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BSA B 44 Shooting Star

PHILMONT 2013 — Advisor’s Journal

Day T-1

Safe and travels from Nashville to Amazing the number of people up to us because of our uniforms asking who we are and we’re headed, etc. in Class A’s a good

Got to hotel about 1:30pm. as a group to Old Town for shopping and all the boys buying gifts for What about Dad J??

We got a nice out from the SW pilots on both On the layover our pilot was in line us for a sandwich. Turns out we has an Eagle and went to Philmont twice

Nice dinner at restaurant the old church. Basic tex-mex

Getting up at 5am tomorrow. Breakfast at 6, on the bus at 7 for a 3.5 hour ride to base Everyone settling in sweet to all then on to Philmont.

BaseCamp Day 1

Bus was comfy and air conditioned. Full at the hotel was cooked to order and Marvin and I both enjoyed Rancheros.

Driver gave a tour / narration of the area’s as we drove.

At Base camp a bit like the Army = “hurry up and Lines to check in, medical then off to “logistics” with Was a GREAT guy there giving us the

Focused solely on Will and his role as crew leader. time reviewing and marking the map our trek plan. He asked what was the most important back home and he answered He made Will write is my Momma” on the trek sheet so remember how important it is.

Without it we sign up for activities or get food We then decided the map was “Padre” tells him what to do, Padre him how to do it 😉

Met our Ranger = Dryn. Nice man, going to Naval

Got our food (lots of it!) and

Toured the Waite Philips museum. Nice great with recorder / playback. is a good pianist and played a Realized he is playing the theme to movie bad mojo??

Attended mass at 7pm. Retired and 2 priests. Funny guys quite a bit and “we want you to at home so we’ll pass a plate”.

Lunch and dinner in the hall surprisingly good. All do skits and ring the bell we say Philmont Grace:

“For for raiment, for life, for opportunity, for and fellowship, we thank you o Lord.”

playing cards as usual out at 10:30. Everyone is excited to the journey.

Day 2 — Vaca

up time 5:30. Last for EIGHT days L

Good biscuits, gravy, French

Crew “shake down” Dryn pull cots out of and empty our backpacks to check for all and any unneeded items. We look prepared. Space is tight up everything including the food, but we it fine. Took packs to the and weighed.

Boys’ packs in at 37-42 pounds, leaders in the 44-48 range.

Good meal at base camp burritos. One last stop at the post for Gatorade and candy hitting the trail.

School bus us to the drop zone trail about 1:00. Dryn us the “lightning position”. Going to about 4 miles today. Our are heavier than usual campouts back home) and the altitude makes the hiking tougher. We were told to that, will acclimate next couple days am

We saw 3 wild turkey on the trail, and at our campsite “Vaca” in good Dryn showed how to hoist the bags and is teaching the boys how to and clean “the philmont Cheezy lasagna for dinner not too bad.

Funny John bet Dryn he could cook night’s dinner faster. The bet is 10 wearing full pack!

dinner, Will took turn as the “human sump” but you do what you gotta do 😉

8:15pm clean up we have our first Thorns, Buds (RTB)” hang last oops bag and hit the tents.

Day 3 Deer Lake

Woke up 6am, broke and had cold trail breakfast. sunny morning, not too warm. Hit the 7:45 Have a short to Harlan for shotgun reloading and Was cool making our own shells. and I both hit 8 of 9 clays.

Patrick and were both 6 for 6 in their 2nd of shooting!

12:30pm decided to “dinner” at Harlan for lunch Deer Lake does not a purified water source. cooked and beat Dryn’s by about a minute. He was a great and did his 10 full pack pushups.

The staff invited us back evening for Burro Racing and Coffee”. LONG uphill (not a trail) up to the Deer campsite (roads bad cars care how steep it is). -GREAT campsite in a tree meadow. Set up, trail dinner, hiked back to Harlan for racing.

Glad we did — was watching the boys try to push / / steer Chewbacca the mule. the pictures are good. We side a peak at Harlan great Then loaded up all the water we carry and started the trek up the road. On the way back, Dryn telling us to hike faster he had cake waiting for us.

Turns out he A Sara Lee pound cake and of icing. Dryn took us the meadow and gave a farewell then RTB.

