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2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABS- প্রথম রাইড পর্যালোচনা- ফটো

9 জুন 2015 | লেখক: | মন্তব্য বন্ধ উপর 2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABS- প্রথম রাইড পর্যালোচনা- ফটো
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory

2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABSFirst Ride New ABS model represents the ultimate stage of evolution for the Tuono V4 R.

Thanks to the latest APRC-ABS electronics suite, the Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABS has become the most advanced naked bike in production today, a perfect teammate for the Aprilia RSV 4 ABS superbike from which it was originally derived. From the beginning, the Tuono sported a version of APRC with limited functions, so the new one, which includes the ABS software, means a substantial advancement in control and safety under extreme conditions.

The latest APRC suite is derived directly from the winning technology developed for the Superbike World Championship and is generally recognized as the most advanced and effective today. Among other exclusives, it is the only one to feature a self-calibrating tire-circumference function and wheelie control, and it effectively interfaces with the multi-mode “ride-by-wireelectronic engine management.

The suite includes ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), which offers eight modes of intervention that can be selected on the fly thanks to a rocker-type switch at the left hand grip. ATC’s advanced operating logic detects the radius of the corner and the speed you are going around it, then adjusts the percentage of rear tire slippage for the best combination of performance, pleasure, and safety in any riding conditions. It effectively provides maximum traction control around fast bends while allowing a liberal amount of drifting around slow ones.

AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control) has three settings. The sportiest, মানচিত্র 1, has been recalibrated to lessen the abruptness of the front wheel coming back into contact with the ground. ALC (Aprilia Launch Control), intended for the track only, also has three settings. AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift) ensures ultra-fast and ultra-precise shifting at full throttle, without the use of the clutch.

The Tuono’s ABS, based on the 9MP unit and developed in collaboration with Bosch, includes a strategy that mitigates the tendency of the rear wheel to lose contact with the tarmac under extreme braking. It can be switched off, or the rider can choose among three levels of intervention: Track, which is also approved for road use; খেলা, for enthusiastic road riding; and Rain, for maximum safety under adverse conditions.

While the advanced electronics are most significant, the new Tuono V4 R ABS was subject to an extensive revision and general upgrading, starting with the engine. The 65-degree, 1,000cc V-4 now produces 170 এ HP 11,500 RPM এবং 82.23 এ ঘূর্ণন সঁচারক বল এর পাউন্ড ফুট 9,500 RPM, up 3 hp from the previous version.

The extra power comes from the improved volumetric efficiency of an induction system with an improved airbox, throttle bodies that are 20mm taller (but with the same 48mm bore), and an improved 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system. উপরন্তু, Aprilia specialists improved the structure of the crankshaft to further reduce any parasitic vibrations due to micro flexing. They also focused on reducing friction losses and improving crankcase ventilation.

The chassis has been revised through the adoption of the latest Brembo M432 monoblock front calipers, working with the customary 320mm front rotor. There’s also a new fork, an inverted 43mm Sachs unit with separate compression and rebound control functions, one per leg. Important chassis measurements are unchanged for 2014, highlighted by a wheelbase of 56.9 উচ্চতা, a steering-head angle of 25 ডিগ্রী, এবং 4.23 inches of trail.

সর্বশেষে, দ্য 2014 Tuono’s more accurately contoured fuel tank is now 4.9 গ্যালন, up from 4.49, and the reshaped seat has more padding for better everyday riding comfort.


Thick fog from the night before left the test track damp, something the cloudy morning could not dispel. সুতরাং, I had to start my test on SBK-grade Pirelli rain radials that took away a bit of steering sharpness, but did a perfect job preventing me from crashing. No great lean angles, but it was more than acceptable for a first session. The new Tuono engine is impressive, not because of its additional 3 অশ্বশক্তি, but because of its supreme tractability.

Its torque curve is flatter than before, and at every upshift, the rev drop is immediately recovered.

Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory

Progressing up through the gears is likewise impressive, and the quick-shift gearbox worked impeccably as it fed in the upper ratios at full throttle without the clutch. Just like John Wayne with his faithful 30-30. As grip got better, it led to a more aggressive riding style that caused the Tuono to go wide while accelerating strongly out of the corners.

I attribute this moderate tendency to the flexibility of the rain tires with their deep thread and to the dampness of the track.

Aprilia also brought a pair of RSV 4 Factory ABS bikes that were fitted with the same type of rain tires. I spent the second part of the test on one, which made for an interesting comparison. Under the same riding conditions, the RSV4 R ABS proved perfectly neutral, neat and precise in its steering response.

There was no tendency to understeer, thanks to 0.5 degrees less steering rake and a 1-inch-shorter wheelbase that moves the front wheel a commensurate amount closer to bike’s center of gravity. Aprilia played it safe and increased the rake 0.5 degrees to make sure the front end will stay true and stable at the high speeds the Tuono V4 R ABS can reach, which is well in excess of 160 mph.

Eventually, the track dried out for my last session, spent on a Tuono shod with Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs. This is when the Tuono showed its best, with super strong acceleration of corners, a much more neutral feel and limited understeer that I could easily counter with a little more body lean. The Tuono V4 R ABS is awfully fast; down the long main straight (nearly 1 kilometer), I could easily reach 160 mph.

At that speed, my chest and shoulders turned into a drag parachute and I held onto the handlebar for dear life, thinking that I might either bend the handlebar into a U or take flight.

The speed potential of the Tuono V4 R ABS is most impressive for a naked bike, and ATC saved my day when I whacked open the throttle out of a second-gear corner that was still wet. The rear wheel went into a sudden slide but the system gathered it back in with a reassuring composure. The ABS was similarly reassuring, especially at the two remaining puddles on the track, one of which was right at the braking point at the end of the long straight.

Aprilia’s new Tuono V4 R ABS is about more than just blinding top speed. Aided by top-notch electronics, it’s a superbly competent and safe bike, perfectly at home on the road and for everyday riding. But watch your right wrist because you can get yourself into speeding troubles very quickly.

Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory

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