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KTM 125 Race Concept

The worlds most versatile travel enduro

Right from the start, matarog nga pagbalhin sa kahibalo gikan sa makiglumba sa masa produksyon nga misiguro nga sa dalan, the KTM Adventure series has always been a few lengths ahead of all the other travel enduros. it quickly established itself as the ideal two-cylinder enduro for extreme tours and tough off-road riding. in an exceptional development effort, KTM has now put together the new 1190 adventure, whose versatility in every respect will define new standards in the travel segment without sacrificing a single foot of ground where performance is concerned. To the contrary: sa 150 hp of power and a weight of only 230 kg fully fuelled, the latest Adven- ture generation’s basic parameters eclipse each and every one of its competitors. loaded with the most sophisticated electronic assistance systems, from the multi-stage combined Abs to a multi-staged traction control to the optional, programmable electronic damping system, it de- fines new benchmarks to dishearten other travel enduros even on the tarmac.

And not only where performance is concerned: The combination of sporty yet comfortable ergonomics with a powerful, economical and refined v2 engine goes just as well with relaxed cruising and comfortable tour- ing as it does with twisty back roads mayhem and excursions into that fascinating world beyond paved roads. The more-than-comprehensive equipment of the new 1190 Adventure as well as the most extensive range of accessories ever offered for any KTM model complete the picture of a travel enduro to set new standards on all terrains and in every discipline.

The first Adventure from Mattighofen was launched more than a decade ago. it established a series of legendary models distinguished by the DNA of those fabled KTM racing machines that have won the dakar rally no less than eleven times in a row. More than 40,000 units sold prove that KTM has chosen the right path to bridge the gap between tarmac and off-road without losing sight of their motto ready to race. now, KTM sets a new milestone on this path with the latest, brand new Adventure generation.

The KTM development section is always about hard, focused work whenever they start off on a new project. but with the one labelled “Adventure 2013”, the effort was carried to extremes: countless ideas were born, rejected or fleshed out further, working tirelessly, developing without pause. prototypes circled the globe thirty times over before the new 1190 Adventure finally had its roll-out. The fruit of all that labour is a KTM that upholds all the company’s traditional core values with its unbeatably low weight, its superior dynamics and its exemplary safety while combining them with great touring capabilities, unexpected comfort, incredible versatility and razor sharp precision in such a way that it need not even fear any opponent on tarmac. in short: ang 1190 Adventure remains a true KTM and is yet a completely new kind of KTM.

Even on the outset, the engineers in Mattighofen made a point of avoiding any compromise: they chose the KTM superbike 1190 rc8 r’s highly potent lc8 engine as a baseline, then placed the focus of development not so much on brute force but maximum usability at every pace. The extremely light four valve engine now produces no less than 150 hp (110 Kw) of power and 125 nm of maximum torque from 1,195 cc of displacement. its dual ignition lowers fuel consumption and emissions while ensuring refinement at low engine speeds.

A new slipper clutch eliminates annoying rear-wheel chatter under heavy braking while at the same time lowering manual clutch force. ang 75 v2 powerplant with electronic, ride-by-wire engine management system offers everything a top-class travel enduro needs, and in the utmost refinement: plenty of power even at low revs for off-road use, a solid mid-range punch for touring with a full load, and great maximum power and response whenever it really counts. This way, the new 1190 Adventure’s range of ap- plication spans the whole bandwidth from enjoyable cruising to all-out mayhem.

150 hp at only 230 kg of weight fully fuelled mean a power-to-weight ratio unprecedented in the travel enduro segment, leading in turn to equally unpar- alleled levels of dynamism. The chassis of the new 1190 Adventure not just easily copes with the resulting challenges, it delivers unimagined levels of rid- ing fun in any situation and at any pace, from ‘totally relaxedto ‘extremely quick’. besides its ultra-light, extremely strong chrome molybdenum steel trellis frame with its outstanding geometry, the credits for this go to the high-strength die-cast lattice swing arm as well as the fully adjustable high-end suspension components by wp suspension which ensure you neither have to forego top com- fort when calmly touring nor accept a bouncing rear end when scorching down the twisties. The unsurpassed brakes by global market leader brembo and the KTM 1190 Adventure’s groundbreaking assistance systems, developed in close co-operation with bosch, ensure a clear lead in absolute predictability and the highest safety.

KTM 125 Race Concept

besides the completely new combined c-Abs antilock brakes, these ground- breaking new systems include the motorcycle traction control MTc with off-road function a true world innovation as well as the optional, flexibly program- mable electronic damping system eds. c-Abs first of all ensures that the rear wheel always adds a well-defined amount of brake force in order to optimize braking stability. in addition, c-Abs can not only be completely disengaged but also has an off-road mode that allows a higher degree of front wheel slippage as well as complete rear wheel lock-up a decisive advantage in off-road rid- ing. The motorcycle traction control MTc, which can also be disengaged, adds three different riding modes, allowing different degrees of slippage at the flick of a switch on the left handlebar: absolute control through minimal slippage in street mode, controlled rear wheel spin in sport mode and up to 100% slip- page for committed off-road riding, as soon as the switch is set to “offroad”. finally, the optional electronic damping system eds offers four different spring pre-load settings at the push of a button, as well as the three corresponding damper settings comfort, street and sport.

Thanks to its groundbreaking suspension technology, the new 1190 Adventure leaves nothing to be desired in stability and dynamic performance. but the development en- gineers did a lot more to ensure the new travel enduro feels just as at home in the twisties as on fast motorway rides. They optimized its talents on tarmac by choos- ing street-sized wheels 19 inch front, 17 inches rear as well as extremely sticky, tubeless road tires by continental in the new dimensions 120/70-19 ug 170/60-17 that ensure pure riding enjoyment, perfect feedback and maximum safety. Also, the technicians lowered the seat height compared to last year’s model, optimized ergo- nomics and comfort by making the seat height, handlebars, foot pegs and windshield adjustable, and they upped the range by significantly increasing the fuel mileage and providing a 23-liter tank.

unmatched by its competitors, ang 1190 Adventure’s comprehensive equipment makes its pricing all the more interesting. Add to this a considerable collection of accessories ranging from the optional tire pressure monitoring system TpMs to warn the rider in case of tire pressure loss, to a well though-out luggage system, to heated seats and grips, to an alarm system in short: to basically include everything to make touring riders happy, no matter if they consider using their 1190 Adventure for short weekend trips, long holiday journeys or even true adventure travelling.

Ang bag-o 1190 Adventure is not just lighter, more powerful and better equipped than ever: thanks to the increased mileage, the large tank, and service intervals expanded to 15,000km, it also needs to stop less often. And it needs to fear no competitor on the road.

Alpine pass or coastal road, motorway or dirt road, twisty back roads or urban jungle the new 1190 Adventure is the ultimate travel enduro for the adventures on all kinds of roads of this world. in shorter words: it is the most versatile of all travel enduros. And if it were not for the forthcoming 1190 Adventure r, ang 1190 Adventure would also be the most off-road capable travel enduro.

KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept

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