Restoring a 1973 BMW R75/5 Motorcycle Watch the big ape break things!…

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January 1, 2007

It’s a gas

all the little carburetor bits is a dull task. No pictures to I’m afraid and I’m nowhere near But I can tell you that steel is my friend.

Today I also apart some of the remaining gas components and they are worthy of a few

The gas cap is held onto the tank a press-fit pin very similar to the float levels. This is the of my cap and it looks like the sealing could use replacement.

The hang-up is the piece holding the sealing (seems like a stacked of rubber disks) in place is a rivet. I can’t tell how to remove it. Clymer and Haynes nothing to say on the subject or I missed it.

I do Joe holding up a brand new rivet in a baggie and saying something having to drill out the old one. I’m for a call back from him to the technique before doing that irreversible. Some prying confirms it is not about to pop off.

Here are the emblems and gaskets from the sides of the

They are expensive-looking hefty pieces. I recall dire about making sure the curvature is correct and using the otherwise cracking and crying ensue. I’m not sure what the way to polish up the emblems is yet.

have a slight yellow

Here are the rubber side with one flipped over to the waffle-pattern on the backside.

These are mounted with glue so I the tank up in the sun and gently (well, for me) peeled them off. are still flexible and might be if I can get some plasticizer into the surfaces. Otherwise, IIRC, cost $20-something each and I’m to avoid any expense that is not a necessity.

I’m staring at enough expenses as it is.

is the … tank. Note is not the “toaster” tank (metal that seems to be more now. What I read is the was not so popular at the time because it is a tank, 4+ gallons instead of 6+ Note my precision.

What am I,

I didn’t mention it before after pulling off the fuel all you have to do to remove the tank is two wing-nuts at the rear (under the and pull the tank back and up, off a bumper-thingie in front. I haven’t if I need to replace that mount or the rubber under the Their condition is okay now but the to get back to them after I everything means I really replace the soft bits.

is a close-up of the tank’s filler

Yep, we’ve got crud. The lines the tank with a coating but that breaks over time. I couldn’t get a focus inside to show you yep again, the coating is going and there were red bits in the carb strainers.

This me to a variety of restoration methods have used.

I read putting a load of nails in the and shaking it like you’re the tambourine at a dance marathon. doesn’t sound too appealing. Too work. I also read putting some lengths of in the tank, wrapping the tank in linens, and tumbling it in a clothes (no heat).

Now THAT sounds a winner. I do still see a couple of

I emptied the tank a couple of ago and set it in the sun a few times but I still smell Just how smart would it be to gas fumes in a dryer? I’m thinking I rinse the tank with and that will evaporate thoroughly. Any thoughts? Issue two is what happens when my notices me tumbing a gas tank in the with some of her favorite

It doesn’t matter which I pick, they are likely to be her I’ll work on a solution.

I have to decide on what coating to seal the tank There are at least three systems: Kreem, POR-15, and Those are just the ones I in a quick search. I have no which is better than the (I’ve heard of Kreem and I don’t just mean Clapton).

I call them because they come multiple fluids to prepare the surface before the final That final coating has to be like an epoxy to withstand and thermal stresses. The tank be sealed before any external because the sealing chemicals can the outside finish very

I’m not entirely sure how to close the neck and two petcock openings I slosh chemicals around You can’t use the actual petcocks they’ll get gummed up by the sealer if it in there. I’m thinking aluminum backed up with saran held on with rubber

Any better ideas?

December 31,


That title like a bit of optimism doesn’t it? Or a new Seattle band? It is actually the model of fuel tank fitted to R75/5′s. This is the that turns on and off the flow of from the tank to the carburetors.

bike has two, one on each of the tank. They are mounted to my way of thinking, with a reverse-threaded nut what I call a ‘union to the gas tank threads.

Here I did get a bit of bad news good The bad news is Everbest petcocks are not rebuildable. If they fail or you toss them. Oh, there are curmudgeons I read about who don’t give up that (pry them open, cut cork, mash it back but the repair manuals suggest for the nearest trash can.

The news is my dad must have them along the way with from 1974 or later, are Karcoma’s. They happen to be

Good thing because are overly stiff and one of ‘em, which side, feels rubbing two pieces of sandpaper Here’s a picture of the guts of one of before I started cleaning up the The castings have some formed spots that are a to clean.

