Benelli TNT 899S Review

26 Jan 2015 | Forfatter: | Comments OffBenelli TNT 899S Review

Benelli TNT 899S Review

Benelli TNT 899S Specifications

The motorcycle is really impressive. Motorcycle which is the latest products, has introduced a good performance and you can see for yourself. Benelli TNT 899S machine has a style is very aggressive and very strong and is made expressly to get a piece category motorcycle naked. although a new step in the naked bike Benelli TNT 899S world has been able to get the huge popularity worldwide in the period this year.

This attractive display can make many people interested in this bike because this bike has a very interesting sight and actually have great power to be able to compete in the world super bike. if you do not believe you should try it yourself. here I’ll try to find out about the specs and reviews about this Benelli TNT 899S . hopefully you are interested to have one in your luxurious garage.

Benelli TNT 899S Review

Benelli TNT 899S Review

Then you have the differences between the standard TNT 899 and the Benelli TNT 899S . First Benelli has used a different 43mm fork in the S that is fully adjustable. Derefter, Benelli has used a two-part seat Benelli TNT 899S and a standard seat of a single piece on the 899. To distinguish the two models, only offers the Benelli 899 in black and Benelli TNT 899S in orange paint. The Benelli TNT 899S gets a carbon fiber front fender and side panel also stylish carbon fiber.

The price difference is $ 500.

Both versions have a 899cc triple that produces 120 horsepower @ 9,500 rpm required and 88Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm. You have to wait longer for the horsepower to put in 899 compared with 1130. This and the fact that the 899 produces less torque that is less intimidating for new users.

This is exactly what I wanted Benelli TNT 899S . because you need more pilots to enter the mark. Soon we will also see the 750 2UE with a twin-engine positioning himself as the entry level model final.

At this time the Tornado Naked Tre Benelli TNT 899S is the entry model and mounted it on some major roads around Pesaro on the Adriatic coast of Italy. 899, creates a lot of very nice sound even before much happens. Back home in the UK I’m riding the new Triumph Speed.

Triple, which is much more civilized (in the acoustic expression at least). I pick up the keys of the first 899 standard and follow the Benelli TNT 899S test pilot in the mountains.

Benelli TnT 899

Wheelies easy in the 899 in the first place. Second-team is not so easy. When you start abusing the Benelli TNT 899S so, I begin to doubt their durability. I do not trust the clutch 100%, and during my tests the counter does not always work correctly. Several times I saw the speedometer indicates about 7,000 rpm, while the rev limiter kicked in (til 10,500 rpm).

There any fundamental problem somewhere between the motor and electronics. Whether the Benelli TNT 899S components have been designed and is enough to see. The Benelli TNT 899S

has worked flawlessly all day, apart from the rev counter, but there are problems somewhere that bothers me as an owner. Benelli TNT 899S may need a complete redesign of the fundamental architecture Tre engines. The walls are running in 1130 and that the model can not be boring or stroking out further.

Despite these concerns, both the 899 og 1130 are very exciting machines when running at optimum performance.

Specification Benelli TNT 899S

Top speed 145 mph

1/4-mile acceleration 11.7 seconds

Benelli TnT 899
Benelli TnT 899

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