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Ducati Cucciolo

Heerhugwaard, 17 Aprile 2011

Photos by Andrew Pattle

It’s time for another trip to the Netherlands and we’ve been to the jumble at Heerhugowaard again. We’ve brought you reports from here before, but his is the first time we’ve brought you pictures of the Springtime version of the jumble.

The first bike to catch our eye as we went through the door was this Benelli.

This Magneet was on sale for €550.

If you didn’t want to spend that much, you could buy this Sach Saxonette for just €50. and it’s an electric start one too.

Or you could spend a little bit more and have this MV Avusta Liberty for €3,750. There was another Liberty on sale. but more of that later.

A Union PolarisThis must be an unusual bike because we can’t remember seeing one before.

You could even buy a sign to go with it.

Honda PS50, the sporty version of the PC50. bè, in looks. perhaps.

A Motobécane VéloSoleX 3800 with all the extras.

This Amstel 707 has been a centrefold pin-up in Bromfiets magazine

This Lohmann mounted on a Göricke bicycle was fitted with a roller pressure regulator.

And here’s a closer view at that device.

A new NSV engine

A shiny Berini

Not for sale: this Le Poulain engined Automoto was an exhibit on the RHC -Nederland stand.

A Ducati M55

1962 Sparta Sport on sale at €850

Motom 48S

Another Lohmannthis one is the Spanish-made version.

Ducati Cucciolo

Several people ride to the jumble, so it’s worth taking a look outside every so oftenespecially if it’s a sunny day like today. Just outside the entrance is a pair of Sparta mopeds: a Buddy and a Rocky.

. but this one was for show.

Moto Morini Corsarino

Honda Benly 50


A pair of Yamaha fifties

Batavus Coronet

A Benelli in typical Italian sports 50 style.

We’re back indoors now and looking at an Avada moped; the engine is by HMW .

A box of bitson the top is a cover plate for the Dutch-built version of the Mosquito 38.

A pair of Italian sports mopeds: on the right is a Garelli Rekord and on the left, a Demmone of the 2-stroke models.

Ducati Cucciolo

This was the 25th time this jumble had been held and, in celebration, everyone who came could enter a free prize draw; this Bianchi Aquilotto was the prize.

We weren’t here just to take pictures; here’s Guy haggling for some Ducati Cucciolo banni.

. while Danny practises the traditional craft of speedo cable weaving.

A Derbi Antorcha, with a couple of spare engines, and the frame of another Antorcha.

A Mosquitowe think we’ve seen this one being offered for sale at previous jumbles.

Mosquito Centrimatic

Up near the top of the page we said there was a second MV Agusta Liberty at the jumble. This is it. The engine is on the table and there are more engine spares in the grey box.

ma, the thing about this one was. it was coming home with us.

The car loaded up ready for the journey home. It all fitted in, even the Liberty in in there.

That wasn’t quite the end of our trip: in his continuing quest for Ducati Cucciolo bits, Guy had arranged to drop in at one of the stallholdershomes. This gave us the opportunity to indulge another of our favourite activities: looking round other people’s sheds and garages.

So, here we areand it’s quite a large garage with several classic cars inside: a few Jaguars, a Lancia, an Airstream camper.

There’s a 4-stroke Demm here, and a Ducati Cucciolo. There’s a big Ducati too at the back.

Danny’s spotted a Pegaso. he’d like one of those.

There’s another Cucciolo up there.

There’s an Aston Martin in here too.

While we were there, we met Olly.

On the way to the ferry, the car was even more heavily laden.

. we said Danny wanted a Pegaso.

Ducati Cucciolo
Ducati Cucciolo
Ducati Cucciolo

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