2007 Ducati Monster

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Ducati Monster S4R S Testastretta

2007 Ducati Monster

has always believed in the ‘…’ concept. Indeed, it represents a not only first created by the company, but an area where continue to produce innovative, and original ideas, setting that others follow.

already achieved record and long been the most and widely imitated motorcycles, is now extending its Monster range further for 2007 by focusing on the SR known to motorcyclists as the single-sided family and distinguished by its aggressive and appearance.

In 2003 the arrival of the gritty S4R represented a major in the history of Ducati motocycles, 2005 saw the launch of the S2R with a less daunting engine retained the appearance of the aggressive S4R but to those who preferred less performance. Offered in 800cc and versions, with two-valve and air-cooling, the SR2 immediately won favour on the market, as proven once by the massive sales.

2006 leave an equally important in the history books, making a in terms of quality, performance, and sheer personality. For 2007, offers a no-compromise, authentic superbike with all-out and grunt from the Desmodromic powerplant. This jewel in the crown comes with a new nametag, the Monster S4R S, and is destined to the new benchmark in this segment.

The Monster family also the new S4R Testastretta to its already impressive This brand new model is by the famous 130hp Testastretta, L-Twin engine, previously only the top of the range S4R S. Another for 2007 is the Monster 695 which the 620 with a quantum leap in terms of handling, riding and performance. The potent new 695cc delivers much greater and torque — the highest per cc of any Ducati air-cooled engine every twist of the throttle and satisfying.

From this the famous Trellis frame, to the appeal of the Monster family, has made even more by improving the routing of all wiring

Every model in the family now boasts multi-functional electronic which has two new display management trip fuel and auto off’ system. The former is an trip meter that is when the fuel reserve is on, while the latter is a feature automatically switches off the lights 60 seconds of ‘key-on’ if the engine is not

As a result of constant investment in and quality control, every in the 2007 range will from a new maintenance programme in servicing intervals have extended, less parts are and fewer operations have to be The result is that the bike’s scheduled maintenance costs are by up to 50%.

Monster S4R S Testastretta

true masterpiece of technology and cannot fail to take breath away. Its superbly-balanced exquisitely engineer the magnificent powerplant into a state-of-the-art frame. The character of this top of the Monster represents the true of all Ducati Monsters.

The headlamp fairing, the dual, stacked silencers and the racing that characterises all the … in the ‘single-sided swingarm’ family, is now by several pure racing that underline its thoroughbred

The S4R S is characterised by a Ducati Trellis and black swingarm, a front end from the 999, and by the Y-spoke There are many more taken directly from the race division that normally go unnoticed on a faired but are exposed for all to see on this Monster fighter.

Such as the triangular oil and numerous carbon fibre including the silencer cover, mudguard, cam belt covers, system heat shield, covers and the side panels. As of the painstaking attention to the tiniest even the cooling circuit are now forged in aluminium rather moulded in rubber.

Two attention-grabbing stacked silencers in aluminium, the overall super-aggressive but beautifully statement of performance and technology.

The attention to detail was dedicated to the which is equipped with the instruments as the S2R but with dedicated graphics. Additional details are a easier to miss, like the tank which, while identical to that on the earlier has actually been given a new which incorporates a revolutionary new pump.

Three different schemes for the tank and headlamp are Ducati red, black, and an pearl-white. All schemes are distinguished by the stripe (white for the red tank, red for the white, and grey for the black) slashes the machine from to aft and is located in a more central and wider than that of the SR machines.

The end result of the S4R S Testastretta is short of stunning, and that’s you even have a chance to its astonishing performance.


One of the beautifully engineered components on the powerful of all Monsters is the super strength steel tube frame. Stiffened still on this model the frame is with the same single-sided swingarm that is found on all of the SR family.

The main differences are to be with the suspension and brakes. The end is equipped with parts from the prestigious, high 999, starting from the 43mm upside-down forks, low friction TiN treatment to reduce resistance, which are fully for preload and damping.

Two 320mm and radially mounted calipers the top of the range front brake fed from radial master mounted on variable section handlebars. An �hlins rear fully adjustable in compression, and preload and Y-spoked wheels exceptional rigidity and low weight the chassis set-up.


The previous S4R model was as a machine at the top of its class in terms of with its daunting 117hp, but the S4R S raises the bar much further by a massive 130hp. This needs no introduction, it has won fame and on the circuits of the World Superbike and in so doing represents the maximum expression of Ducati genius: a engine able to beat the of its massive rival four-cylinder

For the S4R S the engine was given a dedicated oil designed to offer optimum on a … machine. Further designed specifically for the powerful can be found in the airbox and throttle with IWP 189 injectors. The exhaust with catalytic converter emission levels to within 3 regulations, a pretty impressive for a 130hp.

