Armstrong’s Magic Tooth and the Facts about “Harvey” at Beauregard

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Armstrong’s Magic Tooth and the Facts about Harvey at Beauregard

by greg parker on Mon 29 Oct 2012, 5:16 pm

Mr. JENNER. But you do remember that you attempted to help him when he was struck in the mouth on that occasion; is that right?

Mr. VOEBEL. Yes; I think he even lost a tooth from that. I think he was cut on the lip, and a tooth was knocked out.

–Warren Commission: Vol. 8, Page 3

Ed Voebel’s Warren Commission testimony that Lee Harvey Oswald lost a tooth while in the ninth grade at Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans is pretty hard to refute, because in November 1954 Voebel snapped a photo of young Lee Harvey Oswald showing off his missing front tooth, a photo eventually purchased and published by the old Life magazine, and shown on page 804 of Vol. 16 of the Warren Commission’s 26 volumes.

Life magazine editors must have been thrilled to find a photo suggesting Oswald was a hostile kid even in the ninth grade. But there is a serious problem now.

Due to efforts of British writer Michael Eddowes, Oswald’s body was exhumed at its Texas gravesite in 1981. Photos and x-rays were taken, including photographs of the cadaver’s teeth.

Less than a half hour into his stunning 1997 talk at JFK Lancer’s November in Dallas conference, researcher John Armstrong displayed Ed Voebel’s WC testimony, and then he showed the Life magazine photo of Oswald displaying his missing tooth.

Ed Voebel told the Warren Commission he first met Lee Oswald when Oswald fought with Johnny Neumeyer. After the fight Voebel got some ice for Lee and attempted to patch him up. Voebel told the Warren Commission, Volume 8, page 3, I think he was cut on the lip, and a tooth was knocked out . Shortly after the fight, which occurred in November, 1954, Voebel took this LIFE Magazine photograph of Lee Oswald showing the missing front tooth.

But in 1981, when Oswald’s body was exhumed, autopsied, photographed and x-rayed there were no missing or chipped teeth. The boy in the LIFE Magazine photo with the missing tooth was not the person killed by Jack Ruby and autopsied in 1991. When I showed the LIFE Magazine photo of Oswald to Myra, she said this was not Harvey Oswald.

Myra was correct, the LIFE magazine photo was Lee Oswald.

Ed Voebel knew Harvey Oswald in the 8th grade and Lee Oswald in the 9th grade. The HSCA was quite interested in talking to Voebel. However, Voebel died a few years earlier at age 31 at the Oshner Clinic, in New Orleans.

Voebel’s qualified statement about a tooth being knocked out was transformed into a positive statement of fact by Armstrong, with a much blown up photo taken by Voebel purportedly supporting this contention. Note however that Voebel also said he thought Oswald had cut his lip, and Armstrong is silent on that point because it does nothing to advance his theory.

Voebel’s memory seems to have confused who actually did the damage, as well as the nature of the damage. He named Johnny Neumeyer as the person involved.

Here is what actually happened:

Mr. LIEBELER. Well, now you mentioned that he was always getting in fights?

Mrs. SMITH. Yes.

Mr. LIEBELER. Will you tell us what you know about that?

Mrs. SMITH. One fight really impressed me, I guess because there was this boy–he wasn’t going to Beauregard, this boy he had the fight with, and he was a little guy. I think his name was Robin Riley.

He hit Lee, and his tooth came through his lip.

Mr. LIEBELER. Through the upper part of his lip?

Mrs. SMITH. Oh, gee, I don’t know whether it was a bottom—-

Mr. LIEBELER. But it actually tore the lip?

Mrs. SMITH. Yes; it actually tore the lip, and I remember–what is that boy’s name?–the blond fellow that was on television that knew him so well?

Mr. LIEBELER. Are you thinking of Edward Voebel?

Mrs. SMITH. That is him.

Mr. LIEBELER. V-o-e-b-e-l?

Mrs. SMITH. He took him back in school, and I guess they kind of patched his lip up, but he was–he more or less kept to himself, he didn’t mix with the other kids in school other than Voebel.

He is the only one I remember.

So Neumeyer never knocked out a tooth and cut Oswald’s lip. It was a little guy named Robin Riley – and the tooth was not knocked out – it was put through Oswald’s lip. This version of events is supported by the autopsy:

Midline upper lip terminating at the vermilion margin is a 1/4 inch pale scar.

