R is satisfyingly Between six and 9,000 rpm, the really wakes up, and will you into another dimension.

It is 9,000 rpm, however, the ZX-6R really screams.

If you a 600 long enough (and I put in hours on the ZX-6R), the power can a bit unimpressive. This never on the ZX-6R. I never really like I wanted a bigger motor. The light weight and 599cc powerplant kept me all day long.

Back to back the F4, the ZX-6R seemed to have the same mid-range thrust, but more power above rpm (where the F4 eventually seems to out). The ZX-6R motor is much smoother (less than the F4 powerplant).

Kawasaki didn’t do much the ergonomics and, once it didn’t need to. The ZX-6R, Honda’s F4, is an excellent balance a severe sportbike and a sport The riding position allows comfort, marred only by a that becomes uncomfortable me, at least) after about 40 in the saddle.

The redesigned fairing excellent wind protection for class of motorcycle (probably the

Until Triumph’s new 600 makes its the only real contenders for class champion are Kawasaki, and Yamaha. With similar the ZX-6R and CBR600F4 really go and, in my opinion, the 2000 comes out on top just about

Yamaha’s R6 may handle just a bit than the ZX-6R (I did feel on the R6 in the first ten minutes I rode it — the took a little more to reach the same comfort and it is probably more “flickable”, but its characteristics, again, in my opinion, put it the ZX-6R overall. The R6 has a more riding position, far less protection from its tiny and, this year at a less impressive motor.

As I said at the beginning of this the only other road I have seen on the ZX-6R similar conclusions to my own. Motor Cycle News declares the 2000 ZX-6R the 600 yet”. One of MCN’s few gripes (as I noted) is that the ZX-6R a low fuel indicator light simply know you need to to reserve when you run out of gas).

I we can commend Kawasaki for truth in The new ZX-6R really is “sculpted, and honed”. Kawasaki had a good to begin with, and they addressed the weak points of year’s ZX-6R.

Good Kawasaki.

Bimota SB8R Sport Bike
Bimota SB8R Sport Bike
Bimota SB8R Sport Bike

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