The night sky is more stars than ever seen, including view of the Milky Way band.

agrees the “blue roof is cool at this site. Up on a with a great view you take care of business 😉

11 miles on pedometer today.

Day Sawmill

Woke up 6am opened the to 8 mule deer bucks than 50 yards outside of

Breaking down camp dry camp tonight, so water a priority.

Big 6 point buck right up to us (about 25 feet) as we put on to start the days hike.

hike to Ute Gulch gorgeous over a canyon. The commissary is at the of the canyon. We again cooked for lunch while at a good source.

Was Mexican beef rice and beans.

This hike could be challenging we still have 1.5 days of and they are giving us 4 days here. Add that we’re off to a dry and have to carry all the water we we’re as heavy as we’ll be. Think packs up over 50 now for the 3 mile uphill hike to Sawmill campsite.

On the way to Upper during a rest stop, a big doe in less than 20 feet us. Just hung out grazing no fear of us.

Interesting how many there are here so diverse. The to Ute gulch felt like sw, this hike has areas and green.

6:30 — camp, boys putting up bags, laughing and having a big Very rustic campsite to Deer Lake), but works Yesterday we had lots of thunder and in the distance but no rain.

Today we had rain off/on from Ute to The rain suits are HOT when with full pack. Big display tonight they got the fly up fast and easy working as a

Coming together.

Funny story on the hike today we to a gate. Collin was in the lead so he and we all passed. Turned back as he the gate — but forgot to thru first, so he was on other still.

He turned multiple or red, laughed it off and came on

Interesting thing we learned the Ponderosa pine smell like vanilla or butterscotch on Male /female).

Lunch today creating lots of gas and humor 😉

Skies clearing off and clear. Justin’s boots small seam tear tape to the rescue!!

We’re all to smell pretty ripe day 8 will be a treat.

Pedometer today 10.07 miles.

Day 5 6 Comanche Peak and Crooked

Got up early this morning anxious to get to Sawmill for 30-6 fun. Nice cabin with a porch looking the mountains facing the sunrise. there nice offered the coffee ;-).

Made our own cartridges and then did our everyone enjoyed. Time to hiking.

Have a LONG

7 mile hike. Stopped on the for lunch at a nice overlook. as far as Thunder Ridge (dry arrived 4pm.

We’re short of water and need to dinner still have 1.5 to go to our campsite at Comanche Peak dry). Sent our 4 fastest to Mines campsite

2 miles One trail in/out, so no way to get lost. said, Marvin and I very about sending the boys us even though that was the recommendation at Sawmill (we would them down).

Took than expected, but they just after 6 in time for Mac dinner.

7pm had a talk with the Told them we were ok, but close to a danger zone. 90 of light left, 1.5 mile hike to go skies look and Patrick is struggling with appears to be combo of dehydration and We make him drink lots, and as much weight off him as possible. the boys we need to move purpose.

8:30 we arrive it’s turning COLD. to give major props to our 4 runners Collin, Patrick, Will who came back the side hike, ate fast and on hiking. Special props to

A more vivid display of and determination I have never in making it to campsite while his own pack. The teamwork displayed care of him and each other was everyone helped Marvin set up his get Patrick dry and into sleeping bag extra loaned clothes and cap for warmth.

9:15pm as the final bag was slung I pointed my headlamp up to the boys light and the light is getting heavier and turning a rain/sleet/snow mix. We hit the tents and it rained ALL NIGHT. Crew up cold, wet and miserable.

Most all leaked thru the night and we got up in the OF THE CLOUD still raining. Mr tent so flooded he is sleeping on top of under the dining fly. a pep talk from Chaplains Aid and morale boosting M&M’s me, we packed up wet and shivering and started the down off Comanche Peak.

decided to alter our route and NOT go Mt Philips (back into the and to skip black powder in favor of a more direct to our next campsite Crooked Homestead. Hiked down Creek trail, crossing the at least a dozen times. is much better, but Marvin an understandably tough morning. He got no sleep tending to Patrick and is now a cough / cold himself.

He thru with loaned dry articles and a group hug from the for warmthand about lunchtime the sun breaking thru. Spirits are again. We truly worked as a taking care of what to be done and each other a long tough night. No one hungry, but we forced down

Staff told us we had to take in of calories, even if not hungry.

