2007 Buell XB12X Ulysses

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Buell Ulysses XB12STT

Buell Ulysses is the most news from Buell oil and fuel was poured into the and swing arm. With a few touches Buell has made a big touring bike from one of the smallest bikes! We rode the version both on and off the road in Spain.

Words: Tor Sagen/Photography: Mainx

True to the Adventure the Ulysses also features a seat, but for the 07 model year the features a lower seat in 2006. The standard seat has lowered by 33mm making it for more riders to enjoy the The seat height is now 808mm.

I both the standard Ulysses and a touring equipped version panniers and top box. Compared to the models the Ulysses really you the big bike experience. The Ulysses ergonomics that even the amongst us can enjoy. Ulysses has raked out and given more travel compared to the other Apart from that a new rear end, hand wider handlebars, more capacity and tall front are the only changes.

Even the Ulysses has developed a longer than the streetfighter models it is a very capable bike on sections. Only Triumph 1050 and Ducati Multistrada can close when the handling is judged.

Starting the Ulysses cold it takes a few seconds it sounds eager to go and the idle I am fascinated by the blinkers vibrating in with the V45. I quickly that the GPS is best mounted on the hand side of the wide and handlebar, but that the GPS itself had not mounted for us.

The tall windscreen on the model gives decent against the elements and I set off at an easy until we are out of town.

The big bike is well behaved even panniers and top box, but Ulysses carry around 15 kilos bulk than the Lightning You only notice at standstill because as soon as we are on the move not much to it. Following a Super TT is not a at all and you need to take them to a track to separate the two.

If is such a thing as sports the Ulysses would fit that

The suspension absorbs bumps in the easily and all I have to think of is my own The suspension is set up to handle fast on the road at the same time as it you to perform on gravelled roads. Not sag either when seated speaks of a fairly firm set-up. I really enjoy the sense of acceleration the V45 gives.

because there’s no urgency and the torque pushes the Ulysses faster than it sounds The XB12X engine performance is similar to BMW R 1200 GS (100bhp @ 115Nm @ 5.500rpm) in 100bhp @ and 110Nm @ 6.000rpm. All is usable in other words from the 1203cc V-twin. Like all motorcycles the engine is fed by downdraft fuel injection.

The throttle is precise and all sorts of antics are on the Ulysses. The 5-speed gearbox my left foot and the power is to the Pirelli Scorpion sync tyre through belt The Ulysses lifeblood flows both the frame and swing 16.7 litres of fuel in the and 2.4 litres of oil in the swing arm.

The and XB12STT feature the increased capacity. 16.7 litres are not very impressive on an adventure but better than on the other models at least.

Whilst the slung exhaust would my test kerb on the STT, the climbed over it like a and nothing touched the ground. the bolts were flying on the TT everything stayed in place on the I took it for a short spin as well. The Pirelli Scorpion is a versatile tyre, but nothing for offroad work.

On our fairly offroad section there was of grip, but the Ulysses is definitely of slightly more challenging too with a different set of tyres. The then would be the ground and protection of the under slung I would be surprised if it would be in one piece on any half challenging trail.

The rim mounted 375mm disc would cause me too. But on our stretch of road I confident and could let it loose a of times.

Ulysses features a very new solution in the triple tail The luggage rack doubles as backrest and is locked into one of positions-Two different luggage and one backrest position. Our bike was fitted with a comfort over the backrest. The spacious and top-box, touring windscreen taller than original) and Quest navigation system widens the horizon on the V-twin

The panniers have been to withstand offroad riding and did stay in one piece on our offroad The XB12X has got two auxiliary power one on the left hand side of the and one under the seat. The hand are also practical protecting wind and small stones acting as insurance from levers should you have a spill.

The panniers add extra to our GI-Joe painted adventure compared to the standard orange For really sporty riding the version is naturally closer to the TT than the fully equipped But there is not much too it and I preferred the windscreen on the adventure version.

The adds more urban motorcycle SUV flare. Buell’s to the Hummer, but the Ulysses is still smaller than BMW’s R GS. If it makes the Ulysses a better than the GS I am not sure off, but I am sure however that it the Ulysses a faster roadbike.

fact alone will not Buell any large US army but if Buell continues its offroad further who knows… The desert paintjob should be a favourite those in the service I should

XB12X Ulysses compared to the new Super TT

It would have wrong of me not to compare the two latest from Buell since I had the to swap between the two all day long two days in Spain.

To give you an of where these two models are to other offerings in this market place I’ll use the KTM 950 SM and 990 as examples since I have both in the past. Buell used the exact same but with very different raw The Super TT is based on the Ulysses is Buell’s adventure touring

The TT is a harder version of the Ulysses firmer suspension, lower height and more aggressive

KTM’s 950 SM is exactly the same to the Adventure, but more true to the concept. Even though the 950 SM is lower and more aggressive, it has a very long (for a suspension travel and wheelbase. BMW done the exact same with the R 1200 GS that has the brand new Megamoto.

Ducati are the Hypermotard 1100 these which is a Supermoto version of the

The XB12X and XB12STT differ from these in concept as the Super TT to me is closer to the more orientated … road than a supermoto. But really, all down to the suspension which has travel-Perfect for twisty roads, but too to ignore city centre and slightly less versatile a true litre supermoto. But doesn’t make the Super TT fun on the road, on the contrary!

