Tips for Teachers: Successful strategies for teaching gifted learners

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Davidson Institute for Talent

This article by the Davidson for Talent Development offers a of tips for teachers. It focuses on any teacher can use in the classroom to aid their students and promote their in positive ways. Common are also discussed as well as why can be detrimental to the gifted student.

a regular classroom teacher can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. are so many curriculums to cover, so standards to meet, and so many to learn. It can seem as though being stretched in an infinite of directions.

And, the most part generally isn’t the it is managing student behavior. a doubt the most difficult in your classroom is generally the one who every assignment in less five minutes and requires redirection.

When I first teaching, I spent a lot of time to figure out what to do with students and what I discovered was very often, if I just my perspective and offered them challenging experiences, the problems — like magic! is how I became passionate about the needs of gifted students. I to see how making a few simple adjustments change the entire culture of my

With that in mind, is a list of tried and true I recommend.

Tip #3: Conduct Informal

With areas of the curriculum are sequential, such as mathematics and I recommend giving the end of the year during the first week of If you have students who can demonstrate at 80% or higher, you will save an entire year of frustration and if you can determine exactly what ability level is and then them curriculum that them to move forward.

assessments can be extremely helpful, they are expensive and there is a back log of students waiting to be Conducting informal assessments is a and inexpensive tool that offer you a lot of information.

Tip #4: Re-Familiarize with Piaget Bloom

are many developmental theorists and it is that you encountered many of during your teacher course work. When it to teaching gifted children, I taking a few moments to review the of Jean Piaget and Benjamin Jean Piaget offers a description of developmental stages as relate to learning.

Gifted are often in his formal operations when their peers are in his pre-operational or concrete operations When a child is developmentally he/she has different learning and needs. This is where Taxonomy can be a particularly useful.

in the formal operations developmental need learning experiences at the end of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Essentially all should offer the student the to utilize higher level skills like analysis, and evaluation, as defined by Bloom. I using the Internet to learn about these two important A couple of websites that may be of include:

Tip #5: Involve Parents as Resource

Parents of gifted children are active advocates for their If you are not prepared for this, it can be a bit unnerving. The news is that, at least in my what they want is to be heard and to encounter someone who is to think differently.

Generally, I that if I offered to collaborate them, rather than them, we were able to together to see that their needs were met. For if they wanted their to have more challenging in math, I would then their help in finding curriculum options. I generally an informal assessment to help determine the best place to and then encouraged them to other options that be adapted to the classroom.

Most understood when I explained I didn’t have the luxury of a customized curriculum for every but that I would be willing to accommodations if they would do the Flexibility and a willingness to think helped me create many situations.

Tip #6: Learn About Learning Opportunities

The choices to teachers and parents in this have exploded in the past years. Distance learning have dramatically increased for meeting the needs of gifted Programs such as EPGY and the Johns Hopkins Writing as well as online high and college courses, including AP classes, are a great way to substitute challenging curriculum for students who proficiency with grade material.

Of course, these generally aren’t free, but are an option. And, in my experience, are an option that many are willing to fund. Search the online Davidson Gifted to find resources recommended by parents and teachers.

Tip #7: Explore

It’s Free and It Works!

option is to allow students to classes with other who are at the same developmental level, than with their age If a 9 year old can demonstrate that he is to learn algebra, why should he be to take fourth-grade math because he is 9 years old? goes for language arts, or or social studies or any other of the curriculum.

Many well-meaning worry that a student run out of things to learn if they are access to curriculum designated for students. Whenever I hear question I can’t help but ask can a person ever truly run out of to learn? Indeed, if we let Susie, a grader, learn fifth math this year, fifth grade math going to be appropriate for Susie she gets to fifth grade.

So, during fifth grade, should have access to grade (or higher!) math depending upon her needs. wrong with that? is learning at a rate appropriate to her and will continue to do so whether or not we her do third grade worksheets. Why not her unique learning needs a bit of flexibility. Susie may just be the one who the cure for … or comes up an alternative fuel source is more planet-friendly.

Besides, and I can speak for myself, I don’t ANY student should have opportunities limited because of age, their race or any factor that is beyond control. I believe education be about creating true opportunities for ALL students — gifted students. If you have a who is ready for fifth grade collaborate with the fifth teachers.

