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Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP

2012 Ducati Hypermotard EVO SP

2012 Ducati Hypermotard EVO SP — The Hypermotard 1100EVO SP the concept to a new level of extreme. ground clearance, the more the of specifications, the increase of bars and weight makes the SP-track for action.

The Hypermotard 1100EVO SP will now be available in Corsica taking the whole Hypermotard to a new level of style of Ducati High ground clearance, of high specification, the new aesthetic and of the bars higher than the SP 1100EVO Corse edition for action in full red, and black livery official Corse. The Hypermotard 1100EVO SP is available immediately.

All 2012 have a revised comfort, driver’s seat with a and increased the length behind.

Hypermotard 1100EVO SP (Corsica

Hyper pleasure, style of

The Hypermotard Hypermotard 1100EVO SP Edition takes the concept to a level of all extreme in style. ground clearance, suspension of specification, high bars and weight makes the 1100EVO SP Corse edition ready for and dressed for the party color of the official Ducati Corse.

you start the Ducati Hypermotard knew there would be riders out there who wanted – they just did not realize would be many! With a heritage based on the reputation of the feedback to listen Ducati to improve their motorcycles has legendary and the Hypermotard 1100EVO SP edition is no exception.

Brokers all wanted the same thing the Hypermotard: More power, clearance, more control in situations, more information and weight. Ducati engineers all the boxes.

SP Suspension

Long, and strong, holders of 50 mm fully Marzocchi 30 mm is (1.2 inches) trips as 1100EVO and increase the clearance of multiple sclerosis by 30 mm inches), the extension end of the SP cornering and availability for a game aimed at the track. Covered with a low friction, DLC (diamond like black coating, the sliders you to “SP”, the Hypermotard effort to to every minute variation in the and improve its already impressive holding.

Suspension “SP” The is reinforced by a rear damper remote reservoir, known in the choice the most. This is incredible is the compression and rebound and fully adjustable spring ensuring that the “SP”, is adaptable to riding style and or track that challenges.


With a bike as extreme as the 1100EVO SP edition Corsica, stopping power is fundamental to the of world-class braking is ensured by the same Brembo Monobloc Ducati Superbike, as above. a single piece of alloy, the for greater rigidity and resistance to during extreme braking, not only provides a great stop, but also provides accuracy and “feel” to the lever The twin Monobloc calipers with four-piston discs of 34 mm and 305 mm guarantees spectacular braking

The lightweight Marchesini SP wheels

Racers know that one of the ways to improve management and of a motorcycle is to reduce unsprung by upgrading superior lightweight Even from afar, black wheels with red Marchesini confirm the high of the Hypermotard 1100EVO SP Edition

Created from forged machining, then the front and wheels are significantly lighter and a lower moment of inertia and weight, resulting in better and braking, quick steering and Mounted on lightweight wheels are Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP. to deliver racing performance on the give great feedback, are under severe braking a sure-footed “feel” when or acceleration applied to the tilt considerably.

SP extras

The Hypermotard SP Edition Corsica has serrated for extra grip in extreme of departure and a Teflon slider on piece of protection in extreme angles. Ducati include a of rubber on the bike for riders who to cover teeth for comfort.

To control, tapered alloy have a vertical bar of 20 mm in 1100EVO really changes the riding to allow greater influence on end. The cranes are painted Marzocchi forks with new and lower fork clamps, and pedals, door exhaust rear subframe and the vehicle sprocket.

A rear fender in fiber is mounted in standard improving the image of the SP and extreme and the protection of the Öhlins rear unit. The CLI is also used for the protectors, covers, timing front fender rear and tail side covers.


It is supplied as standard on the 1100EVO SP edition of Corsica, the Data Analyzer (DDA), includes PC software, USB recovery ready for data and instructions, owners to review and analyze the of the motorcycle and its driver, and make between various channels of

The system records numerous of data including throttle vehicle speed, engine engine temperature, distance laps and lap times. It also calculates engine rpm and vehicle data, to view the broadcast on a for additional information. At the end of the lap of the session or up to 4 MB of can be downloaded ready to compare, and get an insight into the performance of the rider and the Hypermotard.

