Yamaha X-Max 250 Prüfung

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Yamaha X-MAX 125

Yamaha X-Max 250 Prüfung

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It took nearly two years that he finally arrived in France, aber die Yamaha X-Max 250 verdient die Warte: ein Roller, der macht 250 cm3 400 cm3 Schatten, während die Vorteile eines Halte 125 cm3, was eine gute Möglichkeit, Ihre Lizenz A € zurück 4 490

Während Italien und Spanien rollte von Yamaha X-Max 250 auch vor dem Start seines kleinen Bruders und Gegenstück 125 cm3, es kommt nur in Frankreich. glauben Ein sechseckiger der Markt fast reif und vor allem offen für die Idee der Roller haben weniger leistungsfähig und leichter. Stadtmodelle wie GT Nexus 250 Gilera . Kymco Grand-Denken 250 and X-Citing the Piaggio X9 250 and now 250 Satelis have worked for the cause and made ​​their place, as it is small and discreet.

The Yamaha X-Max 250 from a real advantage: it highlights many technical arguments which do not have competition and a good image and a name firmly established commercially with the X-Max 125 . It prances still leads in sales of scooters 125 more than a year after its launch, as shown in the state of the market in April 2007. The 250 may well follow suit.

Welcome to the highways!

It is identical to its little brother in every aesthetic level and chassis ( und das aus gutem Grund, das 125 who took over architecture ). We thus find the ergonomics feature of X-Max, with its relaxed riding position and seat sports at a time, and wide saddle that prevents short people well put your feet flat on the floor. In Ergänzung, the inability to extend the legs is more experience this time and shows much more frustrating.

It must be said that with its new engine, the brilliant “ little “ scooter is able to take you to 150 km / h meter ( just under 140 km / h real ) and open unsuspected horizons. Long trips in single-and duo become fully considered, and consumption, often contained below 4l./100 km, encourages them to take off for the trips of 300 miles and more. In other words, being able to stretch their legs would have been nice in this case, a bubble and a little more original high-deserved place, especially for more than one meter seventy.

Performance and endurance

Maintained its Michelin Gold Premium, X-Max swallows the curves with ease and quickly to distance the other 125 und 250 cm3. He could teach even the mid-displacement scooters and can not be done when the time comes to leave the big game Powerful, with an excellent attack. a particular feeling and a safe return to the levers ( which excuses almost unavailable in the catalog of an ABS version ), its braking also counts as a trump card of X-Max.

In Ergänzung, its powerful engine and alert throughout its acceleration fears nothing, and even mounted hell are still in full swing. So much so that the handlebars, no more road traffic conditions, or even seems able to resist!

jedoch, if the approval engine is simply outstanding for 250, with bright starts, reversals and two ubiquitous “ peaks “ character to 40 und 90 km / h, we must recognize that the damping and geometry of this scooter are more suited to urban use dynamic frankly that “ gardening “ on alternative routes or ter. Car on country roads so corrugated metal coating, the steering head jigs and bursts remain.

Dennoch, the two rear shock absorbers, a tad too soft early in the race but fortunately adjustable no lack of efficacy. The overall comfort benefits directly, including through the seat soft and good coating on the rigor of the guidance is always appreciated: live chassis and swingarm rigid! In town, driving “ Royal “ Yamaha X-Max 250 is confirmed.

Well balanced and sufficiently small to fit into a stream of cars, agil, especially lively and comforting, the Yamaha 250 excels in the art to carve a path shots handlebars.

Preis / performance unbeatable

Evolution logical and reassuring for those who have chosen initially his little brother than 125 cm3, the Yamaha X-Max 250 also offers an interesting alternative for those wishing to start a scooter, allowed in your pocket. Sports and urban, both versatile in its use and exclusive in its ergonomics, it delights with its engine, while not addressing definitely not fans of GT. For € 4,490, he gives a maximum for a low price.

It is for this to overlook some small bonus that you get used quickly, jedoch: an illuminated box and a small storage compartment. A worthy competitor to the Honda SH 300 . slightly more efficient but also much more expensive, the Yamaha X-Max 250 could well appreciate its displacement to the French far chilly all its arguments ( low power and superior performance to the model 125 ).

Yamaha X-MAX 125
Yamaha X-MAX 125

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