2012 BMW S1000RR Review

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2012 BMW S1000RR

2012 BMW Review

2012 BMW S1000RR

The in racing power. With an bridge, radial brakes, the BMW comes standard in Canada Race ABS, Dynamic Control (DTC) and Gear Assist. Never before is it so to keep so much power control. This is just as on public roads as it is down on the The RR label shows that it is a racing bike, even it can also be ridden with a plate attached.

To top it all off is an engine is our absolute pride and joy. And our team agree wholeheartedly.

BMW build a superbike, we don’t time for second best. A designed for the race track, to deliver acceleration that your breath away.

an aluminium bridge-type frame, brakes, a super sporty nose-down design, hot colours and the combination of optional electronic assistance systems: the first racing ABS, the lightest of its and dynamic traction control which adjusts engine to the current level of grip, optimum traction out of every

The S 1000 RR-s first in production revolutionised the super-sport out performing the more conventional which has dominated the market for the decade. This makes it more exciting to be able to say the adrenaline filled 193bhp of excitement, is now more affordable ever before.

Never has it been so easy to keep so power under control. is as true on public roads as it is on the The RR is a full-blooded racing bike, though it can be ridden with a plate attached.

To top it all off its power is our absolute pride and joy. And our motorsports teams agree

Scarcely two years after the in 2009, BMW Motorrad is now presenting the model of this successful bike, now with many details. The primary objectives even greater riding and agility, a punchier power and a more sensitive response. The model of the S 1000 RR has incorporated a few feedback reports from super stock races.

its predecessor, the new RR knows no compromise, the highest level of sporting and riding dynamics. The convincing of the new S 1000 RR are its improved handling absolute riding stability, engine performance with everyday practicality, and a resounding performance. The highest level of safety is safeguarded by the most brake system today on the the BMW Motorrad Race ABS.

accelerating, the rider is supported by the Traction Control system Both of these systems been optimised for the perfect

There have been no to the superior engine power of 142 kW hp) with a weight of only 204 including 90% fuel (206.5 with Race ABS).

with optimised riding

One of the primary objectives pursued for the S 1000 RR model was to improve by boosting thrust and enhancing the and harmoniousness of the power and torque The reconfigured throttle improves response.

The new, optimised raises response sensitivity, the twistgrip angle, and reduces the force.

Suspension with improved and feedback.

The modifications to the new RR suspension been instrumental in boosting its dynamics. For instance, the upside fork and the spring strut a new internal structure, providing an wider range of damping from comfort to performance.

the suspension geometry has been with new values for the steering angle, offset, position of the arm pivot, fork projection, and strut length to yield better handling, steering and feedback for the new S 1000 RR. This has modifications to the main frame also included enlarging the sectional area of the intake air through the steering head for air flow efficiency. This of suspension optimisations is rounded off by an mechanical steering damper.

cluster with new functions.

The speed display has been for better readability. In addition, the can now be dimmed and provides more For instance, the lap timer can now present lap in progress-, and if required, -Speedwarning- can the rider when he exceeds a speed.

Refined design and new

The new S 1000 RR not only benefits the advanced developments for the engine, and cockpit. It has also gained yet step ahead in terms of The tail section now presents a leaner look.

There been some discrete to the asymmetrical side panels, and the airbox cover now sports aperture grilles. On the top part of the a new, telling identifying takes the form of two winglets enhance the aerodynamic qualities.

In the sporting colour combination of red and Alpine white, the RR exudes and speed even when it is whereas plain Bluefire it a decidedly extravagant look.

dynamics is conveyed by Sapphire metallic, and in BMW Motorrad Motorsport the new S 1000 RR testifies to its direct with BMW Motorrad Motorsport. The RR logo has been slightly

Additional visual accents the form of wheels painted in black and the red spring in the central The matching swing arm either an anodised coating or is kept in

Also the ergonomics has been in the form of new heel plates for the The stabilisers on the passenger footrests now been designed for a leaner

Extended range of optional and special equipment.

For individualising the new S RR, BMW Motorrad is expanding its range of extras and special equipment ex with a number of attractive Riders with a particularly bent can now equip their RR an HP titanium exhaust system or without ABE) or the HP race logger. Also the heated offering two levels and fitted as extra can take the bite out of the morning run on the racetrack or longer in cold weather.

2012 BMW Model Highlights

The new features of the BMW S1000RR at a glance:

— torque curve for improved

— Expansion from two to performance curves (one for Rain and Sport modes and an one for Race and Slick modes); mode now 120 kW (163 hp).

— Reconfigured throttle for response (particularly gentle and acceleration in Rain mode, and direct and spontaneous response in Race, and Slick modes).

Reduced twisting force and twistgrip angle.

— secondary ratio for boosted

— Refined tuning Race ABS and Dynamic Traction (DTC).

— Enlarged sectional area of the intake air through the steering head for air flow efficiency.

— handling, steering accuracy, and

— Revised spring for an even wider range of forces.

— Suspension modified with new values for the head angle, offset, of the swing arm pivot, fork and spring strut length.

New mechanical steering damper over ten levels.

— and milled fork bridge in a new and with a smaller offset.