There are great such as the Iowa Acceleration that can help you to determine the student should be moved for just a subject or two or should be accelerated.

Another reason many teachers are afraid to try is that they are concerned the student’s level of social Research has demonstrated time and again that acceleration is for many reasons and that maturity is rarely an issue. studies have shown social age is correlated with age — not chronological age.

So, not is it generally in the student’s best academically to accelerate, it is in his/her social interest as well! The goes for students in high If a student is ready for college encourage them to take courses or to consider an early entrance program.

Indeed the might need a bit of tutoring to get up to and/or may need some support initially, particularly writing and/or organization, gifted students learn quickly and my experience has been these supports can generally be after a reasonable adjustment

Tip #8: Learning from the Experiences of

Many well-meaning teachers commit the following blunders they encounter gifted Don-t feel bad if you have them. I know I have and I someone would have them out to me before I had to learn them the hard way.

Number One: Asking Gifted Students To Serve As For Students Who Are Struggling. Gifted think and learn differently other students. Asking to serve as tutors can be a frustrating for all parties involved.

This also be remembered when together learning teams or projects. Putting your student with your who are struggling is likely to be a painful for everyone. Imagine developing a team with someone Lance Armstrong as one member and selecting other members who either just learned to their bikes or are still on training wheels to help gain their balance.

It is unlikely that anyone in group is going to have a experience.

Blunder Number Giving Your Gifted More Work When Finish Early. It is common to give students more if they complete their early. This is counterintuitive if you that if the student is completing work in an efficient manner, it is that the work is too easy. once again consider our

Would you have the cyclist who the race first continue to on a stationary bike no less, all of the other cyclists finished the I hope not! What if cyclist was given an opportunity to in more challenging races or had the to develop his/her talents in areas — wouldn’t be a better use of his/her time?

Number Three: Only Gifted Students To Move When They Complete The Designed Work Assignments 100% Accuracy. It is important to that gifted students and learn differently and can be extremely No one — not adults, not children and not gifted children — to be bored!

Gifted students, to their ability to reason, purposely choose not do something because they must do it, if it seems pointless to them. would rather spend time thinking or reading completing worksheets that are too If you are truly interested in doing best for your students, it is that you focus on their not their shortcomings.

Offer opportunities that are consistent their abilities — them from where are. Depending how long have been in the system, it may them a while to trust So, don’t be surprised if there a miraculous overnight change.

Be and positive and remember, you may be the first who has offered them an opportunity to learn, rather than and they may not know how to handle responsiveness. Don’t fall in to the of saying, See, I told you he gifted, I gave him one tough and he failed. Gifted students haven’t had to work to succeed.

them time to build often atrophied, wings in a environment.

Tip #9: Utilize Outside

There is a lot of information in this and it is likely you’re feeling a bit Here is the best news so you are not alone and you don’t have to up with all of the answers by yourself. are several national organizations entirely to assisting gifted people and the professionals who serve

The three most notable are the National Association for Gifted Belin — Blank for Gifted Education and Talent and the Davidson Institute for Talent As a first step, I recommend the Davidson Institute’s free Guild. Members have to private electronic mailing and bulletin boards to exchange locate resources and discuss with educators all over the

Members also have to the Davidson Institute’s in-house of professionals for personalized assistance identification, assessment, exploration of options, creation of Individual Plans, and location and development of for highly gifted learners. All you to do is call to receive answers to questions — completely of charge.

And, the Davidson also provides participants of the Young Scholars program and parents, free services as In addition to investigating these organizations, you may also wish to organizations at the state and local that focus on meeting the of gifted students. It isn’t to turn your world down to be an effective teacher of students, you just have to be knowledgeable, and be willing to try new things.

students cannot fend for and I wish you the best of luck as you the exciting adventure of making a to the gifted students in your After all, one person can and make a difference.


This article is provided as a of the Davidson Institute for Talent a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to profoundly gifted young 18 and under. To learn more the Davidson Institute’s programs, visit .

