BMW K100 RS ABS problem on a 1989 K100RS SE Maxperience

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BMW K100

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read below I hope it wil help you

ABS Diagnostic Data

By Andy

January 2001

Please to follow copy of letter to Curry re: ABS diagnostics. Hope is of

Dear Brian,

I found information on ABS diagnostics via a link a very good British BMW site

With info along with Paton’s I have fixed my 16v fault.

However I found for resistances into the modulators as

Computer connector pins:


6(-) to 9(+) 7(-) to 11(+) 4.4K

to 10(+) 1.9M 7(-) to 2.1M

9(-) to 10(+) 11(-) to 12(+) 2.1M

I the readings depend upon how current the meter used Maybe there is an active of some sort, probably a power transistor to drive the in the unit because using the check function on my meter I obtained the following readings:

connector pins:

9(-) to 1.49 11(-) to 12(+)

Hope this is of interest and for your very useful

Regards Andy Keatley


Clearing ABS-I possibly II) Faults

By Richard

April 1998

Well, now tried disconnecting the battery for 1/2 hour. the ABS control unit have some sort of non storage inside. It looks the only option for resetting the code is to go to the dealer to have the read out.

If you do *not* to reset the ABS, follow the below to save yourself moolah later on.

1. Save email

2. Add a 20 cm piece of wire, at both ends, to your kit.

If you do not know whether you need to

1. Stop.

2. Turn off ignition.

3. on ignition. If both ABS lights together, you are OK. If the lights flash you need to reset your

4. If, having reset your the lights still flash you need to see your dealer.

If you do to reset the ABS, follow the below:

1. Remove rider and seats. Turn ignition

2. Locate wire that under the rider’s seat up the of the rear mudguard, looking it is going to disappear under the kit.

3. Pull said bit of out from under toolkit. Well, I’ll be buggered you see that the ‘plug’ it plugs is merely a blank.

4. Unplug

5. Insert one end of 20 cm wire into the socket hole of the above

6. Ground the other end firmly to a bolt in the area (and grounded).

7. Turn on ignition. that the two ABS lights flash

8. Hold ABS button down for 8 The bottom ABS light will on, and the top one off.

9. Release the ABS button. If you successfully reset the ABS, ABS lights will come on. If you failed to count to 8, or your is not good, the top ABS light will off.

10. Turn ignition put wire back in your kit, reconnect and stow plug, and send cheque for what your dealer have charged you for this to a charity of your choice me).

ABS Reset Instructions

By Jim Johnson


Following is the sequence allowed me to reset the ABS-I on my 1990 K100LT:

Providing you for sure that nothing is with the ABS-I system, is a method to reset it for this bike.


Battery was out of (…) for more than a few Upon inserting new battery and ABS-I lights would not go *Both lights flashed Punching the ABS switch would both lights to stop but remain on.


1. Approximately 1 of wire with an alligator on one end.


1. Remove side cover.

2. Locate 3 pin tied to upper frame

3. Remove … end blank 3 pin terminal.

4. Plug bare end of into middle socket on

5. Ground alligator clip to engine.

6. Press ABS switch and

7. While holding ABS switch, ignition switch on and hold for a of 20.

8. Turn ignition switch

9. Remove wire, reinstall end blank, snug everything up and side cover.

10. Place with tool kit for possible use.

11. Stand back, beer and say. Well, be damned!!

12. Start bike and away happy. ;-

Kudos on method are varied. Previous for clearing ABS faults by Richard were generally correct but not right for my bike. David of the /2 list serve (yes, i a /2 also!) provided details specific to this bike.

this is for an operable abs-i please refer to other on this page if your are other than those


jim …


1975 R90/6 MULE

1990 K100LT OX

ABS I Diagnostic Methods

By Brian

September 1998

Generally the ABS lights start flashing, start seeing dollar since there seems to be little info on it out there, and is there, has you testing using the BIG $$$ BMW test tool.

