BMW and MINI at the Goodwood Festival of Speed NO SPEED LIMIT

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BMW S 1000 RR Superstock Limited Edition

BMW and MINI at the Goodwood Festival of

BMW at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

BMW is a time sponsor of the Goodwood of Speed and for the 2010 event the manufacturer will roll out not some cars and motorcycles its glorious heritage but also a of the hottest current cars and its Art Car. It will be the perfect of BMW past, present and future.


Exactly 70 years BMW achieved its most famous up to that date, the 1940 Miglia winning 328 Touring will climb Goodwood’s This unique car comes to fresh from competing in the Mille Miglia. Driven by Cané, several times a of this regularity competition, the Coupé won the event outright, the 1,000 miles without a technical hitch.

It is believed to be the time that the very car has won the recreated Mille Miglia as as the original event itself.

five BMW 328 models contested the Mille Miglia, the Touring was a unique car sporting the tubular and lightweight aluminium body by Carrozzeria Touring in Italy. The pioneered by the Milanese firm was ‘Superleggera’, meaning superlight. The Coupé weighed in at just and the sleek body boasted a non-1930s aerodynamic Cd factor of

The streamlined coupé body best use of BMWs powerful six-cylinder engine enabling the car to speeds of 125mph, just the for the long, straight roads Brescia, Mantua and Cremona.

The car was in 1939 and made its debut at the last pre-war Le Mans 24 race. It chased home cars powered by engines of its size to finish fifth and first in the 2.0-litre class.

war underway, the axis powers that the Mille Miglia go ahead in May 1940 and BMW was to represent against the might of Italy. the factory Alfa Romeos and Delages, alongside some Italian marques competing, the was never in doubt. Driven by von Hanstein and Walter Bäumer, the lead from flag to with the Alfa of Guiseppe (who was destined to become the Formula 1 World Champion in some 15 minutes behind.

beautiful and truly historic car will ascend the famous hill on Friday, Saturday and driven by one of the UK’s best international racing drivers, Soper.

Something new

Straight the Le Mans 24 Hours the latest Art a BMW M3 GT2, will be driven up the hill by Dirk Müller. is a long time BMW works having raced in the FIA World Car Championship and, more in the American Le Mans Series a similar M3.

The M3 GT2 is the 17th in the series of BMW Art Cars and has designed by American artist Koons. Koons follows in the of many of the greatest exponents of Pop and art including Andy Warhol and Hockney.

The inspirational idea for an Art Car to at Le Mans was that of French and racing driver Hervé It was he who persuaded Alexander Calder to a BMW 3.0 CSL for the 1975 24 Hour race, 35 years ago.

The Calder car was by racing cars painted by Stella, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy All these cars lined up at the 24 of Le Mans and the greatest sporting came with the BMW M1 designed by which crossed the finish in sixth in 1979. No other BMW Art Car has at Le Mans since then Jenny Holzer’s BMW LMR did participate in in 1999.

Müller will be to sign autographs at the BMW display the colourful Jeff Koons Art Car bring a frisson of colour and to the Sussex countryside as well.

new for the road too

Obviously one cannot buy a BMW Art Car but will be more affordable BMW both on display and driving up the

Driving the BMW Z4 sDrive35is in the supercar will be Jake Humphreys, the newest and brightest anchor for 1 coverage. He’ll be accompanied in the afternoon run by legendary Formula 1 Murray Walker. Both will be available for interviews and to autographs at the BMW pavillion.

The BMW Z4 sDrive35is is the powerful roadster in the company’s today and the lineal successor to the BMW Its 340hp six- cylinder engine produces 340hp and of torque from as low as 1,500rpm. in the higher gears rises to courtesy of an overboost function, facilitating effortless overtaking.

to the rear wheels is through a Double Clutch Transmission that offers two automated or manual gear selection by wheel-mounted paddles. It delivers quick gear changes neither jerk nor lurch. The DCT also offers the fun of a launch system.

Its engine, already a in the International Engine of the Year features High Precision Injection that contributes fuel management and an efficiency permits 31.4mpg and 210 g/km CO2 The BMW Z4 sDrive35is accelerates from 0 to in just 4.8 seconds and continues on to an 155mph.

To direct all that potential onto the tarmac, flagship Z4 model is equipped as with a 10mm lower height, Adaptive M Sport that features electronically-controlled with three different – Normal, Sport and Sport+. A standard chassis feature is Dynamic Control. Via a button on the console the driver can select Sport or Sport+ which change the performance criteria of the and steering responses, Dynamic Control settings and the shift on the DCT gearbox.