2pm hit Rayado creek, and it’s a easy trail along a flowing stream. We arrived Creek about 4:30pm. a staged 1870’s farm in TN! staff talk on porch of the cabin. Gorgeous meadow cows and donkeys.

Boys fed the and then won the “Poo throwing winning both accuracy and points for their skits. reward was cookies on the porch Advisor Coffee.

Dinner was Chicken and Rice pretty and everyone seemed hungry for a hot

YEAH. The fire band is and the staff had a stack of dry firewood let the crews use! We’re doing our daily devotion, talk and RTB.

Lots of tonight, but spirits good as we try and dry by the fire.

These young men are Advisors are exhausted, they are laughing and playing. They did Wars trivia for several during the second half of hike ( a highlight). and seem by the most miserable (and a scary) night of camping ever personally had.

I may be called Advisor but I’m a lot about resilience and positive from them.

Tomorrow is our only hot breakfast on the trek Scramble Burritos, then off to our project. Saw lots of turkey and today.

Pedometer mileage

Day 7 Lost Cabin Conservation

Woke up 6: 30am- 41 degrees

Bandito Breakfast got mixed but I thought it was good.

At RTB last Justin said it well as to how gelling: “I feel we started the trek as a crew, and finish it as family”. The hardest of our hiking are behind us, save the day. Could not be prouder of boys”.

9am leisurely morning good. Clean up almost then we’re off to our conservation Tonight is a trail camp, we get 3 staff camp nights in a

Nice easy hike to We were the “TN Rough cutting the basic outline and for a new trail. We completed abut an stretch, and the rangers seem with our work.

Will be the boys can bring their to one day and say “we started that

The next phase of our hike was went up a fence line with about a 40 degree and very rocky. Seemed it never get to the top. ¾ of the way to the top we and took bio breaks. Perhaps it was the but we’re all laughing and cutting up in spirits EVERYTHING seems especially Marvin’s stories of his daughter in religion class in an debate.

The downhill side of the almost as hard. we missed times by just a few minutes L

out we missed a trail cutoff and up hiking way more on that trail than needed. that out after reaching Creek. Consolation 3 of 4 crews Cons did the same thing!

on to our campsite 1.5 miles away at Cabin. Got there after 6pm and set up. Boys came to us with a they had seriously knotted the on the bear cable, and there was no way to them.

Idea of hoisting a boy up on the rope was mentioned and quickly by the advisors. Terry “the lineman” came to the rescue his experience as a telephone lineman. We taped Dryn’s knife (by providence he left it at Deer campsite when he departed, and was the type knife we needed for the to a 30’ limb and Terry cut it losing only a few feet of

But it became apparent some had flared before the boys to the campsite to get the advisors. We finally got the up at another site. The crew is tired, and hurting a little.

was good mashed potatoes, peas.

We pushed thru the evening program advisors we needed RTB tonight. Good restored, but we’re all exhausted. decide archery is important, so going to tear down then backtrack to Apache thing in the morning.

Mr Sage to stay in camp and watch the packs protecting them mini-bears.

10pm- nite

Pedometer mileage today 8.9

Day 8 — Beaubien

Wake up is 5:30 I fired up the stoves and we Advisor coffee this a nice treat. The boys thru the process efficiently and we hit the back to Apache Springs. sweet talks the ranger letting us join another for the 7:30am shoot if we don’t then, we won’t get to do it. It’s a from TX and they are very as all advisors from both agree not to shoot so all boys Nice shooting set up!

We hiked trail, and every so often was a sized statue of a target lion, deer, turkey. All did and Will hit 3 targets (shooting not his strength after going 0 for 9 in shooting).

Back to Lost at 9:20. Spirits high as we hit the for Philips Junction (PJ) for replenishment. Wonderful hike thru meadows and valleys.

The is born (last person to their pack on) as well as the “Trek on, Crew One!”.

Had lunch at a terrific campsite by Creek. Talk amongst the of us as “legacy” for Troop 226 what means and how to commemorate it.