The ‘Testastretta’ represents a in the Ducati story, its name literally meaning ‘narrow and derives from the specific of the timing gear, which is by a narrow valve angle a much more compact head. The result is a clean chamber for maximum combustion and efficiency. The flat crown are perfect to ensure a smooth and flame front and the specific of the heads, combined with a evolved electronic engine system, guarantees optimal at all speeds for smooth and effective

Monster S4R Testastretta

Founder of the SR the S4R takes on a very important alongside the ‘S’ version is the current performance and equipment of the Monster range.

Equipped to the attention of the most performance ‘Ducatisti’, the S4R Testastretta is more capable of fulfilling its important in the new Ducati 2007 range.

The new S4R is now available in two new colour schemes, with central black and traditional Ducati red with white stripe. Both versions have a red Trellis with black swingarm matches the new Showa front sliders. The black component scheme is continued with mounts, fork clamps, risers, footrests and radiator covers.


The fully Showa upside-down forks a perfectly balanced front-end the rear is fully adjustable a Sachs piggy back shock. A vitally important of the rear suspension system is the to adjust rear ride-height of spring pre-load, enabling the to be adjusted to an exact ride-height without changing the shock’s settings thanks to the adjustable

Radially mounted Brembo brake calipers provide stopping power while the front-end a decidedly race-orientated


The S4R has a massive increases in from 117hp of the previous to 130hp of the Testastretta and continues to twin-stacked silencers, aluminium single-sided swingarm, sporty fairing, exclusive paint and high quality suspension. The of the powerful deep-sump Testastretta represents a milestone in the development of the S4R.

Monster S2R1000

The arrival of the S2R revolutionised the range. The event saw the of the two previous models in this size, and the dual-spark L-Twin is installed in a Monster that with grit and personality. For Monster, Ducati developed an version of the chassis, designed to the sports performance of a truly engine.

The main style are taken directly from the SR starting from the racing which has become a hallmark of the entire SR Monster family. In the of the S2R 1000, a brand new colour has been introduced, with paintwork and black stripe and wheels, joining the classic red or versions, both of which a white racing stripe.

In to the specific colour scheme, the new version features another element in its carbon fibre panels. But in a bike that bare essential style a host of exclusive details, components have become for the overall aesthetic appeal of the This category inevitably the twin vertically stacked that emerge from the side of the bike and the beautiful swingarm in an aluminium tubular that characterises all SR Monster


The S2R 1000 Monster the rider to get the most from the and flexibility of the twin-cylinder two-valve thanks also to a chassis specifically to maximise rideability and In this context, a series of have been used on the set-up shared by all models in the swingarm’ family.

With to the 800cc version, the 1000 a more powerful braking a pair of 320mm discs on the with four-piston calipers and a PSC cylinder with separate and a 245mm disc with caliper on the rear. The Showa forks with full of preload and damping is also for this specific version of the while the rear monoshock is by Sachs and is of the same type on the 800cc model. Fully handlebar levers enable a to suit all riders.


The engine of the S2R 1000 is the same used on the SportClassic family. The dual spark engine has given a series of important that make it even flexible and generous in all riding For this engine the twin features a specific layout to emphasise the already superb output readily available surprisingly low revs.

Also, the choke of the earlier versions has replaced by an automatic valve to make cold starts faster, even in the coldest of The air-cooled Desmo engine has integrated with a series of to keep exhaust emissions to low levels. Thanks to these new features, the S2R 1000 has been the Monster machine to obtain 3 homologation.

Another record for an engine has been widely acclaimed for its of flexibility and extended power which adapts effortlessly to all styles, mastering the road on cruises or turning heads gut-wrenching bursts of acceleration.

S2R 800

The S2R 800 is the smallest Monster in the SR family, just three years ago to a previously uncharted segment that of the small … with a race personality.

it was unveiled just two years this model soon hit the with record sales and waves in the biking community to its exceptional mix of iconic styling, performance, and accessible pricing. with an 803cc L-Twin, air-cooled engine, the S2R 800 maintains the looks of the SR family with a colour scheme thanks to the racing stripe extending the rear seat tail-piece to the fairing. For 2007, this also respects the limits by Euro 3 regulations.

The S2R is the entry Monster allowing newcomers to get a taste of the qualities of the ‘single-sided family — the … with a race personality have come to personify emerging market segment. to the range in 2005, the SR2 has all the aesthetic of the bigger SR Monsters, combined the remarkable success of the 800 cc air-cooled engine.