And, of course, as with roadster produced by BMW over the almost 80 years, the Z4 has a retractable However, in the latest generation Z4 the is a two piece Retractable Hard-Top glides swiftly and effortlessly a space behind the passenger to guarantee that the Z4 looks bit as impressive with the roof as it does when it is up.

In fact, the BMW Z4 has the perfect balance of power, precise chassis control and feedback for Jake Humphreys to it up the Goodwood hill with At £44,220 OTR it may only cost a quarter or even a tenth of the of some the exotica in the supercar but it won’t get left behind by

Also making its Sussex and on display, will be the forthcoming 5 Touring which goes on in September. The new BMW 5 Series Touring is an synthesis of power, handling, and elegant style.

Four will be available at launch, a and 530d diesel cars and a and 535i powered by petrol All variants apply the panoply of EfficientDynamics measures. Despite both efficient and dynamic, the new BMW 5 Touring is also immensely

Its boot capacity is 560 litres, 60 than the outgoing model, and a 1,670 litres with all seats folded.

The best in and fun motoring will be available at UK dealers from September with prices ranging £30,380 OTR for the 520d Touring to OTR for the 535i model.


World Superbike hero Corser will ride BMW Lane’s UK Superstock spec S RR up the Goodwood hill. The Australian has taken a first World Championship podium position for BMW at the Assen circuit.

Whilst will be entertaining fans his unique style, Motorcycle road tester and superstock Michael Neeves, will be a slightly slower machine up the in the shape of a historic BMW R25. the 12hp will seem a pedestrian after the 200hp bike.

The R25 was the first machine by BMW in the austerity of the post-war period. The single cylinder machine was built between 1950 and and its appearance at Goodwood offers the to see a small slice of history a time when BMW was struggling to and survive after the loss, or of its pre-war plants. This has been borrowed from BMW Munich’s keeper of the company’s archive and its collection of cars, and aero engines.

Also demonstrating on two wheels be the Irish freestyle stunt Mattie Griffin who will be his UK premier on a BMW F800R.

And something

Hopefully blue will be the of the sky at Glorious Goodwood on the first of July.

Moving motor

For the first time the 2010 of Speed is adding a day, to the programme to present the Moving Show. This exclusive enables participating manufacturers, of BMW is one, to invite selected media and corporate clients to a preview of the Festival and to drive cars up the hill.

The Goodwood of Speed is being held 1- 4 July 2010.

MINI at the Festival of Speed

MINI is to have heaps of fun at the 2010 Festival of Speed from 1st to 4th. Apart from the full range of the current models, the quintessentially British brand will mix old and new as befits a 51 old hell raiser. Goodwood be the venue where MINI’s past meets the brand’s future.

MINI E Race to set pace

Monte Carlo legend, and one of the original ‘Flying Rauno Aaltonen will the MINI E Race up the hill at

The Festival will be the first in the UK to the appearance of the MINI E Race, a race-equipped version of the emissions-free currently undergoing road in the UK, USA and Germany.

The MINI E Race its public debut at the Nurburgring in May it covered several laps of the 20.8 km Nordschleife driven by Jäger, 2006 MINI Champion. Jaeger managed a lap in 9 51.4 seconds and achieved a top of 117mph on the sinuous Eifel

Extensive preparations were before the car could undertake under racing conditions. The E Race was fitted with a lightweight body and a roll in order to ensure optimum and safety. Other components, as the suspension, brakes and tyres, follow race specification.

than that, however, the car almost exclusively on the standard make-up of the MINI E. For example, it the same 150 kW/204 hp electric supplied with energy 5,088 lithium-ion battery The power from the emission-free is channelled to the front wheels via a helical gearbox with a gear ratio.

Explaining why MINI had decided to a Race version of MINI E Krams, Head of the project “The length and profile of the place extreme demands on the of our electric car. But the MINI E met this considerable challenge great authority. The aim of this undertaking was to provide an impressive of the great potential of the MINI E and its drive concept.”

The driver was impressed too. “I’ve this circuit many but never in such an extraordinary said Jäger. “The of the electric motor has an incredible as you can access its full reserves of at all times. Another element of fascinating experience is the lack of from the drivetrain. All in all, was certainly the cleanest and quietest lap I’ve ever driven.”

The E Race demonstrates that is leaving no stone unturned to the MINI E under all conditions. The trials are approaching halfway and are highly successful. They are helping to inform the BMW Group the use of electric vehicles in real conditions and contributing to the mass of and knowledge that is accumulating in Project i. The company has announced its to start production of a Megacity in 2013.

Set up like a race to celebrate MINI’s glorious heritage, Rauno Aaltonen also be on the MINI stand for and to meet fans over the days.

