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October 2012

It has five months since I this News column and a lot has Most notably, Bimota has a number of new models that to be selling well in the rest of the but we are not getting them in the USA. I spoken many times to management in Italy and we have upon a plan, but nothing is

The situation is a shame because worldwide sales of the DB8, DB9 and proves that they be very good motorcyclesand models could expand the in which enthusiasts could the well-known characteristics that Bimota motorcycles uniquebut not in yet!

To close the Bimota parts are still arrivingalbeit slower than I would The factory is very understaffed and all of the worldwide distributor/dealer parts is a part-time activity for one person. is not much that we can do other be persistent and patientparts supplies for parts (post 2004) are older parts seem to be drying up!

So with Bimota slowing down, I am turning my to Vyrus. With a direct to the Bimota Tesi lineage and designs pushing the technology Vyrus team is trying to prove the performance superiority of for motorcycles. And they must be something right, because demand is far outweighing their to produce motorcycles.

In my last I showed photos of my first (Moto2) Replica kit that I at the factory in Rimini. I received my two kits in late spring and sourced most of the OEM Honda that I needed to build the complete motorcycle. Unfortunately, I able to dedicate sufficient to build the first bike start to finish, so I had to work on it in chunks of time.

Let me first say building these bikes is not is pure pleasurejust handling the is more like being a than a mechanicthe surface are extraordinary, the welding is fine many of the connections are doweled and screwed, the hardware is tapered-headed steel, the aluminum parts inserts for screwsit is a high level that I have seen used so extensively. I a set of drawings that describes fastener with a torque and special notes for either or Loctite!

Let’s beginthe arrived fully assembled in I removed the bodywork and sent it off to my I broke down the chassis three major assembliesfront and suspensions and engine attachment. I a fixture to support the Honda (from drawings supplied by and began assembling the omega shocks, exhaust header and cooling radiators. Next the two suspension sub-assemblies and the bike was now on stands.

I sourced high-end Brembo and installed them. Wiring was the complicated procedure in the assembly. of all, when I built two of bikes in Italy for trainingwe did not do the so I lacked experience. And secondly, are a number of design differences the Honda wiring schemes for and the USAand I had to sleuth out these as I went along.

The Vyrus in Italy was great! I sent at the end of my day, maybe with a few and while I slept they my questions, maybe with a few for me to keep going the next day all in it worked very well. that was done, I added the support and fuel tank and the bike upbefore I covered with carbon fiber.

I say that I flipped the ignition watched the dashboard do its dance, hit the button and it fired and idled got to love a Honda engine! I put on the rest of the bodyworkand this is the place that I might a bitfor the most part it together perfectly, but there a few fasteners that I had to pull and the carbon panels to get the holes to upthese are, after handmade parts and very in the process (chassis numbers 010 and they will gradually in this area. But that once together the panels together perfectly and the resulting is extraordinarily beautiful!

Here is a of photos showing the assembly

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. So does riding a Vyrus feel like? For me the experience when I approach the bike and look at what I am going to put a lot of value on what a motorcycle like and this one is spectacularaggressive, finished, high tech, it passes all of the visual tests.

a touch of the starter button it fires right up and as I rev the engine it I have been a twin man I sold my Honda 750 for a Moto V7 Sport in 1974, but I have to say this engine with its revving scream is scintillating! The connection to what my wrist is is direct! And the tonal quality of the note is purely Italian it is one of the that they do best.

As you get on the bike, the ergonomics are fairly by modern sportbike standardsthe height is on the taller end of normal, but it is narrow at the front and I can place feet flat on the ground. The to the bars is fairly normal The footpeg position is adjustable, but I was in a to go riding so left it as it came, was quite acceptable (I will with this some in the to optimize it for myself).

The ride with a typical Honda into gear. The clutch was a touch heavy, and the fuel-injection was on. When I got onto the tarmac I a handful of throttle and got my first bike accelerated as I expected it a bit stronger than I expected a 600but the surprise was when I grabbed the sides of the tank my thighs and the thin carbon offered no resistanceit was like air I had nothing to grab on to!

This very strange. I quickly got to riding, short shifting at 10 grand (red line is to get used to the bike, but even was extremely exhilaratingthe rush of and the exhaust scream far exceeded my I found the Vyrus to feel extremely light and well-planted. was very little vibration and the note was outstandingit sounded a military fighter jet!

I a bit concerned as the bike was not yet legal and exhaust scream was quite I headed for my twisty section of anyway and the bike felt naturalit just went I wanted it to gochanged direction and felt very stable. The from the high-end Brembos was due to the lightness of the bike.

I didn’t the brakes on my first trip, but and confidence under braking is I hope that the hub-steered will really shine. one circuit, I returned to the shop and as many fasteners as I could get be sure that nothing had up and quickly headed out for another The second one was even better the firstjust more comfortable due to

So what are my impressions?first of allthis is a It has an aggressive stance and ergonomics, and an and exhaust that want to be run The bike is tight and the suspension is (although I plan to work on that in as I go forwardboth ends are adjustable.) The bike feels light, that amplifies the power to provide strong, acceleration. Yet the bike is docile and starts at the touch of a button and perfectlymuch like Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. in this case, the best of worlds! Overall I am very and impressed. Now I just need to the ergonomics and suspension to fit me, deal the DMV, and start racking up the

I’ll start building the Vyrus tomorrow.