Corse SP colors

The Hypermotard 1100EVO SP is proudly edition finished in the of Ducati Corse official white and black further its intention to competition.

The new regime has a red and black wheels network and the Corse logo proudly on the nose section of the Hypermotard.

Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP Key and Benefits


Hyper – When the prototype Hypermotard is the time in Milan in 2005 the creation of a new segment, which the minimalist supermotard sportbikes and But some at Ducati had reservations the initial concept and the Hypermotard not if people were ready for a

Despite these reservations, the went ahead, driven by the in the understanding and control of cross but not the characteristics of the hard cylinder These few insurance designed a that combines the agility and of a supermotard with light refined power of a charismatic sport.

Ducati Hypermotard presented in Milan and was awarded the of Show”, a reward. The innovative resulted in a new ‘crossover’ category had reinvented pure driving with a practical and versatile that could be used day.

Hyper Design – minimalism and and have shaped the style of the and stylish design is distinguished the crowd. According to its blend of peak in the bubble of elegance it instantly recognizable, while the in the form of care that into a thin waist an advantage when they supermoto.

The rugged appearance of the fork with Marzocchi of the signature Ducati leaks in the and arm swing, the design of the Ducati is unique and pure.

Concept of – The Hypermotard concept has created an segment, which bridged the of hyper-sport and supermoto. In essence, we high-speed handling and the engine of a safely hyper-sport and combined it the style, minimalism and precision aggressive supermotard a slow

The result is a bike easy to with incredible agility, very sure-footed and flexible which deals with the traffic as easily as a tour by the winding mountain roads.

SP – SP 1100EVO Hypermotard takes the to a new level of extreme. Increased clearance, the more the suspension of the increase of the bars and less makes the SP-track ready for and impressive enough to use the logo Corse.

When we launched the knew it would be extreme out there who wanted something – did not realize there would be With a racing heritage on direct feedback from and two years of the Hypermotard category in our of Italian Ducati Desmo we have built a reputation for to the owners and the new specification of MS is the result.

ends all wanted the same about the Hypermotard: More ground clearance, more in extreme situations, more and less weight. Now, our have checked all the boxes a model to perform on the track and the


Desmodue Evoluzione – The Twin stands at the height of than three decades of air-cooled and the development of its torque delivery has excited riders

The Evoluzione Desmodue combines low and more power to make the engine for the Hypermotard 1100EVO. New a lighter crankshaft assembly and a new cover magnesium combined the use of light rare earth around the alternator to achieve reduction surprising 5.3 kg (pounds Covers the clutch and alternator are in carbon gray for the 1100EVO and for the 1100EVO SP.

A cylinder head a redesigned inlet port for flow also improved a modified form of the combustion for improved combustion efficiency. efficiency improvement is the result of a compression ratio and spark of a single cylinder again, now by Siemens high speed

The constant investment in quality materials and advanced engineering has allowed distance between intervals of 12,000 km (7,500 making the Ducati ownership more enjoyable than

Vacural housing ® 1100 – The are now empty cast using the technology used ® Vacural engines of light, a process achieves a significant weight and ensures a uniform wall and an increased resistance.

Exhaust system – Understand the framework Euro3, 2-1-2 system is monitored by two lambda to ensure the most efficient injection under all conditions. The ends with the famous silencers.

Oil Cooler – A new oil cooler cooling zone protects 85% output power increases if the dam 1100EVO on open roads or stop-start city.

Dry clutch – In with its extreme character, continue to use the ‘dry’ racing-style for the Hypermotard 1100, the popular of thousands of Ducati fans

Crankshaft – The 1100 now has a lighter with a wheel of 848-style Superbikes.