And the photo taken by Voebel? It is a much blown up area of one part of the entire photo. Given the testimony of Mrs.

Smith and the autopsy report which backs her up, what appears to be a missing tooth is no more than an artifact at best – a photo forgery at worst.

So who was the boy recalled by Myra DaRouse?

On one occasion we were practicing basketball in the schoolyard. Ed

Voebel comes running out and says, ‘Ms. DaRouse! Ms. DaRouse! Come inside

quick! So Dorothy Duvik [another teacher] and I went into the basement,

and there on the floor was Harvey, and an upright piano that had fallen,

[on] his legs from the waist down. So with the help of Ed Voebel [we]

pulled the piano up, and I asked him if he was hurt, asked Harvey if he

was hurt, and he said no, he didn’t think so.

How tall was Harvey? Myra said, Well, I’m about 5’3 now, but I was

about 5’4 back then, and I would say he came up to about here

[indicating]. I would say he was about 4’8, 4’6, or about 4’8.

That small — 4’6 or 4’8?

Yeah, he was little, scrawny (70).

Myra DaRouse saw Harvey every day at Beauregard in 1955. Myra’s

description of a 4’6 or 4’8

Ms. DaRouse takes issue with the Warren Report’s characterization of

Oswald as a troublemaker and a scrapper. She says he was only in one

fight that she ever knew, an occasion when a small group of boys came

riding up on the bikes after school and ganged up on him and Ed Voebel.

She says he was knocked around pretty badly before she came upon the

scene and interceded. This occurred outside on an asphalt black-top

Buell 1125 R

section of the school grounds. Knowing that Oswald was supposed to have

had a tooth knocked out the following school year, I nevertheless asked

her if this wasn’t the occasion that he had the tooth knocked out. She

said, no, she didn’t remember anything like that.

Ms. DaRouse said that Oswald spent a lot of time at the school library

before and after the school day. She added that, this being a school

library, there weren’t any books that would put any funny ideas in his

head. I said, You mean political things? Right. I took the

opportunity to ask her if she’d ever heard Oswald say anything about

politics, Communism, or any such thing. No, never. I asked if she

remembered the way he talked: whether he might have had a Southern

accent. Her first recollection was of his being very quiet and

soft-spoken, not talking much. She said that, of course, being from the

South, she herself wouldn’t have noticed such an accent. But you don’t

remember him sounding like a Northerner? I asked. No.

Okay, so the boy Myra recalled was 4′ 6 to 4’8 tall, not a fighter, had not had a tooth knocked out – but did have a piano fall on him, was quiet, soft spoken, spent a lot of time in the school library and hung out with Voebel.

Firstly, let’s knock out the tooth nonsense. Her failure to recollect this happening to Oswald was because – as we have seen, it never did happen to Oswald. Nor did it happen to the boy she mistakenly recalled as Oswald.

What about the piano incident? She has Voebel being the boy who reported the incident to her – yet he never mentioned it in his WC testimony – or anywhere else despite being pressed for all he could remember. Did he simply forget all about it?

Possibly. But it is far more likely he never mentioned it simply because it did not happen to Oswald – it happened to the kid Myra is mistakenly recalling as Oswald. Who was that boy?

His name was Bobby Newman.

To find him, we simply have to go back to the testimony of Bennierita Smith:

Mrs. SMITH. He took him back in school, and I guess they kind of patched his lip up, but he was– he more or less kept to himself, he didn’t mix with the other kids in school other than Voebel. He is the only one I remember.

And they had this little boy–I think it was Bobby Newman–he used to take around with, but I don’t remember too much about him either. I can remember he was little, he was short.

Mr. LIEBELER. Who was?

Mrs. SMITH. Bobby Newman.

Mr. LIEBELER. Bobby Newman?

Mrs. SMITH. But he was, I guess, the studious type. Well, it seemed to me.

He was always studying, you know, reading books, and that is as far as–I don’t know what his grades were, but as far as him mixing with other people, he didn’t. You know, like when you go to school, more or less everybody has their own group. Well, there wasn’t anybody he hung around with, except, like I said, Edward Voebel.

Bobby was short, always studying, reading books and hung out with Voebel and Oswald, which matches Myra’s recollection of Harvey perfectly. Sounds like Myra let herself become convinced that Bobby was really the mythical Harvey.

Buell 1125 R
Buell 1125 R

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