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The Renault R23 was raced during the 2003 Formula One series. It was unveiled to the world at the Lucerne Culture and Convention Centre in Switzerland. The cloth covering the car was taken off by the team’s two drivers, Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso.

The team had done rather well in the prior season, finishing in fourth place in the constructors’ Championnat. They set their sites on beating McLaren and Williams to become the leading Michelin team. The R23 was based on the R22 but it was still a new racer. ‘Everything has changed,’ Gascoyne said. ‘The gearbox is totally new.

The chassis, the aerodynamics and suspension are totally new. This car is the same as the R22 but totally different.

The engine is a Renault V10 mounted at an untraditional 110-degrees. Most teams were positioning their engines at 75 o 90 scaleddi. The reasoning behind this was that a wider angle would give the engine a lower center of gravity. The drawback is that it causes more vibration which leads to numerous other problems such as structural rigidity issues with the chassis.

The team worked hard to eliminate these issues. ‘While the open vee created vibrations, this is the way to go despite the problems,’ Jean-Jacques said. ‘The entire structure of this year’s V10 is new. The vibration problem also affected the valves, so that area has been completely redesigned.

‘Our overriding priority with this new engine has been reliability. L' 2003 block is brand new. It was constructed in a totally different way, and its strength has been considerably upgraded.

Midway through the season, the FIA changed regulations which made the computerized traction control system obsolete. This system monitors and prevents wheel spin as the driver is accelerating, making driving much easier and more manageable. ‘Today’s cars are far too easy for anyone to drive,’ Trulli said. ‘F1 is the highest technology sport in the world, and it has to show that. But sometimes you go too far, and in this case you have to say we have gone one step too far with the electronics.


Let’s go one step back. It is nicer for the driver to feel the car and to drive the car. It will be more enjoyable for everybody, including the spectators.

Mid-way through the season, the R23 was replaced by the R23B which was used for the final six races of the 2003 staghjoni. The R23B brought with it improvements to the vehicles aerodynamics. The sidepods were lowered and a new diffuser was added. The result was a slight increase in the vehicles speed, by about 3 tenths of a second per lap.

This was enough for Fernando Alonso to claim his first Grand Prix victory which occurred at Hungary. The 23B was able to score a total of 36 points during its racing career.

The Mild Seven Renault F1 Team finished the 2003 season in fourth place. Ferrari, Williams, and McLaren, claimed the top three positions, respectively.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2007


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