Contributed by: on 8/11/2010

Thanks for your Measurement of one’s academic and advancement is certainly one lens which to view “gifted.” there is also the non-measurable and observation that a gifted sees the world and makes of the world differently and in surprising (which may or may not translate into academic performance). Also, in of giftedness, I suggest adequate to areas of athletics, art, dance, et. al. (How do we value from the perspective of what it to be human as opposed to what it to succeed in and advance through curriculum?)

Contributed by: Other on

Thank you for your wonderful As a highly-gifted student, I agree it is horrifying that we are treated our average/below average classmates. goodness I have an amazing TAG who I can count on for brain stimulation!

also for not layering on about all being gifted. Yes, all are different, but only intelligent are considered GIFTED!

Contributed by: on 10/14/2008

My daughter is in GATE and was to work ahead in math Grade). She and 2 others worked by 1 year. She went from that Math was her worst (her perception) to it being her subject. Her confidence level has

The teacher told me that the highest 5th Grade math were 4th Graders.

Contributed by: on 9/1/2008

As a profoundly gifted 14 I would like to thank the of this article. I took the SAT in 7th and scored a 1460, in the 99th of all students. I still have to the same classes as everyone Having more busywork at gifted students is not helpful. is clustering- putting one gifted in a group of average or less average students.

I almost complete group projects Last year, I was so bored in my class that I wrote a in my notebook to pass the time. you so much for sharing this the public.

Contributed by: Educator on

Kudos for speaking out against grouping when it is often politically incorrect to do so. As one of those students, I was always furious asked to help someone who was on the low end of the It felt like punishment.

by: Other on 5/5/2008

I was one of those students — tested in the percentile. Until reading article, I never realized my choices in life were responses rooted in my intelligence. The system would benefit the far more if they were to on the social aspect of intelligence than trying to cram knowledge into kids.

by: Parent on 1/31/2005

My son is in a GT program in Texas—the sad part is that it is limited and not very challenging. He himself pre-algebra last then last fall had a time with his math Finally, the school gave him the 6th math TAKS, which he Over the X-mas holidays he the first five chapters of the 7th pre-algebra, now, having moved to 7th grade math, he is at the head of the GT section! He should be in

Here is a potentially gifted being tortured by conformity and teaching.

Contributed by: Parent on

Although magnet programs are a step, selecting 3-5% as and then treating them isn’t a solution. Any two students test scores 2 standard apart will have educational needs — (-2,0) or (0, +2) or (+2, +4). gifted kids may have in a program aimed at the 95th kids.

Those kids known as difficult since are not thriving in the gifted classes. My is quite bored by the math to her, but the teacher believes all students in the classroom must the standard curriculum at the same

Gifted kids have and weaknesses, and shouldn’t be expected to at the same level in all areas of the My son leads his class in math and However he struggles with the arts curriculum and would fit into a class aimed at the percentile than the top 2%.

He could handle a much difficult science curriculum, but the doesn’t wish to outpace the students who are the majority of the class.

by: Educator on 1/5/2005

Previous You speak of gifted students as they are a different species. I challenge you to consider the studies of intelligences and realize every has strengths that could be and developed in the same way we envision gifted or special needs What a wonderful experience could be if each student had her own

Contributed by: Educator on 10/24/2004

I to disagree with the last The students I have seen out of gifted class because were incorrectly placed a signficant blow to their and self-confidence due to their being to succeed in the gifted class. How you like to play tennis a pro?

Or a duet with a Or have a bicycle race Lance Armstrong? Now imagine nine years old.

by: Educator on 8/21/2004

Allowing’normal’ to access gifted programs as a of parent pressure is not harmful. My in this area has shown students usually self themselves out of the program and parents are for this to occur once see the differences between their and gifted students.

Contributed by: layperson on 4/20/2004

Very article, it makes some points. But I do miss one thing, Advice about how to detect it ambitious parents wish to a child of normal intelligence, by that he be placed among children. Letting them it their way would cause no to the gifted ones, but it will be a experience for the normal child!

The of any information in the Davidson Institute’s does not imply an endorsement by, or any with, the Davidson Institute. All presented is for informational purposes and is solely the opinion of and the responsibility of the Although reasonable effort is to present accurate information, the Institute makes no guarantees of any including as to accuracy or completeness.

Use of information is at the sole risk of the

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