BMW S 1000 RR Superstock Limited Edition

New MINI models Goodwood debut

Visitors be able to take a closer at the current range of MINI including examples of the Hatch, and Clubman. Making its debut at a UK event will be the new MINI that goes on sale at dealers on September 18th The Countryman opens up a new era in the MINI

It is the largest MINI model made and it is also the first to four doors and the option of wheel drive in the ALL4

The MINI Countryman range form the fourth pillar of the brand and it seeks to offer a to MINI owners who love the but feel forced to move to make when they more space in their The MINI Countryman will be in five models, two of which offer ALL4, MINI’s new wheel drive option.

The retains a familiar MINI albeit distinctly different to any have gone before. It is 398 mm than a MINI Hatch, 106 mm and 172mm higher. With the up it offers 190 litres more capacity than a MINI with a total of 350 litres. the rear seats folded capacity increases to 1,170

This large load is accessed through a wide-opening For the first time ever a has four wide-opening doors, capacity for five adults and a activity-orientated interior packed innovations. All UK models will be as five seat cars, customers can specify the four option at no extra cost.

that typical ‘wheel at corner’ stance with overhangs, the Countryman not only has dimensions than its cousins but a higher ride height. provides the commanding driving preferred by many drivers as as the ground clearance for soft driving. Its ground clearance is higher than any other model.

Many design are familiar such as the high line and window graphics the glasshouse while others are new of iconic features. For example, the with roof rails, the of the hexagonal radiator grille and the headlight units integrated the bonnet.

The Countryman range include three petrol and two models, as well as two ALL4 wheel drive models – the D ALL4 and Cooper S ALL4. The engines are equipped with the new 1.6 power plants already for the Hatch, Convertible and Clubman and introduced in March 2010. The new units combine excellent with parsimonious fuel and extremely low emissions, both well below 120g/km.

The engines all feature VALVETRONIC valve timing that more torque low down and overall efficiency. The Cooper S also features a twin-scroll and direct fuel injection enables blistering performance modest fuel economy and low CO2 All engines meet EU5 emissions The key performance data are listed

Model/ hp@rpm/ Nm@rpm/ mph/ Top speed/ Combined CO2 g/km

One/98 @6,000/153@3,000/11.9

Cooper/122@6,000/160@4,250/10.5 secs/118/47.1/140


One D/90@4,000/215@1,750/12.9 secs/106/64.2/115

Cooper secs/115/64.2/115

*The MINI S Countryman delivers 260 Nm of torque for periods courtesy of Overboost.

Two in the new Countryman range will four wheel drive, for the first time in MINI’s 51 history. The MINI Cooper D and S ALL4 models will be as models in their own right day one. A MINI Cooper will follow in 2011.

drive is not needed for much of driving and it does consume energy to drive all four MINI has a typically smart for this conundrum: the Countryman is a front wheel drive car in normal circumstances, but when an clutch in the rear axle any sign of wheel slip it drive to the rear wheels to traction.

To enable this change to the driven wheels a shaft from the front is driven constantly and is ready to drive forces from the axle to the rear. The amount of fed to the rear wheels is infinitely between one per cent and 100, upon the slip encountered.

The price over the standard wheel drive Countryman is a modest £1,065 for the MINI D ALL4 and £1,190 for the MINI S ALL4, while the penalty in of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is than one might expect. In the of the MINI Cooper D ALL4 it delivers a CO2 value below

“With Countryman prices at £16,000, and offering a high specification along with MINI tlc, Chili and Packs, the Countryman offers new for the MINI brand” said Goller, Director of MINI UK.

Carlo Rally Legend the Forest Rally Stage

Aaltonen will also a classic Mini Cooper S on the Forest Rally Stage. along with Paddy and Timo Makinen, is part of the that saw the tiny car defeat all in the top echelons of rallying during the

Aaltonen, known as the ‘Rally invented the idea of left braking to balance the car as it entered He enjoyed a long professional career from 1956 to the 1970s and enjoyed a particularly patch when driving for the Mini team winning the European Rally Championship in and the blue riband Monte Rally in 1967. He won countless events too, including RAC rally and the Gallaher 500 in Australia the famous ‘Great Race’ – the 500), also in a Mini S.

This legend of the world of will be driving a privately-owned Monte Carlo car on the challenging Forest Rally Stage on the Saturday and Sunday of the Festival. One or two people will experience the seat to see at first hand the Finn deliver a masterclass of action.

Aaltonen has for many been chief instructor for driver training programme operates winter and high driver training for customers in Germany, Finland and elsewhere the globe.

BMW S 1000 RR Superstock Limited Edition
BMW S 1000 RR Superstock Limited Edition
BMW S 1000 RR Superstock Limited Edition
BMW S 1000 RR Superstock Limited Edition

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