2000 BMW R1100R 2 z a r s . c o m

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2000 BMW R1100R

A close up of the tank. The light color is a perl siver/blue, but it changes depending on the viewing angle. The dark color is a deep grey, and it too changes. Very cool

air/oil cooled

Other info …

My previous bike, a 1983 R80ST, was purchased new in March of 1984. Things have changes a bit since then. My initial impression is that the ST is smoother over the entire RPM range, but the RA is new and things have not settled just yet. I’m told the RA will smooth out significantly after it is broken in. The only thing that really bugs me is that the bags are smaller.

My laptop fit perfectly in the right-hand bag on the ST, but it needs to be “manipulated” to fit on the RA (a smaller laptop bag has now remedied this). The right hand bag *does* hold my helmet, which is a plus. On the power side, a dramatic improvement (surprise, surprise, 48HP versus 80HP). The brakes are also phenomenal as well.

It handles very nicely. I can’t wait until the break in period is done (600 miles) so I can get the RPM’s above 4,000. The ST was quiet, this one is even more so, which is hard for me to believe.

I also purchased a Gerbing heated jacket liner. It’s real nice Plugs directly in to the accessory socket and keeps me real warm. I highly recommend it!!

In November of 2000, I purchased Gerbing heated gloves. Very nice.

A few links …

The IBMWR “unofficial” Oilhead FAQ (I put together to answer many reoccuring questions about oilheads from the IBMWR/R1100 lists)

A scanned image of the BMW Maintenence Schedule used by BMW Dealers. This is a zipfile that contains a .tif file scanned at 300DPI. You should be able to produce a high quality copy using any inkjet or laser printer

Visit BMW’s USA Bike site.

Tweaking log

April 1, 2000 – 600 mile servicing: issues presented to dealer

The bike frequently stalls when approaching a stoplight. I am decelerating in gear and I pull in the clutch and the engine stumbles and stalls. The frequency has diminished as time has progressed, although it happened this past Sunday.

The bike surges while attempting to maintain a constant speed between 2500 – 4000 RPM, especially in lower gears. Internet buzz is Throttle body synchronization.

I have noticed a pretty significant buzz in the footpegs at 4,500 RPM’s

Noticable reduction in surging Buzziness is greatly reduced

Stalling has all but gone

Surging has been building – partial Canesterectomy to see if surging is reduced. Rode for 1 week, no difference

Reconnected canister, took a quick ride, no apparent changes in surging. Synchronized TB, took a quick ride. Noticeable improvement in surging.

Autolite plugs. Hard to tell if any difference, but minimal surging.

Yesterday I ran Bosch 4417 plugs, today, Autolite plugs. Bosch’s definitely surged more (Autolites have very little surging). I though I’d run this experiment to see what the results are.

Up to about 2,800 miles. Surging is almost non-existent. I purchased speed bleeders – what a great product!

It took me less time to install 2 speed bleeders and bleed both brakes than it used to take me to do the one disk brake on my ‘ST. Completed annual servicing on 11/27. This bike keeps getting better.

Up to about 4,400 miles. Yikes! The bike failed PA state inspection – the rear brake pads were down to nothing. I had the dealer replace them to diagnose if there was a caliper problem. He says no.

I also noticed that the front tire was wearing on the left side. After asking a local BMW list, it is a common problem. Rear brakes and tires every 18 months … ouch. The tire is OK for a while yet.

Now at just over 6K. I am planning on taking the bike in for a 6K servicing. I’m waiting for the weather to be a bit more reliable. Having just bought a digital camera, I though I’d snap a shot of my front tire.

Note the wear pattern. The left side (as you sit on the bike) has noticably less tread (read that needs to be replaced ASAP). I have circled the area. My theory on this wear pattern is that I think I countersteer more readily turning left than right.

Just my theory.

May 24, 2002

Just got back from the 6K servicing (interesting that they did not remove my Autolites and replace them with Bosh as I have heard other dealers do). Dealer seem to think the tire wear is due to the was roads are crowned in the US. Since I drive mostly small back roads, this makes sense. Surging is now more pronounced.

I resync’d the TB’s and it got somewhat better. The technique that seems to work the best for me is to velcro the TwinMax to the gas tank and ride the bike. I pull over and make minor adjustments until I get it the way I want it.

I haven’t had time to do that, so I pulled the CCP (see IBMWR surging page). The bike runs well, but I have not had a chance to assess the damage to the gas mileage. Since a “dealer” remedy is to pull the CCP, install a potentiometer, and use an exhaust gas analyzer, I figure I’m OK.

Many on the IBMWR list have “pulled the plug” with stock exhaust and cat converter and not suffered any damage.

May 30, 2002

No CCP does not appear to be a good idea. It definately ran smoother, but there was still some surging. The gas mileage was

32 MPG. I normally get in the 36-38 range. Oh well ….

Fall, 2002

I replaced the Autolites (they had 7K on them). They looked great. I tried a 0=0, with little affect. I checked the valve clearances and the right side intake was at 0.006″ (per spec) and the left side intake was at 0.010″.

IBMWR tech notes indicate that 0.012 intake, 0.014 exhaust are OK. My increase valve train noise, but it is supposed to improve low RPM smoothness and surging. I’m still evaluating.

I also pulled the vapor canister, just because I wanted to.

October, 2003

Been a busy person. Needed front brake pads

Well, I installed a Staintune exhaust and a Techlusion 259. The Staintune adds a nice, low growl to the exhaust, but is not excessively loud. The techlusion really helped with the surging. The bike is much smoother and has greatly improved driveability.

It has affected my gas mileage. Too soon to quantify.

BMW R1100R
BMW R1100R
BMW R1100R
BMW R1100R
BMW R1100R
BMW R1100R
BMW R1100R
BMW R1100R

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