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Volvo ( other) can be machined to be suitable for the heavywieghts.

are the details of one way of doing this, a Volvo piston; details supplied by Dai Lloyd-Hughes:

As you know the bore of a 120 is 88mm. If we take for our point the gudgeon pin size of a 120 piston (G) we find that it is dia. (approx). There to be no Volvo pistons to this

In the frame however is AE part no PI 033 22 08 engine set AE1424 with G @ and a bore of 88mm. The distance the centrepoint of G to the top of the piston is 38.250mm will reduce the compression by about .5:1, (ie to about 6:1 of 6.5:1) but this shouldn’t the performance. I cannot tell you if the oil ring will come to above or below the oilway in the

If it comes below you can blank it off at the of the barrel and beneath it drill a 1mm dia from the crank case so it spurts vaguely in the direction of the (acknowledgement, Will Pyke, The piston appears to have a top land than PM, a good It seems to come in 2 oversizes.

The application for this piston is for the Volvo model 246TE, GL, GLF etc which you might find in a yard, or you might find an factor to sell you one, as to an engine set of 6 which a Volvo almost certainly would you you had to buy. The 88.9mm bore Volvo piston looks more fun, having a of piston crown heights diffrent cr’s, more oversizes and G@24.00mm. It seems you have to do to make these fit is to reamer out your little end a bit, bore your to match or use a liner.

The piston may more than the PM which lower the balance factor of engine which is currently in the region of 51% to maybe about This shouldn’t matter and doesn’t mean you will the rod, a common mistaken If you wish you can lighten it using files etc and it’s never a bad to reduce the skirt of a piston to a knife edge to reduce and increase oil control.

You may even have to file the internal gudgeon boss if they won’t quite the rod. If the bosses are a bit wider PM then again this matter.

I will be interested to If I am right about the part no. and to hear what the oil consumption is with it from those have used one.

are other pistons that to have applications for Panthers but I only researched those G22.230, the rationale being if my piston failed I could interchangeability without worrying the dimention of Le. Fruitful sources are Bedford, Daimler, Land Triumph and Jaguar, but all need of some kind. Owners of 100 may do better.

It is astonishing that thousands of pistons so few are of G22.230. the 120 Con rod is very similar to big HRD Vincents. One may that the same forgemasters both companies and that made PM pistons might suggested G22.230 to achieve an of scale. I wonder who else supplied.

Form in this case may followed fashion, function or business sense.

My source is the AE Cylinder Components Catalogue pt no / 01 which I recommend for a good Regretably no-one seems to do a one for motorcycles, persumably because we allowed them to become accessories, but I doubt such a if it existed, would have a of such large dimention as to be

Finally, it might be asked why one seek an alternative piston for One reason might be unavailability, that the top land is compromised this engine was ‘stretched’ and might be the quest for better oil On the other hand one may be buliding s or just like experimenting. My stems from all of these (except for unavailability) but was triggered years ago by what to do with a barrel on it’s last

In the end I chose a Jaguar Series 3, 4.2 because it too is a big cat. The spigot off the barrel when we bored it to but it stays in place ok when bolted down. Oil consumption is no but the main thing is that I and the seems to like it. I’m now with one we have cut a second oil ring into, ie it now has four but it is too soon to say what this has to improve matters.

The exercise has again compromised the top

Paul Kellet describes an using a Jaguar piston: I know the Volvo part but if you want an alternative I have a piston fitted to my M120. I done about 3,000 with double … without problems (exhaust guide excepted). Oil consumption is 600 miles to the imperial pint it’s true!).

My experience to confirm Rollo’s opinion the oil finds its way past the piston. The I use is Hepolite part number Modifications needed are

1) bore out to approx 90mm, I used to bore clearance of 3 thou.

2) the pin diameter is larger, you need to out the little end bush

3) the piston is a bit than the standard part, because the gudgeon pin is almost You can taper out the gudgeon pin hole at the using a sharp tool in a to get it to the same weight.

I did not have Dai’s problem of the breaking, though I can believe it be a problem under some as it is getting a bit thin with bore.

Cord piston

There is great debate the merits or demerits of fitting piston rings to Panthers. owners have experienced destruction of the bores, others by them. I make no comment than suggest that you for advice if considering this.

does seem to be a growing that Cord rings never be used in a newly barrel and are only appropriate for a few extra thousand miles out of an badly worn barrel.

was plenty of discussion in early Jan on the email list about Paul Kellet provided the interesting data and information.

All the cam figures I have seen the peaks approx symmetrical top … centre within error (which is about 7 so I don’t think it is necessary to the cam. This is ignoring the of the valve lifting mechanism but I think this makes a lot of My belief is that any of these M100cams can be timed symmetrically in of peak position.

If you can get within 7 degrees of symmetry I am it will run really well, I be a bit worried about 28 degrees on my fine M120 thoroughbred.



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