This is info on how to find out what is the fault using a Volt Ohm (VOM) and then how to investigate and it down more using same VOM. This is based on ABS I. ABS II is similar, but has different

The fault code is indicated at the connector that the BMW tool to. On my K75 the diagnostic connector is located on the right side under the panel. It plugs into a blank connector tiewrapped to the There are three pins on connector.

I was not able to detect any on the outer, number 1 and 3 pins.

The number 2, pin is where the fault are indicated. This pin has about 0.5 to volts on it with the bike off. When the ignition is on, the voltage rises to about 10

When all is well, it stays at 10 However, if there is a fault, it towards zero (pulses) in a manner. When there is a every so often, the voltage downwards toward 0 volts. The of pulses, indicates the fault

In other words, if it pulses 4 times, that indicates there is a problem with the code number 4 items. The also occurs when the is first turned on and the voltage is to

10 volts, but it is easier to spot it occurs periodically later. I was to see the pulses easily using an meter. It can also be seen a digital meter. There is not current available to light a

I tried.

With the fault number, troubleshooting can proceed.

the ABS plug is numbered as shown Yes, it is a PITA to get the ABS brain out and the disconnected from the ABS I but some have to be done from With the pin sockets toward and the cable on the right, it is numbered the right to the left, bottom and top.

This is important.

25 14

| _______

| _______ Cable

System voltage test. is supplied on Pin 15, and Pin 14 is ground. Connect to and confirm that when the is turned on, the voltage is the same as at the

BMW K100


Fault Code 1 Front Pressure Modulator

ABS pins of interest 6,9,10

| __ |

| |

87 | | __ | 86

| | __ |


Again, if it is open check from the socket to the plug. Then check Terminal 31 of the Modulator to ground. if the wiring is good, the modulator is

ABS connector pins of interest

Resistance 7-11


Resistance 7-12


Resistance 11-12


If an open is indicated, check the from the brain plug to the plug. If those connections are OK, the is bad.

Remove the ABS relay in the electrical box the tank. The relay is at the front of the on the left side, just where the front wiring enters the box. Measure from the ABS relay socket to

Measure from 87 to frame It should measure 17.4

Again, if it is open check the socket to the Modulator plug. check from Terminal 31 of the to ground. Again, if the wiring is the modulator is bad.

With the off, the ABS relay socket Pin 30 should be the same as the battery If not, check that point is secure, and the red wire the battery to connection point 30.

Fault Code 3 — Wheel Speed Sensor

ABS pins of interest 1,2

Resistance 1-2

135 ohms

If the reading is an open measure resistance from ABS pins 1 and 2 to the frame ground. It be an open circuit. If it is not, the wiring to the speed sensor.

If the is OK, the sensor is shorted internally and it need to be replaced.

If resistance is not correct, check wiring pins 1 and 2 to the front wheel sensor, and the plug connection at the wheel speed sensor. If the is good, the speed sensor is bad and replacement.

If the resistance reading is replace the ABS brain.


Code 4 — Rear Speed Sensor

ABS connector of interest 3,4

Resistance 3-4

135 +/-20

If the reading is an open circuit, resistance from ABS connector 3 and 4 to the frame ground. It should be an circuit. If it is not, check the to the speed sensor, if the wiring is OK, the is shorted internally and it will to be replaced.

If the resistance reading is not correct, wiring from pins 3 and 4 to the wheel speed sensor, and the connection at the rear wheel sensor. If the wiring is good, the sensor is bad, and needs

If the resistance reading is correct, the ABS brain.


Fault 5 — Battery Voltage Too Low


12.6V) is supplied on Pin 15, and Pin 14 is ground. to them, and confirm that the ignition is turned on, the voltage is the as at the battery.

If not: Check the charge and condition (Load Check the pin 14 to frame ground Check the battery, frame, and ground connections. Check ABS pin 15 to ignition switch terminal 15.

wiring from the battery connector to the ignition switch.

If all the is OK, replace the ABS brain.


Code 6 — ABS relay

ABS pins of interest 17,19

BMW K100
BMW K100
BMW K100
BMW K100


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