Yamaha Super Tenere Worldcrosser – Ultimate sa pagmotorsiklo

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Yamaha Worldcrosser Concept
Yamaha Worldcrosser Concept

Yamaha Super Tenere Worldcrosser

Motorcycle Concept

Created by Yamaha specifically for display at Europe’s INTERMOT and EICMA motorcycle shows, ang bag-ong Super Tenere World Crosser (sorry, kini mao ang lamang usa ka konsepto motorsiklo) nagkinahanglan sa adventure bike bahin sa dugang usa ka lakang.

Ang Super Tenere Worldcrosser nagpakita globetrotting motorsiklo Explorers sa usa ka bag-ong paagi sa pagbiyahe sa tibuok kalibutan.

Kini nga Yamaha 1200cc susama kaluha ang bug-os nga-himan uban sa usa ka bug-os nga-laing mga lightweight nga sangkap chassis; sa hataas nga-paghingalan konsepto gidisenyo sa adventurous riders sa hunahuna nga gusto sa usa ka labing makahimo motorsiklo alang sa labing lisud nga global nga hagit.

Pinaagi sa pagmugna sa Worldcrosser konsepto model, Yamaha has tried to capture the true spirit of the Super Tenere motorcycle.

With the addition of a few specialist components and the replacement of some of the standard parts, this rugged adventure bike is ready for the most exciting off road adventure.

The Yamaha Worldcrosser is a bike to inspire adventure world travelers and will not go into production. But in 2011 the new 2012 Super Tenere, in standard trim, will hit the shores of America.

The new Super Tenere packs an ultra-compact DOHC 1200cc parallel twin engine with a very unique 270 degree crank whose close firing order which is feed by a downdraft twin bore full injection system utilizing 12 hole injectors.

The electronics of the 2012 Super Tenere incorporate Yamaha’s slick YCC-T fly-by-wire technology which is matched to an all-new traction control system, which regulates ignition timing and fuel injection volume based on rear wheel spin.

Three rider-selected modes are available to match conditions and the motorcycle rider’s preference. Also the Yamaha D-Mode has two settings: T-mode for Touring and general riding, giving a softer response; S-mode for Sport riding when the motorcycle rider wants the most performance possible.

The Yamaha Super Tenere features ABS with an Unified Brake System (UBS) that work together to help prevent wheel lock during braking.

This new system allows the rider to operate front and rear brakes together by simply pulling only the front brake lever, especially helpful when riding while standing on the pegs.

Applying the rear brake first overrides UBS to provide traditional separate front and rear brake control. Front and rear hydraulic discs are both wave-type for great performance on or off-road.

ang 2012 Yamaha 1200 features a generous 6-gallon fuel tank that allows for long touring with less down time for fill-ups.

The motorcycle will be available through a Priority Delivery Program at Yamaha dealerships nationwide starting now with customers placing advance deposits of $500.00 and deliveries beginning in May of 2011.

The MSRP is set at $13,900 and the Tenere is available in Blue or Raven.

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