Here are photos of the finished product before the first test

(Click a thumbnail to view an then use your mouse to scroll through the gallery.)

May — the best part of in the Italian motorcycle business is there is a plausible need to go to regularly to conduct business our suppliers. I just returned a very nice trip to the Vyrus and Bimota factories and taken quite a few photos to with you.


This time I will with the Vyrus factory for a of reasonsfirstlyI am so excited about our first two 986M2 kitsI saw in Italy and they are being as I write this! The photos of the without the engine are of the first kit to America. This bike is to be spectacular.

The design is extraordinary and has taken the exotic craftsmanship Bimota is known forand it a few notchesthe physical pieces make up these bikes are works of artthe quality is Secondly, I spent a full day at the disassembling and reassembling a complete so that when we start to the bikes here the process be familiar and therefore go smoothly. I wait to get started.

I am currently assembly fixtures, we have the two CBR600RR engines ready, and we are waiting for the kits to arrive. I take some assembly of our process and post them month. Then we plan to the first bike to a local to get the feel of itlook for a report of our impressions sometime in June.

Here are some photosthe kit coming to America, the … and chassis, a trackbike, and a complete heading to Japan. Enjoy!


I actually spent two days at the Bimota factorythey extremely hospitable as business is your read that I was there to spend my time in the mezzanine searching for many parts as they call (anything prior to 2003 is historic) for all of the customer requests pile up (when I send the numbers to Italy, the folks are not familiar with many of parts and tell me that don’t have them)I say that I found about 50% of I was looking for, and that is many customers quite

I also got to see the new modelsthe pre-production (BiMoTard)production is just about to and the DB9 Brividowho many call the looking Diavel on the market. of the DB9 Brivido is in full swing and were many in the assembly and being shipped. As a matter of whole floor was full!

I got to sit on bikes and they are extremely for Italian sportbikes!

But how many are to America you might ask? As you all know, we do not have an official importer in the USA at the moment, and therefore is no official company to work the factory on homologation, forecasting, etc. My friend, Joe Tortora SuperMoto International in NY) and I convinced the that we could certainly to enough bikes to justify of the DB8, DB9 and DB10, and they to proceed.

So it seems that in the month we should have the taken care of and then we can to get motorcycles. As many of you also Bimota dealers have in the recent past by having too bikes imported and sold at discounted prices to get them out the market.

Bimota Tesi 1D

This is not sustainablenobody is any money (the factory nor the and many dealers have up on Bimotait is impossible to stay in losing money no matter how you may be about the product. So my plan is to a couple of bikes to demo and to customers, and then order from the factory as they are will match supply and and with air shipment, delivery should be less than weekswe’ll see how this goes!

If anyone reading this is interested in one of the new models, please me at: and we can get startedI have and specifications as well as more than I am posting here. is your chance to have one of a limited number of examples in the

So here are some photos of the from last weekas you can even though we don’t see it in the USA, Bimota is staying busy shipping motorcycles to the of the world!

(Click a thumbnail to an image, then use your wheel to scroll through the

November 2011 — is always busyso the News often get delayedto catch up, month I have a double news itemsreports from my to both the Bimota and Vyrus last week.


First stop was Bimota. As of you know, the importation management of products into the USA has been since the emergence of the new Bimota in 2003. We have had two official and both are now gone. I have dealing directly with the for a year now, with resultsbut after this tripI am optimistic that will run more smoothly.

is one thing for sureif they are not it will not be for the lack of tryingthe staff in Italy is really to satisfy demand for motorcycles, and information from around the but are considerably understaffedso they do the that they can, as canclearly an unfortunate result of the global economic situation.

I to have a meeting with the before the EICMA Milan show (November 8-13)because the show everyone is so busy it is difficult to find enough to have meaningful discussions and particular matters. The downside, of is that I didn’t get to see the show. I do some very good thoughBimota will introduce new models at the show next

I can’t say more, but I was lucky, Franzen, the Sales Director for showed me renderings of the new modelsso be to watch the Internet November 8th for the

Many people want to what is going on within the I can tell you that they to be alive and well! I saw motorcycles built, I saw motorcycles being for shipment to many countries the world, and in general, the company to be functioning normally, albeit volumes down from peaks due to the general economic

Here are some photos last week.

(Click a to view an image, then use mouse wheel to scroll the gallery.)

One final notewhen I to the USA this week, I found a box of Bimota parts waiting for me! I that some of you have waiting patiently, so hopefully I be contacting you soon to tell you of shipment!

Vyrus factory

The stop was to the Vyrus factory, down the road from In the spring I mentioned that I be importing the Vyrus 986 M2Moto 2 Kits into the USA. visit was to see the bikes with my own I can tell you that they fantastic.

The factory has been the bikes continuously on racetracks for 9 months and has gotten the design to the where they are getting results, and as such, they are up the design and ordering parts in I saw volumes of many parts and two motorcycles getting prepared to be to their ownersI also saw of bikes already in their possessionthis was exciting for me to see the real

We are now negotiating how quickly we can get the first into the USA. Stay as I hope to know in the next of weeks. As with Bimota, I some photos of the bikes in the and also got them to give me images of previously delivered bikesso please enjoy the first production Vyrus

(Click a thumbnail to view an then use your mouse to scroll through the gallery.)

Bimota Tesi 1D
Bimota Tesi 1D


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