2009 Kymco super- 8 150 Bewertungen, Preise, und Specs

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Kymco Super 8

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Great Scooter!

By Scott Suttle(Inhaber), Oktober. 20, 2008

I think I was lucky enough to get one of the first Super 8 150’s available in the USmy dealership got three of them, and they were all sold (to overly eager people like me apparently 🙂 before they hit the show floor. Prior to this, I have ridden (not owned) a Sym Mio, a Benelli Andretti, a Yamah. a Vino, and a Vespa GT. I’ve got about 1100 miles on my Super 8 and it is a great scoot.

There are a lot of things I like about the Super 8 and a few things I don’t. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The under-seat storage is not particularly useful.

I have a size small 3/4 helmet with a face shield that goes down to the chin, and it will not fit in the storage (primarily because there is a sizable raised area in the middle of the storage, effectively removing a good bit of its depth). Kymco’s solution for this is to put two metal pegs in front of the storage area, but still under the seat. You can lift the seat, hang your helmet outside by putting the helmet’s retaining ring over the peg, then locking the seat down.

This seems to work fine, unless it rains, or some desperate thief decides he doesn’t need the retaining clip, cuts the strap, and makes off with your helmet. The other complaint I have is that the rear brake is a drum (the front is disc), and it seems to affect the overall stopping performance (d.h.. the Vespa had discs front and rear, and seemed to stop slightly faster). Lastly, the manual is clearly a translation.

In general, you can determine what phrases like comeback it to original position mean. But there are a couple spots that could be more clear. Beispielsweise, the manual states a gear oil capacity of .2 Liter. There are standard drain and fill/check bolts in the casing, but if you filled the casing to the check bolt hole, it would be much more than .2 Liter–closer to .4.

I’ve never seen a casing with a check bolt hole that you wouldn’t fill up to that hole. But in this case I’m left wondering what the right amount of gear oil is. Is the manual a misprint, or is this a strange casing you don’t fill all the way up?

Jetzt, to the good stuff. The scooter rides great! It’s got a sporty feel to it, for suremore like a motorcycle.

Das 14 wheels are nice and smooth out the bumps, manhole covers, usw. much better than the 10 – 12 wheels you find on most scoots. The scooter feels much more stable at speed than the Vino or Mionot quite as good as the Vespa, but the Super 8 is also 1/3 the cost. The acceleration is solid, and mine tops out around 55-57 (actualthe speedometer is a little optimistic and reports about 63-65), getting about 80 mpg.

Kymco Super 8
Kymco Super 8

At this point, I should add one caveat about the ride. the first 300 or so miles will be very different from what I said above. Eigentlich, you’ll probably think the seat is made from iron and wonder why the shocks seem to do nothing but relay impact directly to your bones. But stay the course and it will all work out fine. The seat will soften up and the ride will improve significantly (as will the engine performance and gas mileageI only got about 65 mpg on the first tank).

Apropos, the break-in period is toughit’s no fun to reign in the throttle on a scoot that’s so much fun to run. But once you’re through that, you’ll love it. The look of the scooter is great. The body style really stands outI don’t think there’s another design that’s even close, so you’ll definitely turn heads. I have the red/black combination, and think the green/black looks slick, auch (the yellow/blue is a bit much for my taste, Es tut uns leid!).

Personally, I love the sport bike styling, and it seems to fit the personality of the scooter.

A few other general notes. the rear suspension is adjustable. The US version has an evap system (presumably to meet CARB requirements?), which ties in at the top of the fuel tank and can become a problem if you overfill the gas tank (simple solution: quit trying to cram that last bit of gas in there!). The scooter takes 15W-40 oil, which I think it typical for diesel engines.

I only had two options for 15W-40 at my auto parts store, neither of which was synthetic.

Insgesamt, this is a great scoot and I would highly recommend it! Read Full Review

Kymco Super 8
Kymco Super 8
Kymco Super 8
Kymco Super 8

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