The Super main advance to its donor Ulysses is the lighter weight and the familiar compactness of other motorcycles. And it’s cheaper but arguably less value for if you are practical by nature. What I found out is that you can’t the Super TT and Ulysses too directly as will appeal to different

They are both very road bikes though and the is so with a more practical Compare the Super TT to the other Lightning models and I would the TT every time.

XB12STT TT tested in Florida including artist Marcus Pfeil’s on several STT’s in Spain .

XB12X Ulysses from the


Friday and the pressure is on several events coming up. we was told that we could shoot until 11:00 than the whole day as I first as the photographers was due home this So were we, but it takes a few hours to DVD’s and prepare our material.

So I had to my riding plans this and compress the riding of the XB12X adventure model to as many scenarios in as little time as Did a few wheelies in the morning, then which was great fun even I couldn’t possibly bring my kit as no such bags and weight is on commercial flights (double set of kit remember) and a few tracking shots rushing back to the hotel to up the XB12S, XB12Ss and XB12Sscg for a shoot and ride closer to our

The standard Lightning model is a tiny bike, but compared to the low scg nothing. Really a bike for people the scg and I can’t think of any 1203cc bike that for small riders better the scg! Pretty useless for me as my legs was really uncomfortable the lower seat.

But I could see the appeal for someone that intimidated by something like the And the good thing is that you get the fine engine and handling, in a minute package. The XB12Ss didn’t gel with me at all.

Buell Ulysses XB12STT
Buell Ulysses XB12STT

It the great handling Lightning a bit of a dog if you ask me. I didn’t like it at all and don’t see why someone would want Particularly when doing to back tests with the Lightning models. Try them all is my

The Super TT and Ulysses are the two best in my opinion and they don’t with each other for I think. Ulysses is much practical though whilst being a fun and extremely versatile to ride. So finished the shoot lunch.

After lunch I out on my own with the Ulysses to do some filming and general extras the launch. It was 30 degrees Celsius in the sun and a day, just a shame leaving later this Got a shower, checked out and whilst for our taxi I called the bob sled stunt people to make everything is set for Sunday.

On Sunday rally racer Gjermund and I am riding Yamaha WR450F and up the Olympic bob sled track in Norway. It will be a thrill and the is now much bigger in terms of coverage than I could ever hoped for. requests from TV, radio and ticks in and it will be a great day in All the fuss this close to the is a bit daunting and I find myself on the end than usual for this special event.

We ride 2 O’clock on Sunday March Come and see us if you can! No one knows we’ll make it or not! On our transfer from the hotel to I could see plenty of bikers for the Spanish MotoGP in Jerez weekend.

A lot is going on now if you are a motorcyclist! Arrived just after 11PM But since I have an early from Manchester to Oslo via I have to be at the airport by 6O’clock in the

I got about 2 hours of sleep packing the gear I need in

XB12STT Lightning Super TT the blog


Woke up in Spain early with a cold from the flight night. I do admit that is moving at turbo pace now and I have been tough on my with little sleep and workie lately. So when a booked Easyjet flight is on my I was bound to pick up all the bugs in the But it’s all good and the end result these last two weeks be a good one!

Had some at our 5 star Sotogrande resort and got ready to go another round the Buell XB12STT Super TT. But time in Spain where is no lacking in corners! And some decent corners too up the mountains.

A bit in the morning, but temperatures picked up lunch. The Super TT that had set up for my weight felt better and

aggressive than the one I rode in Beach. The gas was more responsive and linked to my right hand. was great on the twisty roads in Got all the shots that I needed ease and Jürgen Mainx again did a great and efficient

During the day the bolt that the gear linkage together and fell off. Suddenly I had between the footpeg and my foot. So I was in second gear until we for another photo location the mountain. Secong gear was ok on this road and the massive curve easily allows you to get in second.

However it stopped me cornering properly so I jumped on TT whilst waiting for the spare to be collected from the improvised at the hotel. This one was a bit of a beast on high idle. The fuel felt snatchy and mid corner I got the surging forward when I want it too.

So advised the Buell staff and was that this is how all Buells are they are new. All that is is an adjustment to the ECU. No manual of the idle speed then. got back on my fixed bike and was again. Also rode one of the Super TT’s with from German artist for the cameras. After doing shots and a change of clothing we did a few shots at some sort of plantage or something before the chased us away.

But not before our license plate numbers and the local police. We then and had a long Siesta that of squids, kalimare and more When I felt I had ridden the TT enough and got all the shots I swapped to the 2007 Buell XB12X

It’s quite a lot differemnt to than the Super TT, but I am iundecided is more fun! That is a good thing for the Ulysses. is nothing the Uly can’t do that the TT can and more practical, but heavier. Headed back to the hotel the sun went down to film paintbrush artist Marcus in customising one of the Super TT’s plate boards.

Great to see how can do a long pinstripe freehand. I did a group shot and walk videos of all the bikes Buell Tomorrow I ride the Lightning and the Ulysses adventure version kitted with panniers and paint job.

Some on the programme too and I really look to that. Good night Spain! TS

Buell Ulysses XB12STT
Buell Ulysses XB12STT
Buell Ulysses XB12STT
Buell Ulysses XB12STT

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