Revised design with a tail section, redesigned panels, centre airbox with side aperture and winglets.

— For new colour plain Racing Red with white, Bluefire, Sapphire metallic, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

— Revised RR logo.

New heel plates and leaner on the passenger footrests.

— LCD engine speed display for readability and with five levels.

— Instrument with the new functions -Best lap in and -Speedwarning-; deactivation of -Lamp- message when headlamp or plate carrier removed.

Catalytic converters relocated, so no shield necessary.

— to the optional extras and special ex works.

2012 BMW S1000RR and Benefits


Just as the S 1000 RR sports the water four cylinder inline of solely 59.8 kg delivering a top output of 142 kW (193 hp) at 13,000 rpm and a top speed of 14,200 rpm. The max of 112 Nm is reached at 9750 rpm.

throttle for improved overall

The primary objective in this level of development for the new RR was to target the for combining the outstanding engine with even greater To this end, the throttle was reconfigured in engine control. To engine control consisted of individual throttle curves for of the Rain, Sport, Race, and modes.

For the new RR, these have reduced to two: a characteristic for a particularly gentle and sensitive in Rain mode, and a second for direct and spontaneous response in the Race, and Slick modes. this measure, the rider now no needs to adjust to the constantly throttle characteristics when frequently between Sport, and Slick modes. At the same this also served to the load change behaviour.

For sensitive and fast regulation, the valve now features a supporting with a low spring rate reduces the actuating force. And the angle is now considerably smaller on the new throttle.

Optimised power and curves and lower secondary

The higher priority objective of the possible ridability also the optimisation of the power and torque

Three new power curves been defined: one each for the and Sport modes and an additional one for the and Slick modes (in contrast to when there was one for the Rain and a second for the Sport, Race and modes). With an eye to improving and thrust properties, we have the secondary ratio from its 17:44 to its present 17:45.

In Rain mode, the new S 1000 RR now 120 kW (163 hp), or 8 kW (11 hp) more previously. In Sport, Race, and modes, the RR can still deliver a top output of 142 kW (193 hp), but the could be significantly raised in the lower speed range 5000 and 7500 rpm. The is essentially more linear and engine characteristics.

Also the curves have been for the purpose of improved ridability. So the new RR now three different torque (previously two): one each for the and Sport modes and an additional one for and Slick. All four modes from the greater harmony and of the torque curve.

In addition, the new S RR delivers in all four modes a greater torque in the 5000-7500 rpm And particularly in Rain mode, the RR considerably improved ridability. the torque curve for the predecessor virtually plateaued from rpm, the new engine now revs up freely, and the curve rises to 9000 rpm.

New combustion in the overrun phase.

For uncompromising characteristics with treadless on the racetrack, Slick mode has reconfigured for enhanced performance. involved a series of modifications to the map for overrun phase combustion effectively eliminated permanent fuel cutoff. Now, phase combustion control braking torque and engine torque into an optimised torque on the rear wheel.

The is even greater riding and stability during braking and

Modified stainless steel system and optimised intake air

The all stainless steel exhaust on the S 1000 RR features a redesigned converter and front pipes. previously in the front pipes, the cartridges are now integrated in the front The interactions between the 20% larger section of the intake air guide in the head, the modified airbox, the new geometry, and modified engine all served to increase the torque as above.

These modifications to the system now eliminate the need for the shield installed previously on the oil

Dynamic Traction Control with enhanced control

When unveiled in 2009, the S RR was the first series supersports in the world to combine Race ABS Dynamic

Traction Control The fact that BMW Motorrad implement these two technologies such ease proved to be so that nearly 100% of the leaving production are fitted these two systems. Both have seen continued in the course of technical advances.

Traction Control (DTC) is a assist system with a angle sensor that the rider and provides him with extra safety on roads compromised coefficients of friction. the laws of physics, it regulates the drive torque, preventing the wheel from spinning in all situations.

For the new RR, modifications have been to reflect the new geometry, and wheelie has been optimised. When detection engages, the throttle now open much more Moreover, Dynamic Traction (DTC) has been optimised for riding and control performance in the and Slick modes.

The new DTC application is on the BMW Race Power Kit for better during highly sporty on the racetrack. The experienced rider can achieve faster lap times.

The S 1000 RR boasts innovative technology for the highest level of performance. The refinements made to the have focused particularly on agility, handling, and inclined In addition, the modifications lead to suspension reserves and an enhanced for all situations and the threshold level.

In the new RR feels even lighter and manoeuvrable, but without sacrifice to stability.

New suspension geometry for handling and greater steering

The new S 1000 RR features a modified with a new steering head and section. Besides new key figures for the there is also a 20% larger section of the intake air guide in the head. The steering head is now 66 instead of the earlier 66.1. The has now been shortened by 9.3 mm to 1422.7 mm, and the has been lengthened by 2.6 mm to 98.5 mm.

The bridge offset (front is now 2.5 mm shorter at 29.5 mm. In addition, the projection is 5 mm shorter than in the model. These modifications included revisions to the steering bearing for a lower breakaway and hence greater steering

Redesigned spring elements for a range of applications.