Got 4 days at PJ our last commissary. BONUS gave us chocolate milk and fruit. Advisors bought a of Toblerone chocolates as a treat for the

Laughed about the old line MASH where Col. said upon getting fresh fruit in the mess “like a crime — my will think it’s a haha

Loaded up, got a hard one uphill hike to BeauBien camp. It’s staged as a ranch.

We arrive 4:30 and GREAT. Nice campsite, of purified water and it’s our time to set up with time to the whole trek. Sunny

Surprising how cool it has been. in the 30s and 40’s. Don’t think been over 70 degrees yet at base camp).

In the sunshine warm and comfy but get in the shade and you get a chill.

Dinner being Jamaican rice and chicken aka mix”. Tomorrow is 8am horseback

We have a decision to make our calls for a side hike (we spend 2 nights here). Can do or just relax after ride. Have to be back either way to send helpers for Chuck Wagon Dinner J our first real meal leaving base camp.

a monkey … towel bath glorious will do and take a real shower if it warms up enough (cold shower).

Big campfire program lots of fun. Skits, singalongs. The boys arm in arm swaying and we STINK!!

10pm hit the tents.

today 11.6 miles.

Day 9 Beaubien

6:30 wake up great! Blue skies, and the are warming up. Trail mix breakfast, off to the corral at 8am.

Nice 2 ride on the trail all boys did and for several this was their time in the saddle.


Jeff Crater


BSA B 44 Shooting Star

Marvin Spade


Tom James Bond (he liked )

Will Scooter

Collin Bob


Hunter Cue Ball

all took cold showers and did great to (sorta) be clean. the boys are off at branding should be anytime now for lunch. Lunch is Spam and crackers the boys turns as “mini bear

So glad the scouts decided to out in camp today. Pitching Frisbee, roping practice. seems revitalized and happy.

and got my boots and bottle branded cool.

Tonight is Chuckwagon Beef stew, dutch biscuits and peach cobbler! another campfire program and off to Lake and the Continental Tie Lumber

Dinner was really good (or our have taken a serious the campfire program not as energetic as before, but fun. Went to bed 9 with all tired but in good ready to hit the trail tomorrow.

Day 10 Lake

6:00 wake up doing a great job setting his and rousing everyone up every at the agreed upon time.

depart. Hiked up to “Trail and saw the wreckage of the B-24 that there back in 1941. Had with the Lebanon, TN crew at the beautiful overlook imaginable.

work on full display.

The down was HARD. loose steep, no switchbacks. That it finally opened up in a meadow a normal trail on to Continental Got there 4pm, weather threatening, so could not spar climb. Boys got dining fly up advisors pitched their

Not a great site have to down a road to get to it, and it’s without much level

5pm — the skies opened up. All under the dining fly to protect us pea size hail coming Lightning hit, thunder than 3 seconds away so we into “lightning position”. started to break after 20+ so we bolted wet and cold back to the cabin to ride it out.

Rained for next couple non stopThe staff was so gracious clothes, a warmup by their etc.

7pm down to a drizzle, but still dark and getting cool. We’re all afraid of a of Comanche Peak night. John, Mr Sage and I use the break to run to campsite.

Goal is to get more dry for those that are cold. is a WRECK. Storm blew dining fly, and a river of and mud went right through our line. Swapped out breakfast for in the bear bags to get us something to eat not cooking, grabbed extra and headed back up to cabin.

rising, the boys now tossing a in the mud J. Gave the news about the DECISION TIME while not we know another night Comanche will be bad. We to pile people into a of tents (those best for

Justin and I share my one man tent Marvin, Patrick, John, share his 3 man tent (the party”), Tom, Will share their 2 man tent. Mr borrows a blow up mattress to the sleeping bag in his tent.

The mud is ankle in the middle of our site, so we finish tents on the edges. Have for dinner” in the dark then hit the at 9pm.

Pedometer mileage = 10.5

Day 11 North Fork

6:30 woke up to blue sky and warmer temps, but messy site. We took a long to pull it together. Almost 9 we depart. Packed up and went to staff cabin to return a few they loaned us and sign Boys having a ball caber toss.

Unconventional used as Justin wins the toss contest with an running / rolling strategy.

