Buell Lightning X1 — review and opinion — Full of character and sounds…

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Full of character and sounds but not for the faint hearted!

Well, can I say, I have the Buell bug and owned mine for 3 years My girlfriend has had her X1 for a bit longer, so we own 2! Must be then huh? 😉

This is a bit of a mixed bag and Buells in general are a kind of thing. You either them or hate them. little in between.

I personally that Eric Buell was a brave man to take a Sportster tune it up to 80-90BHP, when Sportsters were only 50-60BHP and shoe-horn it into a handling chassis that around corners like the of the Japanese competition and had brilliant

The bike itself handles well, is reasonably comfortable, some prefer to buy a Corbin Brakes are incredibly powerful, a larger single front and a 6 pot caliper. Loads of initial and no fade. Just be careful tyres you fit to the front, as bad tyres ensure that you lock the wheel when braking cold tyres.

Don’t ask how I found this out.

The has enough power and certainly feels underpowered. However, is not the important point with a Torque is the decisive factor

Jap bikes may have LOADS of but some struggle for torque. is what drives the bike from low revs and makes and general riding easier. If you less torque, you’ll to rev the nuts of your bike to get Not so with the Buell.

It wheelies a you get dollops of power from down in the rev range. That’s why the rev is set to 6500rpm! Ohhh, I hear you That’s not very high!

it depends how you ride it!

It may not look on paper, but trust me, this is a reving, long … originally born in 1900. So is no need to rev this thing to go A-to-B fast and with a on your face. Let the torque do the

Acceleration is absolutely brilliant and top is around 120-125mph flat on the Does the top speed realistically matter in this day and age of speed congestion and heavy fines and Nah!

Most people stray far beyond 80mph and if you do so on open roads you’re for trouble.

So, back to the bike. it like to live with? funny you ask as we have 2 in the family. 1 of has been utterly reliable, box and never needs anything

While the other was modified by owners and has been plagued by Buells, especially the older can be a bit hit and miss in terms of quality. not be rose tinted about They’re great bikes and SOOOOO much character and are enjoyable to ride, but they do issues.

So if you want something buy a Honda and learn to live the blandness. This bike on the hand will stir soul and not leave you in peace. really are great bikes.

rather have character and with mechanical issues, a bland but reliable bike.

So, tends to go wrong with then? Well, I will here the stuff that I had to do and the that I know tends to go with this model. But don’t get me wrong, because for bike that goes there is another example of one never needs anything

So make sure you do your I am a member of the UK Buell Owners (www.ukbeg.com) and I HIGHLY recommend you become a member of that and go and inform yourself before you of buying one. That is one of the best places on the Internet to get reliable information and technical on those bikes.

Don’t even think approaching a Harley dealer for as very few actually know well enough to be considered Black Bear HD in Newmarket is one of the ones!

So. Back to where I What did I have to do? Well, always seem to break on

The engine shakes like a which is part of the character of the but it can break exhaust pipes due to You must ensure that you get the ‘Y’ shaped front hanger, and the correct rear hanger under the engine to that your exhaust not fall off. Mine had off about 15 times before I got the new parts!

Its been … ever since. phew!

else goes wrong? just falls off. In Everything needs to be lock-tighted and at regular intervals. Especially nuts.

Exhaust studs are known to break, but probably due to poor mounting of the exhaust than anything else. you get the uprated hangers you won’t any issues.

The oil pump drive can let go on these engines, if not caught in ending in a totalled engine. the oil pump drive gear by the oil pump and using a torch to at the gear from underneath you slowly rotate the engine.

Rocker cover, head and gaskets can leak, but its not always This is mostly due to Harley cheap gaskets initially. models were fitted uprated gaskets which are a sandwhich type construction.

Buell X1 Lightning
Buell X1 Lightning

do not get ‘blown’ out by crankcase pressure.

The between the primary and the engine can allowing crank case into the primary case. then pushes the primary/gearbox oil out of the bathing the rear tyre in Has happened to me and to others. Cheap but annoying.

Harley has fitted a seal to later models, so fix is available.

Some engines can quite high oil consumption, so regularly. And you must understand this is not a typical oil check. and Buell’s have dry sump and an external oil tank.

If the bike is not the oil will slowly drain the crank case and out of the tank. It looks like there is no oil in the So run your engine until its and THEN check the oil level the bike held level. the bike is started any oil sitting in the case gets pumped up into the tank, restoring the reading.

This is normal and there is no with this.

Also recommended to either use Harley oil, which is quite anyways, or oil specifically designed for air V-twin motorcyles. Do NOT use car oil.

The needs Harley Formula+ or oil. Its a wet clutch design, so you to be careful what you put in there. to stick to the Harley stuff, as its readily available and you know you are getting.

Fuel consumption is OK with these around the That’s if the bike has still got its injection system fitted. My own one was by the previous owner to Carburettor and has gulping fuel at alarming since!

This resulted in valve guide and piston due to too much fuel entering the and diluting the lubricating oil film needed on valve stems and End result? Ј900 bill to fit new guides, seals and get oversized and re-bore barrels. Nice.

So, I recommend these little to anyone? Yes! Definitely.

Despite the mechanical problems you may or may not experience, they are really characterful bikes and will you grin from side to every time you ride it. great fun and sound like else out there. Especially a nice exhaust fitted.

handle well, have acceleration, break well and can be around quite easily. I recommend a 1200 Harley for a beginner rider, because of the amount of torque, but for more riders who find it easier to the throttle, this will be a Don’t let anybody put you off buying a but make sure you have recovery. Love is always with at least a little bit of 😉

Pictures of Buell Lightning X1

Buell X1 Lightning
Buell X1 Lightning
Buell X1 Lightning
Buell X1 Lightning


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