’08 Buell 1125R Sport Rider

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Buell 1125R


Turning onto my to go home, a bouncing beam of flickers from one mirror to the An instant later my peripheral picks up a motorcycle to my side. Not any motorcycle, but a Honda ST1300 edition issued to one of LA’s From the way he is on my six I’m preparing to over some papers-but not time. Said officer pulls alongside with a perplexed look on his face, as he has just discovered some creature.

It is clear he isn’t at me at all. I extend a friendly which wakes him from his nods his head, waves and rides away. I can’t say I him for being puzzled. The Buell is anything but ordinary.

But then neither is Erik Buell.

The is a motorcycle 20 years in the making. had dreams of building a liquid-cooled bearing his name since was in office, but for one reason or another dreams never came to In fact the Harley-Davidson V-Rod was originally going to be a shared design with Buell, but as for that engine progressed was given less and less say in the

Reluctant to give up on his dream, he Harley-Davidson again to build a using a liquid-cooled engine. being low on resources from the project, granted permission to another engine maker. Not to go with Porsche (who with the V-Rod) again, struck a deal with and the rest, as they say, is

You can read about the technical of both the engine and chassis in The first-ride report from the at Laguna Seca (Liquid Nov. ’07) last In his story he also notes how the rode preproduction models some glitches and quirks were promised to be worked out in the versions. The problems were so that a thorough track would have to wait we got a production model.

We waited for almost a year the intro to receive our press with the claimed revisions and As usual, we lived with the for quite some time, with it, noting its street and most importantly, stretching its at the track. Does the new bike as promised?

Read on.


At the intro heat was a large Coolant temperatures reached as as 230 degrees on some bikes, and riders complained that the was burning their feet. even heard similar on production bikes, and our test was no different. We noticed that on a Los Angeles summer day cruising at moderate speed, engine radiates onto the frame and the right footpeg.

It’s noticeable through riding but it isn’t enough to aggravate (or burn) as it did at the intro. The 1125R to be sensitive to ambient temperatures, and our test bike would to run in the 200-degree range on warmer While moving (and on days) we’ve seen temperature drop as much as 30 Interestingly enough, fuel is rather nonexistent-it gets back on the frame.

Combine with the engine heat largely absorbed by the frame, and the vapors play funny with your mind stopped at a light. Besides the health concerns, one can only what effect this has on the stored inside the frame and the power loss.

Another issue encountered at the was poor fueling under revolutions. Unfortunately our test exhibited the same sputtering problems as the bikes at the intro. when warm the Helicon didn’t like spinning at slow speeds. Often it cut, sputter and lunge the revs picked up.

Buell is on a revised engine map as you read which should be available to shortly.

Get the tachometer past the 4 and the engine starts to smooth Get it roaring past the 5 mark and the huge 61mm throttle open wide and ingest in their path. They would have sucked me in if the wasn’t in the way. That’s a highlight of this bike. a docile and rather comfortable when you want it to be, but it can also alive at the twist of the wrist and you for a ride.

Buells are known for flat torque curves, and the team wanted to keep tradition alive with the Now the Helicon torque curve much like that of the engines, only higher in the rpm

On The Track

Normally when we a new test bike we like to put on street miles before we it to the track. That way we can see its street and how they compare with the This time around our pal Andrew and the gang at Hypercycle ) invited us to one of their well-run days at the tight and twisty bumpy) Streets of Willow racetrack.

Seeing as how we took delivery of the less than a week to our track day, we’d to reverse our normal SOP and look at how the racetrack manners performed on the Immediately it was clear that the suspension settings were off the Turn-in was slow, and once over, constant input on the was required to keep the bike on its

Trailbraking was nearly impossible, as the would stand up almost on the brakes. A testament to the strong ZTL on the Buell, to say the least.

To fix this we the fork tubes approximately until they were with the triple clamp. effectively raised the front of the and made it less resistant turn-in. With the addition of more preload in the rear the 1125R took much effort to turn in, held its without constant bar inputs and the corners without running under power.

A dramatic though overall steering felt slow and heavy with the likes of the Ducati The compromise was that the fork had free sag left to play Fine for our testers, as yours is (shockingly) the giant of the staff at 5 8 and 150 pounds soaking wet, but on your weight and suspension that might be a problem.

A ago we mentioned the ZTL brakes. Another trademark, the latest edition of the brake disc and six-piston provided very potent power. Initial bite is but it lacks feel if you’re to modulate that power-as in a situation or when braking aggressively.

It’s difficult to where you are in relation to the braking curve.

We were pleasantly surprised the Helicon engine on the track. The of Willow course doesn’t high horsepower; instead, with torque benefit being able to squirt out of quicker. This is where the shone.

It was able to dart turn to turn with its torque, though the widely gearing left the bike gears occasionally. Speaking of we’re glad to see a sixth on a Buell, though rowing the cogs is very un-Rotax-like. from one gear to the next more Harley than and there’s noticeable throttle lag shifting without the clutch.

Buell 1125R
Buell 1125R

In one as I entered the front straight and applying throttle, the bike lost power. With my still twisting the grip, all systems came alive and rocketed me down the straight. this happened as the bike was vertical.

Pity those who this phenomenon while over-a launch into awaits. Banging down the gears, the vacuum-assisted slipper helps reduce wheel but skip multiple gears at and one starts to wish for a true slipper unit.

Last, for the of odd motorcycle quirks, the bulbous fairing actually impedes positioning for riders of the new school me) who like to get the upper body and out. When transitioning side to side my helmet smack the fairing on multiple For old-schoolers who keep their body in line, this be a concern.

Stay in a tuck, and it works as advertised and surrounds the in a cocoon of still air.

In The World

With its street rubber on, we ventured out to the hills outside Los to see if the oddities from the track show themselves on the street. The changes we made at the track out to be almost spot-on for the street, we decided to ramp up the rear one click for good measure. At our pace, turn-in required one initial input and the 1125R its line throughout.

That at the racetrack and on the street the bike to be muscled from side to

Because engine speeds in riding aren’t as high as are on the track, we did notice a few niggles. The fueling under 4000 rpm itself evident on some of the corners of our ride, gurgling and until the revs picked up. El pointed out that the flat curve of the Buell feels up to about 7000 rpm, tapers off. The drawback of the engine this high is

Despite its three counterbalancers, The Geek and The Boss felt the from the bars at anything 5000 rpm. Not enough to from the riding but enough to its presence. Also, our bike like it had a heavy flywheel, as out of the throttle produced little to no braking. Needless to say, a little unsettling when a corner hot and in desperate need to some speed. We noticed on the bikes at the intro as well.

these little nuances the ripped when given a to stretch its legs.

We took a 1098 and KTM Superduke R along for the and the 1125R held its own among company-though it never felt as as the Ducati or as agile as the KTM. as on the track, front brakes are but don’t offer much The rear brake, in typical style, feels completely with the only indication it’s working being the rear tire when you it hard enough.

The X Factor

There’s no question the 1125R styling is controversial, to say the Its odd shapes and round contours to mention that huge end) are sure to polarize the public, most of which been longing for a liquid-cooled in a Buell for quite some surely never expected it to like this. Aesthetics the more we rode it the more it to grow on us.

It provides excellent handles much better expected, and has strong brakes and a seating position for both the and street. Granted, there are some things Erik and his team need to sort out a lot of things), but perfection takes For now, Erik and his team be glad that this project 20 years in the making, you-even exists.

And who says never come true?

Buell 1125R
Buell 1125R


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