Keeway Superlight 125 Cc How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

15 Feb 2015 | autor: | Komentari su isključeni na Keeway Superlight 125 Cc How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
Keeway Speed 125

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Jenica Vizireanu: Nu cumparati asa ceva!Sigur mai tarziu veti regreta. Du not shop this moto.It is a sheet,believe me.

donkiddick12: you can get one of these from near where i live pal its called moto center in bath st bolton

nosey parker: are these cheap imports? looks brilliant

Schtufbox: So now you’ve had this a while, how are you liking it? Is it still running well? May be getting a used one to use for commuting to work. What is the top speed? Is it able to reach 60 65mph?

Qandi: Like the guy under me i wonder what you think of the bike so far, and would this be a good buy. )

aashes gurung: yea i still love it.

Christian Butlin: thornbury morribobs, nice :), na prodaju?

kedvencek0327: Where could I buy this bike in Central London. Its impossible to find. or at least deliveryt from somewhere

aashes gurung: if ur a bad boy thn u wount let tat happen 🙂

aashes gurung: yea it is fast but the fastest ive been able to take is 50mph so far 🙂 traffic is to bad n really havent got time to go n really enjoy the ride

matt wyatt: holy crap. i might get this, did you like this bike??

aashes gurung: yea sorry for late reply i dint thought i would be getting any comments 🙂 yea its a good buy.real comfy n feels good on the road ppl like wat they see n bigger bikes dont mind hanging around with this bike under u 🙂

number1barber: oh and I have owned 3 Chinese bikes and they all fell to bits

Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125

Daronb11: keeway have a website and you can find your local deal through them

aightism: this 1 is the limited edition all matt black version i’m assuming its no different to the standard keeway superlight which does about 70mph flat out not exactly fast but they are not built for speed i’ve read a few reviews and everyone that’s owned 1 says they’re a good comfortable ride what they lack in power they make up for in charecter.

Sinkthepink95: 49.7mph not a fast 125cc most will do 70mph+

number1barber: shame your parents didn’t get you a decent bike or a second hand decent bike. These bikes will be great for about a year or two then they will start coming apart. I drive a bog standard Peugeot scooter 1999 and in the last two years I changed the oil and the tyres. Lastly if you parents brought you a bike where the hell is the safety gear ie at least jacket and real gloves then again invest in a mop and they can wipe you off the pavement not cool. nice looking bike though

akandoblack: I understand. But my only worry is when I am on the open road that buses and trucks do not overtake me. Otherwise looks amazing and I am looking to buy it.

pontius bunny: i’ve had mine about 14 months and had to replace a few parts e.g. clutch cable, kick start fell of due to cheap metal but the ride is great. good acceleration and easily reaches 65mph. looking to sell it soon though. not because i’m bored of it but need a car. people often stop me and talk to e about it though, everyone thinks it’s atleast a 400 till they see the L plates. good bike, cheap at 2 grand aswell.

aashes gurung: im sorry but i dont know 🙂

akandoblack: what is the top speed? did you try it?

aashes gurung: u dont need to be on the top speed whn ur on this baby 🙂 n its quite good for beginners like me.

Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125
Keeway Speed 125

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