The new spring now allow a wider range of configurations between comfortable for the and tight for the racetrack. As before, the can be configured quickly and easily at the defined scales on the spring The new suspension adjustment now benefits on both country roads and the Internal friction has been on the fork and spring strut.

has resulted in a considerably optimised and the rider can now recognise the threshold with far greater ease.

down fork with new workings.

To date, the upside fork on the S 1000 RR was fitted bottom valve damping. Now a mid speed damping valve, the can now utilise additional force at the piston to build up compression with greater speed and

Also, the constant flow has been reduced for improved from the front section. The rod guide and the bearing concept been revised for a better, transparent response.

New spring with revised damping.

The spring strut now features a rod whose diameter has been from 14 to 18 mm, allowing more oil to through the low/mid speed Here too, the reduction to the flow area increases the and precision of compression damping

At the same time, the needle has been modified on both and now allows a highly linear of damping force over the range of settings. All in all, modifications to the buildup of damping greatly enhance the effects and conveyed by each configuration.

A check valve installed in the rod counteracts any negative effects on damping when the rebound is set.

Also the spring now presents a smaller constant area for improved feedback.

the new RR offers considerably greater comfort at the same time as feedback and dynamics.

Race ABS fine tuning and clear

The Race ABS on the S 1000 RR has been specifically and exclusively for the requirements on the segment.

For the new RR, it has been adapted to the new geometry and now provides optimised performance. An adaptive learner, it the requirements even of highly riders and detects diverse conditions and tyres.

By pressing the the rider receives feedback the Race ABS as to when the traction will be exceeded and the control reached. The rider feels feedback as a slight pulsing in the levers.

New mechanical adjustable damper.

Unlike its predecessor, the RR now a mechanical steering damper over ten levels. This the rider to choose the configuration suited to his riding style.

New swing arm and new swing arm bearing

Depending on the S 1000 RR paintwork, the wheel swing arm is either or provided with a black, dip coating in lieu of the earlier grey paint.

The swing arm bush in the frame’s tail is now secured in place with the one (instead of two as in the predecessor model) at a 4 mm higher for the full effect of the suspension geometry.

New heel

The heel plates have redesigned for the optimal ergonomics. The on the passenger footrests have been redesigned.

Fork in a new design.

The forged and milled top bridge for the RR now presents a new design as a constituent of the cockpit always in of the rider. The fork bridge is now 2.5 mm shorter at 29.5 mm.

Electrics and

Redesigned rev counter and dimmable LCD

The rev counter has been redesigned for readability. The LCD display now offers dimming levels and provides a of additional interesting functions. The now presents a symbol representing the new grips available as optional ex works.

-Best lap in progress- for the

The integrated lap timer now displays lap in progress-. When on the racetrack, the can then see in real time m intervals) whether his present lap is or slower than his fastest lap so This provides invaluable to riders with sporting

On every lap, the current lap is compared with the -Best time. When the current is better, the

-Best lap in progress- lamp lights up green. the time is slower, the BLP lamp out.

-Speedwarning- function for support.

The function -Speedwarning- to the rider when he exceeds a speed he has defined. When the limit is exceeded, the shift lights up and the word -SPEED- on the display.

Option for deactivating the lamp display.

For racing without a or number plate carrier indicators), the lamp fault now presents a deactivation option disables this fault

Body and Design

Highest functionality, and unmistakability in design.

The the new S 1000 RR conveys when is also reflected in the look of dynamics presented by this dedicated sports bike.

conspicuous is the far leaner tail The centre airbox cover new side aperture grilles. The side panels so characteristic of the RR, gills on the right and air outlet on the have experienced some refinements in their design.

are joined by the new air deflectors, the so called These not only lend the new RR its of greater dynamics, but also its aerodynamics by dissipating the wind on hands and arms at high

Range of Equipment

For even individualisation of the S 1000 RR, BMW Motorrad an extensive range of optional and optional equipment ex works. equipment is delivered directly ex and is integrated in the production process. accessories are installed at BMW Motorrad

The motorcycle can therefore be fitted options after it has left the

The equipment options already for the S 1000 RR have now been with the following.


o Heated grips with two

o HP titanium exhaust system legal / non-street legal.

o HP data logger with

This offer is rounded off the familiar, high quality of rider´s gear, HP parts and the HP parts designed specifically for the S RR.

o HP race shift pattern

o HP race footrest plate.

In BMW Motorrad HP Race Support all customers who want to use their RR at a professional level on the racetrack.

New colour concept for sporty

The colour concept for the S 1000 RR with the contrasts presented by the bridge frame, the filigree with glossy black and the stubby rear silencer of steel. The look of sporty is underscored by the two arm swinging fork anodised or black cathodic dip On all colour variants, the red spring in the strut provides an additional accent.

The new RR will be offered in colour variants. In the particularly colour combination of Racing red and white, the S 1000 RR exudes and speed even when it is whereas Bluefire underscores the of the supersports bike. Sporty is borne up by Sapphire black and the BMW Motorrad Motorsport colours, testifies to the direct relationship BMW Motorrad Motorsport.

BMW R45 (reduced effect)


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