2013 Harley-Davidson XL883N Iron 883 pregled : Motorcycle Extreme Review

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Harley-Davidson XL883N Sportster Iron

2013 Harley-Davidson XL883N Iron 883 pregled

With straight cut, dual shorty exhaustion pipe outlets, a belittled, drag-style handlebar, front side part element aspect element gaiters, chopped coming back fender and personal seat, the Iron 883 is a raw, stripped-down, aggressive bike that gives the car owner an authentic, throwback generating experience. And with a very aggressive price, it makes a perfect access into the world of Black Custom™ motorbikes.

Evolution® V-Twin powertrain with Electronic Following Port Petrol Hypodermic hypodermic hypodermic hypodermic injection (ESPFI)

Rubber-mounted powertrain to decrease vibration

5-speed transmission

Dual staggered exhaust

Handlebar-mounted digital speedometer

Disc brakes

Mid-mounted feet controls

Optional Harley-Davidson® Awesome Security System with hands-free protection fob

Blacked-Out Look

The Iron883™ design is the anti-chrome motorcycle—decked in dark from coming thoroughly aspect with a edgy mind-set that preserves the authentic material of generating. Black powder-coated 883cc motor with dark professional contains. Black chopped bumpers that show off a lot of rubber. Black front side part element aspect forks with gators add an old-school look.

Black oil program cover, belt properly secured and shift bars. And dark toss metal wheels that catch Iron 883™ motorcycle into the modern rebel way of way of lifestyle and keeps the edgy fire losing with a lot of freedom for customization.

Drag-Style Handlebar

The low-rise, belittled dark drag-style handlebar and dark finish element controls add to the eliminated down, little look of the Iron 883™ motorcycle. Designed at the shift eliminate, the drag-style handlebar is an old school garage area position place position operate that places you in a forward, aggressive generating position.

2013 Harley-Davidson XL883N Iron 883

Side-Mounted Credentials Plate

True to the clean, fast options of the bike, the side-mounted qualifications bowl results in the coming back fender surface area sleek and structured. Little and unique—every inches wide extensive wide of the Iron 883™ motorcycle is intended to top top quality to achieve a raw, customized look.

Classic Peanut Petrol Tank

As one of the demonstration functions of Harley-Davidson® Sportster® styles for many, the traditional 3.3 qt. indicated peanut gas program still preserves highly effective today with its traditional design and modern mind-set. Following the range of the bike from coming thoroughly aspect, the peanut program views down just right into the person Sportster seat. Mind-set and looks all balled up into one.

Premium Paint

Up to two times broader than the opponents, customized top top top top quality colour comes traditional on all Harley-Davidson® motorbikes. Clearcoat such as up to five mils powerful. Bigger metal flakes.

Exclusive effects. Skimping generally is not in our language.

Hand Completed Petrol Tank

All Harley-Davidson® fuel tanks are finished by hand—that’s what makes them stand out from the opponents. Their sleek design and unmatched design are unique among all motorbikes on the road. The tanks are one of the first and last things individuals notice when they lay their viewpoint on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle—so we make it worth their time.

Evolution® Engine Heritage

The Evolution® engine—known in certain viewers as the Blockhead—was first connected with the framework of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle twenty six years ago. Designed from well-known Shovelhead and Ironhead google, the Evolution® motor divided new ground in displacement growth while keeping the urges for food for power, strength and verified balance that The Motor Company was designed on.

Evolution® Engine Innovation

Air-cooled and highly effective as dreadful, the 883cc Evolution® motor is yet another nod to the serious execute mind-set that drives improvements in motor technical progression at Harley-Davidson. Iron provides and pipe outlets decrease the finish of the bike and enhance air-cooling performance. Electronic fuel hypodermic hypodermic hypodermic injection says goodbye to carburetors and functions enhanced balance and less routine maintenance.

Platform line: the rubber-mounted Evolution® motor functions difficult and visits sleek for a huge number of miles so you can just worry about taking in the freedom of the road.

Pure Harley-Davidson Styling

Feast your viewpoint on the 883cc Evolution® motor and there’s no mistaking its roots. This is authentic Harley-Davidson design through and through with a new to information you won’t find from any other motorcycle company. Black powder-coated pipe outlets, cyndrical pipe provides and professional contains finish the dark look while firefox pushrods highlight the well-known V-Twin. It’s a useful stone created out of metal.

Genuine. Dripping with power. From the traditional benefits of the chilling round to the clean options of cases and covers—the 883cc Evolution® motor makes an ironclad declaration to having on to what’s right and staying real to what satisfies the car owner.

H-D® Awesome Security System (Optional)

The producer set up next-generation protection system functions a hands-free fob that immediately arms and disarms the vehicle digital prevention functions as you strategy and walk away from the bike. Keep the fob on your key key team and let it do all the execute. It’s this attention to information and protection that make Harley-Davidson® motorbikes unique.

Harley-Davidson XL883N Sportster Iron
Harley-Davidson XL883N Sportster Iron
Harley-Davidson XL883N Sportster Iron
Harley-Davidson XL883N Sportster Iron

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