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Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army

If u like 2 live with a problem go for it (PART 2)


2. About the thumbing sound: The second (and could be the last!) reason for why people go for RE bike is the thumbing. When you are riding a RE standard bike, people turn around for the thumbing of RE standard 350 bike. Many people say it is like listening to “Carnatic” music. But wait…..this feeling is only for those who listen to the sound from around 20 feet away.

Unfortunately the sound of RE bikes is irritating for the riders. The thumbing sound of RE (that comes through the silencer) is overpowered by its rattling sound of the engine. The high frequency sound that comes from the engine damps at a higher rater than the low frequency thumbing for a increase in distance. That is the reason why a passerby hears only the low frequency thumbing sound and hence they like it.

So they don’t know the real agony of the rider! But the high frequency sound is very highly audible to the riders. More is the speed the rattling sound is so high you are forced to decrease the speed of the engine to around 50 kmph. Probably that’s the reason why many Bullet riders say: Bullet is to be enjoyed for very low speed like around 40kmph.

If any RE company people read this I have a request. Kindly do some R D (hope you have a R D division!) on this and minimize this irritating high frequency sound that comes from the engine. Dear friends I feel sad and ashamed that I spent around 4000 rupees to reduce the sound but in vain!

3. About the mileage: I constantly calculated the mileage of my RE 350 standard bike for around 2 months in level road. The maximum mileage that I obtained is 38 kmpl. I feel that RE bikes is the highest mileage giving bike in the world! Can’t believe it?

Please take factors like CC, torque, weight into consideration and calculate. You will agree with me. EN 100 CC HERO HONDA splendor is having a mileage of around 65kmpl. EN 250 CC HONDA CBR is having a mileage of 35kmpl.

EN 225 CC HERO HONDA KARIZMA ZMR is having a mileage of 45 kmpl. A 180CC TVS Apache is having a mileage of around 38 kmpl. EN 220 CC BAJAJ PULSAR is having a mileage of around 35 kmpl.

So I say nice mileage for a RE engine (with that weight) of 350CC.

4. About the service

of our reviewers recommend us : One homogeneous thing about the RE service is: Almost every service station people behave like this! No interest to solve the problems of your bike! They are eager to send you out at the earliest. A humble request with the RE company people: (if they read this!) Kindly make some arrangements for all the authorized sales/service mechanic people over the country (India) with some rigorous training on how to service/repair RE bikes and also train them in HR (Human Relation/Resource) and TQM (Total Quality

of our reviewers recommend us Management) and teach them on how to win the customers of RE bikes.

5. About the reliability of the bike: Any RE bike is like a wife! It gives you the pride of having a beautiful wife but with problems! As already mentioned I suffered many problems like oil leak from many places like engine, shock observers etc. (within one month of my purchase), charging problem (and because of this engine starting problem), loose fitting of screws from the service people etc. etc. etc. and the service people are never able to fix the problems!

So I probably would suggest this: Before buying a RE bike, make a survey of who all RE mechanics are there around the vicinity of 80 kms to your place! If ever a competition is made between various brands of bikes on HIGHLY UNREALIABLE BIKES, I am 100% sure RE company will bag this award for decades with flying colors.

6. About long drive in RE bikes: Probably there are no other bike clubs like RE bike clubs in India. You have many. RE company itself arranges many such long drives. All of them know the problems in RE bikes. So while going for a long drive they will have these with them: spark plug, clutch cable, brake cable, patch fixing kit with hand air pump, head lamp etc.

We are all surprised to know that RE is still not coming with tubeless tyres. This is not enough. You should learn on how to fix if any of the above goes bad!

I am also sad to say that the amount/interest RE company is spending on long drive is not being spent on fixing the problems of RE riders!

7. About resale value of RE bike: RE standard 350 bikes are like wine! Older it is better is the resale value. For a 1965 model, a whooping value of 1.5 lakhs is offered!

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army

No other bikes (even Hero Honda) are having such a resale value.

8. Alteration/Modification: RE mechanics (not authorized) are minting money because of alteration or modification. Majority of the RE owners keep on changing the style (like the handle bar, crash guard, mud guard, petrol tank, silence pipe, color of the bike, head light, horn seat style. The only bike where double (or even trible also!) the purchase cost is invested in repairing/altering/modifying the RE bike.

RE bikes withstand all the modifications the owners do!

9. Durability: The only one bike that lives for more than 60 flere år (and still going) is RE. Normally other bikes (in India) are manufactured in such a way that the best is over in around 6 flere år. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that: A bike purchased

of our reviewers recommend us by a person in 1950 will be still running by his son, grandson and grand grand son!

10. Road grip: It will not be exaggeration if I say “If you want to fall/skid from a RE bike, you should struggle like anything” I myself have made RE bike as a standard for comparing the road grip as 100%. For example I always say that the road grip of HERO HONDA’s SPLENDOR is 20% (of RE), that of PULSAR is around 75 % and things like that. The bike is having a wonderful road grip.

This probably could be because of its weight and its centre of gravity is exactly at the centre of the bike. That is the reason why ARMY people during the Republic Day make lots of very attractive stunts using RE bikes.

Finally, dear friends, as a concluding remark I feel to say that: A person like me who had lot of respect/love towards RE is very much disappointed by RE bike, its stone age technology, service people behavior, problems of the bike. The royal look (I don’t want to mention the thumbing sound of the bike as it is overpowered by the rattling irritating sound of the engine for the riders) of the bike is the only one positive thing of this bike.

But I am surprised to see that there are many people who love to live with problems of RE . I respect them. I respect their patience and love towards RE. Any way as India is a democratic country let me respect everyone’s tastes. I know that this article hurts RE lovers and they may not agree with what I have opinioned here.

But fact is a fact and let us be true with the fact. I understand that LOVE in most of the case is bitter! And when I went through other articles I felt that many like me have undergone bitter experiences with RE bikes, like I did.

Those who say that RE are trouble free bikes, then be careful. The company people may visit your place to see the miracle of RE bike! If you have any comments about this article you can send me email to kirangsch at gmail.com.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army

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