250-500Cc – 1993WXC vs 1999 360WR Cafe Husky

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2premo Husqvarna

Location: Northern NV Husqvarna Motorcycle: 93 99 360, 87 CR250 430, 88 430 Other Motorcycles: Honda trail 90

so I looked through the threads and can’t find any specific comparisons to the engine

I own these 2 bikes different years and totally different handling

before someone gets all butt hurt I will explain what this is

u 1992 Husqvarna took a 1987 250 Cagiva based engine to 350cc and labeled it a 360, the sidestand was old school and mounted to the swingarm, the exhaust pipe fit over the outside of the exhaust port

u 1993 they mounted the sidestand to the frame and used 2 springs to tuck it up to almost vertical, they replaced the pipe to port configuration with an internal pipe fitting that stayed common through the 360 run

u 1992 u 360 had fork preload adjusters they ditched in 93, I had a 1992 also but sold it a few years ago

u 1993 i 1999 have a few things in common but are quite different machines, u 93 is longer and a little more stable at speed but a little tougher in tight terrain, the engine has a much wider powerband

u 99 has pretty good handling but a VERY short powerband

the reason for this post is that powerband, it also had a very difficult starting to go with it

u 93 is easy to start and the 99 is a bitch to start, the porting is different and the cylinder has a different part number, they share a head, piston, carb and pipe

had anyone measured the port difference between these, I would but both run near perfect so hard to justify a teardown as such

I am currently well actually my brother is, working on an auto decompressor and was wondering if anyone tried to modify the ports on the later ones


now don’t get me wrong these were built for grunt but at what cost, my 92 was different than the 93 as it had an even wider powerband, that one also ran perfectly so never looked inside of it either

does anyone have port layouts, successful porting mods or port timing change info on these

last year my 3 brothers an I went riding with a handful a friends, there were 2 Husqvarna 360’s my 99 and my brothers 98, two other brothers rode KTM 360’s a 97 i 96 if memory serves, the KTM’s had 5 speeds and as such gave up a little between singletracks

the KTM’s were a dream to start and had VERY wide power bands

the other riders were on a 2009 KTM 525, a 1989 KTM 350 (2 udar) a 1987 Husky 250XC, and a 1999 Yamaha 250YZ

we rode each others bikes and in the end the 1993 Husqvarna 360WXC I took as a spare turned out to win all the riders hearts, it is a dream to ride, but it was the engine that won most people over, wide enough power, easy to start and stable at high speed, the KTM 360s were next and the 99 Husqvarna 360WR was way down

so as the 360 advanced what was the reason to so drastically alter the powerband and does anyone else feel like I do that it might have gone the wrong direction

if I could only keep one, currently it would be the 93, which is also my current avatar


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