The shorter of two nylon rising out of the body is the “Reserve” This is a very simple way to a certain amount of fuel is in the when you hit reserve. I like system.

Your bike sputtering and you reach down to the petcocks to reserve. A lot of modern with automatic petcocks, my FJR, just have an light or indicator that at you and/or starts counting to let you know when you hit reserve. The is you might not notice this you are too far from a gas station!

After I sort of understand how this works. The two metal rings right of the handle create a feel at every 90 degrees, happens to line up with in the black gasket, shown of the handle. You can see two holes in the base of the

The center hole drains to the carb while the other rotates around to the four Looking at the bent handle — left and right are both positions (…-ends inside the up is “on” (to the longer tube), is “reserve” (to the shorter tube).

Riddle me this, Batman. Why are holes in the black gasket for the off Why not …-end them to the gasket of cavities in the petcock? I honestly know the answer.

Room for fuel expansion comes to but is not correct because the center is always open to the carb. One of the mysteries of life.

Notice the plastic cover with lettering on the right side? this is just a friction-fit and have to ask Joe how to remove it without The plastic is soft and easily by whatever I used to pry it off. If it you feel better, I did less to the second one I disassembled.

Before re-assembly I need to refresh the paint on the lettering.

Motorcycling Man two-wheelis)

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man cannot live by wrenching Today another riding Gary, invited me to a Norton gathering in Pasadena. Gary to be my boss at work but, tell anyone, he’s an riding buddy. Out on the road, if you ride alone you should with people whose style is compatible and who will out for you. Hmm, Joe used to with us and I’ve even riding with our General before his back surgery.

be something in the water at work our business has nothing to do with

We headed out from Gary’s sure was a crispy-cold ride there at the crack of dawn. He a Honda ST1300 a near to my Yamaha FJR1300 (no silly, I ride the R75/5 yet!). His Yvonne was on a new Piaggio scooter cc’s, yow! But I forget the much bigger than her Vino).

Gary’s neighbor Joe (different Joe hmm, we’ll call him BMW came along on a Ducati a recent retro-look bike. call this Joe “Ducati Ducati Joe’s blood is the of Italy because almost all his is Italian. He owns a variety of Ducati’s (is a 998R hard and a MV Agusta F4 (gorgeous pipe-organ

That’s before you get to his not-every-day-cars, a 360 Challenge Stradale and a new Maserati As exotic as all Joe’s hardware is, I to admit that MH900E bike is some serious eye

Today’s gathering was put on by a Norton but they were far outnumbered by brands. If I had to pick one, I’d say were more Triumphs than any other marque. a shot of part of the crowd. were more bikes me and about as many again the street.

I’d say around sixty in Since I changed this format I think I can fit full-size in-line. Here goes –

an Indian that made me good. It needs about as work as my R75/5, though it runs.

Here’s the strangest rig seen in a while. This is a with a front-mounted Moto engine. It was parked in too tight to the to get a clean picture.

I wanted angle but too many people on the and too many cars on the street.

I’m this next bike is one of the present, a model of Moto known as the “meat slicer” of the exposed flywheel (couldn’t get a angle of the left side One of these was shown in the traveling “Art of the Motorcycle Exhibit.” I saw exhibit when it was in Las Vegas at the hotel/… a few years back.

This bike, a Vincent, was one of the restorations I have ever It would not look out of place in a (or my living room). I was amazed at how this bugger looked. I see how I could ever get my R75/5 as nice and I can’t imagine how harder an old Vincent is to restore mine!

I am trampled in the dirt by magnificent restoration.

I spoke to the of this excellent-condition R90/6. I him I could use some of his parts. he was relutant to part with any but he he had some spares in his garage.

we all?

I never found the of this beautiful older I am not sure but it might be a R60/2. If knows for sure please me an e-mail or comment. Once I am humbled by this stunningly restoration.

There were super-clean bikes at this but, of course, this one of sets my compass.

I hope you this day of kicking tires. I’m I could not record sound for you because some of the exhaust were pure music. It is to go back in the garage right now flying down the road and the sights.

BMW Other Naked
BMW Other Naked
BMW Other Naked
BMW Other Naked

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