Hi the for Miners peak and rock Nice moderate hike!

still too wet for climbing when we but they have a manmade wall the boys use for almost 2 Lots of high energy and everyone makes it to the top Including (Terry and I took it easy).

Had lunch there, filled water container we have. hike over the Tooth of has NO water sources on the 12+ mile once we leave Urraca That has a stream, will to purify.

Got to Urraca about Moderate hike and the campsite is beside a quick moving

Advisors volunteer to cook and our final trail dinner a simple thanks for all their work on the trek. Pasta peanuts, oreos and combos.

6PM playing cards after and relaxing.

Plan is to rise at 5am and be on the by 6. We have a HARD uphill to Tooth Ridge trail, a few miles to the base of the Tooth of We’ll side hike up it (no for a photo op. Then we have a 6 hike down the “trail of to base camp. Goal is to it back to base around 2.

feelings about the end of journey up. On one hand I am exhausted, homesick, for a hot meal and shower and a hug from my On the other, this time with “our boys” has an experience any Dad and Scout Leader cherish for a lifetime.

I find becoming more and more about “our boys”. watched them grow cute little kids in 2nd in the Wolf Den to young men of strength and Speaking of character; I told the that the old expression “adversity character” is not entirely accurate.

my experience that adversity character and this crew is with positive attributes to the core. It’s a diverse and each is filled with blessings, gifts and unique

At program tonight, I’d to find a way to express just how they and these times The words will probably be met an approving grin then forgotten. As a teen, Father has not yet given them the wisdom of

Final program, including Thorns and Buds.

Was a heartfelt sharing positive feelings and love and laughter. What was is not to be documented here it is privileged just for the memories of Crew #1. to say that our hearts are full. we are ourselves ten roses.

This will be an evening recall and cherish the rest of my Marvin and I both adore young men. And Terry entered our crew as an acquaintance, but depart our company as on old friend.

Mileage 6.1

Day 12 Tooth of Time to Base

5am wake up fast and we hit the trail right on time at A beautiful sunny day.

We all the water we can carry last Now it’s up Sheaffers Pass to Ridge. Turns out the Ridge is not a trail it’s a minefield garden. The boys go thru 1+ mile section like goats we advisors have to it slow and easy as we rock-hop our way to the of Time base.

Finally do about 11, have lunch and prepare for the ascent. Not really a it’s a ”bear crawl” on our and feet scrambling up over to the summit. About ¾ of the way up, I got and sat down didn’t think I make it. Another advisor along with words of (no Justin, he did not call me a sissy) to not up so close to the summit.

Took a breath, shouted “I’ve this far, and I will NOT be Kept climbing and joined the at the top. It was worth it. Panoramic 360 view of Philmont Ranch.

Was something you’d see in a tv commercial. the monkey-bear crawl down. packs on and off to the “trail of tears”. called that because you can see camp many times the way and it never seems to be getting The trail is TOO gentle on the slope, so 2 as the crow flies become a 6+ hike with 13 long

We hiked hard to beat a storm with 25+ mph winds us the last 2 miles.

Had a bet with the if arrive by 3:30 to the “we it” sign ice cream was on me.

3:17 with about a of water remaining between all of us. to take pictures and then in and return / ship gear.

off to dining hall for a pretty Mexican dinner. Then at base camp has been good! The ice cream was a night to top it off.

We bought belt from the crew a wonderful and addition to our Class A uniforms.

7pm to outdoor Mass

8:15 campfire, then off to the showers for (yeah!!)

Tomorrow we travel to soft beds, good hugs and kisses from ones. And we will miss place I think.

Final Thoughts:

This has been a experience that I encourage all … leaders from 226 to consider. The time, the expense, the training, the sore feet . all worth it.

As I commented earlier, I the scouts today realize how special of an adventure this nor how important they are to each Father Time has not yet blessed with such perspective and But perhaps.

Just perhaps one day 30 or so from now one of these young men Crew #1 will be sitting a campfire with a volunteer’s patch on their sleeve and son at their side. A memory come trickling out from the and they’ll start the story:

remember when I was your age and our took us to Philmont and we ._________” and a tear might come to age-wizened eye. Just the ones in my eyes right I pray for the blessing of that for them.

God bless and “Trek On, One!”

BSA B 44 Shooting Star

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