In terms of styling, the which combines typical details with several of the characteristics that have fame to the fabulous Ducati machines, has captivated the attention of For 2007, the S2R is offered in two colour Ducati red with a white stripe and black. And there’s one characteristic technical feature by all SR models: we’re talking the much admired vertically twin exhaust system snakes down the right-hand of the bike.


The S2R project is around a series of chassis designed to ensure that the handles in a way that is compatible its aesthetic appearance. In order to the machine with the qualities to tackle all riding conditions, it has equipped with a braking that combines incredible power with the maximum The twin 300 mm front discs are by an equally effective single 245 mm at the rear.

Even though it is the model in the range, the suspension on the Monster S2R are exactly as those on the displacement higher-performance versions: the single shock is coupled to the and extremely rigid single-sided swingarm. The front end of the traditional tube Trellis frame is with Marzocchi 43mm forks.


The 800 cc engine two valves per cylinder boasts an balance in terms of performance, to its excellent power output, without creating problems for experienced riders. The blend of performance and reduced fuel was refined with the evolution of the cylinder powerplant, which in its recent edition has been with electronic fuel and a catalytic converter exhaust

Since 2004, the 800 Desmo has been coupled with distinctive technical solution: the clutch derived from the installed on 620 engines but with updates. The APTC is now fitted a cush-drive designed to make the phase smoother and more In addition to the benefits of the APTC clutch requiring a much clutch lever effort, the clutch design also the rear wheel ‘lock-up’ or during aggressive down-shifting.

Monster 695

695 is not merely a name, a or an engine size. 695 represents a unique offering in the world of and in the Ducati Monster family. It is a that is welcoming to novice but, at the same time, is a delivering a level of performance can even thrill more riders.

While remaining the point to the Ducati Monster of motorcycles, the Monster 695 transforms a into a Ducatista, a member of a of fans whose motorcycle feels and sounds like no

The Monster 695 replaces the 620 and is a quantum forward in terms of handling, pleasure and performance. The potent new 695 cc delivers much greater and torque — the highest per cc of any Ducati air-cooled engine while producing smoother and fluid power, making twist of the throttle exciting and

The Monster 695 introduces new graphics and new colour treatments in line its increased performance. The Trellis and engine area has a new ‘clean’ and look, as electrical wires and have been hidden, and the for numerous wire ties has eliminated. What’s left is the elegance of the Trellis frame the potent new 695 engine.

Three colour schemes are available the 695: traditional Ducati with red frame and black aggressive glossy black, red frame and black wheels and matte black, with black frame and black


The new engine clearly to be matched to a similarly advanced and the Monster 695 takes full of the confidence-inspiring road-holding and stability of the Ducati Trellis frame The Trellis frame is light, and beautiful, and distinctively Ducati.

The environment on the 695 is a perfect mix of sporting and a confident upright rider that allows optimal and comfort. Every Monster 695 will feel perfectly at thanks to Ducati’s lowest height, 30mm lower all other Monsters.

The Monster 695 sports quality 43mm upside-down forks and a rear shock with spring preload and rebound

At the front, the 695 employs a Brembo system made up of two 300mm discs, together with twin-piston calipers. The single rear disc sports a twin-piston Brembo caliper.

As on model in the Monster family, the dash is multi-functional, allowing the to switch to either the oil temperature or readout even while It is also possible to dim the instrument’s should they be too intense night riding. The odometer and meter readings are indicated via a crystal display.

An anti-theft is standard equipment, and its status is on the instrument panel.


The of the 695 is the most important technical and much more than an 77cc of displacement might The new L-Twin delivers new levels of and torque, but maintains a smooth and power delivery that an exciting performance in all conditions.

The increase in displacement was achieved the application of an even more design compared to the 620. The of the cylinder bore from to 88mm and the reduction in the … 61.5mm to 57.2mm results in a combustion chamber which the use of larger intake and exhaust as well as 17% lower piston for greater reliability.

The end result is the 63hp of the 620 has been increased to for the 695, the highest output per centimetre of all our Ducati air-cooled Of course there is a significant in torque from the already 5.7kgm of the 620, to an outstanding for the 695.

The Monster 695 takes advantage of the Ducati exclusive Power Torque Clutch, a system that makes the 695 friendlier, safer and more It provides an amazingly light pull that is a true especially in urban riding, frequent stops require clutch use.

Another of the ‘slipper’ clutch, typically on race bikes, is that it the destabilising rear wheel or ‘chatter’ phenomenon when abruptly or aggressively. It also advanced riders, and racers for the very same reasons.

As on 2007 Ducati, the Monster 695 from an extended, less scheduled maintenance programme.


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