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2012 Ducati Diavel Photo shoot

17 জানুয়ারী 2015 | লেখক: | মন্তব্য বন্ধ উপর 2012 Ducati Diavel Photo shoot
Ducati Diavel

RacerTimes Exclusive: 2012 দুকাতি Diavel

I’m not a bike guy, let’s put it out there, so this will most probably be one of the worst bike pieces you’ll ever read, especially in technical terms. To me, most bikes look the same; it’s either a cruiser, an off-road bike, a sports bike, or a scooter. Getting deeper into this world was always a challenge, I never figured out how people knew the difference between a Kawasaki ZX-10R and a ZX-6R without looking at the emblems.

If I see a purpose-built drag bike or a custom show chopper, I’ll have no idea what I am looking at, just that it has two wheels and it’s loud.

Except one bike, a bike that no matter how many different models of it were made, or how many times was changed, I can always spot it, even from a distance: a Ducati. To me, Ducati was that white and red bike that my elder brother had a poster of on his wall, and that image of the Ducati 888 (I called my brother just to ask him which Ducati was on the poster) diving into a turn just got stuck in my head. Ever since I was a kid, I knew that Ducati made the best bikes.

You weren’t riding a Ducati? An annoying 8-year-old kid would make sure that you knew you weren’t riding the best.

সুতরাং, for this article, I had to do my research. Going through Wikipedia pages and forums, calling some biker guys to see what they think about Ducati in general, and this is what I, a cars guy, understood; Ducati is the Ferrari equivalent of the bikes world. Both are very Italian companies, both were founded in the 1920s but actually started producing vehicles post WWII, both are distinguished for the color red, both have great racing history since the golden era in the 50s, and apparently, Ducati used the cavallino rampante (A.K.A. the prancing horse) on their motorbikes for a while.

Another element to show the similarity between the two is that both Ferrari and Ducati use a very similar formula to create their machines. A mixture of high quality parts, distinguished design and an outstanding performance is what makes Ducati a player on a much higher level than Suzuki and Yamaha.

The owner of the Diavel here said it perfectly, “if you want performance for dollar, go for the Suzukis and Kawasakis, but if you appreciate a very fast bike that you can drive every day, a bike that is both a road bike and a race bike, a bike that combines the great things from all the other brands,দুকাতি Diavel is your bike. Nothing in the market is like the Diavel, it’s one of a kind in the community, I never rode a bike that can perform as good as it does on a straight line and on corners.

The design is functional, and the body position is absolutely great. It’s unlike anything, it’s unclassified.” This guy been riding for over 25 বছর, and the Diavel is his third Ducati, so I’m believing every single word he says.

Ducati Diavel

Now about the দুকাতি Diavel . which is only a very Italian way to say “the devil,” it’s technically a cruiser, but it’s actually what you get if you take the superbike 1198 and try to make it friendlier on the road.

The previous sentence is really unfair to the designers of the দুকাতি Diavel, yes they used a retuned version of the 1,198.4 cc Testastretta engine, but everything else came from the imaginations of the designers, to sketch boards, and all the way until we got this “dream bike.” We got this muscular bike because the in-house designers had a wish list to create this machine, with a “what if?” approach and a no-compromise attitude, the Diavel got this powerful style with an image that sent a seismic shock through the industry. The stance of the Diavel is that of a “readiness, dominance, and confidence bordering on superiority,” as Ducati themselves put it.

The Diavel’s heart is the Ducati Testastretta 11° – developed directly from the incredibly powerful, world-beating race engines of Ducati Corse. Ducati’s Testastretta 11° harnesses the immense power of the superbike engine and makes it smooth and adaptable, a massive step forward in balancing high-performance with an enjoyable ride.

An engine with 162 hp brute power on tap when needed and smooth, user-friendliness available for an effortless and comfortable ride with three riding modes and the Ducati Riding Safety Pack (প্রস্তুত ABS + Ducati Traction Control). All that and it weighs only 210 কেজি, so yeah, it flies when you want it to.

দ্য দুকাতি Diavel we have here is a 2012 model with some personalized tweaks. A full carbon fiber Termrignoni exhaust and an ECU upgrade, we aren’t sure how much power these mods gave the bike, but we think it doesn’t really need more power, since it was able to finish a quarter mile in 10.77 seconds when it was completely stock.

এছাড়াও, the owner somehow managed to make a Diavel look even better, with custom mirrors and accessories by Rizoma, and custom painted body panels and wheels to mimic the Ducati Senna models, which makes us only wonder why Ducati never released the Diavel in the black and red combo. Maybe they will after they see these pictures. Hope you enjoyed the article and the photos!

Ducati Diavel
Ducati Diavel
Ducati Diavel
Ducati Diavel

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