Trellis – Frame An improved design almost all of the elements used in forged Hypermotards, replacing with precision machined The lightweight frame retains its strength to be more agile and to handle than before. decades of career and development, has shown that innovative engineering and advanced development to win races.

The tubular lattice which is used in all Ducati, is a element signature. This is the light of Ducati by a single, and beautiful in their own ingenious design and use of high quality ALS 450 Each tube is miter and welded in a triangular complex and our strong L-Twin engine are functional “members emphasized the

Tilt – The rear suspension of the Ducati Hypermotard uses one arm. The robust solution in technology and style, this of motorcycle is a unique feature of

Brembo monobloc brake – a bike as extreme as the Hypermotard SP, superior stopping power is to the performance of world-class braking is by the use of monoblock Brembo calipers as in the Ducati Superbike higher. a single piece of alloy, the for greater rigidity and resistance to during extreme braking, not only provides a great stop, but also provides accuracy and “feel” to the lever The twin Monobloc calipers with four-piston discs of 34 mm and 305 mm guarantees spectacular braking

5-spoke Marchesini – One of the best to improve management and performance of a is to reduce unsprung weight by superior lightweight wheels. from afar, 5-spoke wheels with red stripes confirm the high performance of the 1100EVO SP. Created from aluminum machining, then the and rear wheels are significantly and create a lower moment of and unsprung weight, resulting in acceleration and braking, quick and more.

Öhlins rear – the rear damper Öhlins reservoir, known in the race the choice of maximum performance, compression and rebound damping and preload ensuring that the is easily adaptable to every style and road or path,

Long Travel Marzocchi – Nine long, black, 50 mm fully adjustable Marzocchi 30 mm inches) travel and increase the clearance of MS in 35 mm (1.38in), the expansion of SP in performance curves and provides a oriented configuration. Covered a durable low friction, DLC (diamond carbon) black coating, the allow you to “SP”, the Hypermotard to respond to every minute in the track and improve its already road holding.

Brembo brakes with 305 mm – Dual semi-floating discs mounted Brembo 4 full of pistons provide smooth, forward with this rider-friendly “feel”.


fiber – A rear fender in fiber is mounted in standard improving the image of the SP and extreme and the protection of the Öhlins rear unit. The CLI is also used for the protectors, covers, timing front fender rear and tail side covers.

The of the race – the footrest serrated to begin increasing in extreme and a Teflon slider in each provides protection in extreme angles. The elevation of the SP-bar are black, Marzocchi forks new upper and lower fork footrest and pedals, door protector, rear subframe and the rear sprocket.

The Hypermotard SP runs out boldly in a choice of red Corse livery on the subject or the of white on its intention to emphasize Both frames colors are red with black wheels and the Corse logo proudly in the new section of pipe Hypermotard.

controls – The position of the seat offers a breathtaking view of the while the wide handlebars and the tapered effortlessly manageable. The allows easily slide and backward motion for the driving

Compact instruments, the white offers a large amount of including speed, laps, oil temperature, battery voltage, trips A B, trip fuel and maintenance expected, while the warning light for the turn neutral, high beam, low oil pressure and fuel reserve. you can list lap times recorded by the drive button lights as a stopwatch.

Stopwatch – Digital is programmed with a stopwatch that, when activated, can be by the button lights flash and each time records in a memory. After your or track session, the times or lap can be retrieved from memory and use the buttons on the left instrumentation

Lighting – The projector uses a compact lighting shape blends with the crown of a and a piece of molding front while the rear light has a designed strip of LEDs by a high diffusion lens shape of the tail. The same are intensified under braking. The indicators also employ the latest LED technology for lighting, are integrated into the handguards support the folding mirrors.

The intensity LED backlight assembly is in one piece of glue situated far the seat.

Innovative Mirrors – The of maintaining a clean, racing the handlebar area, has motivated the of the folding mirror concept is based on the handguards typically on dirt bikes. He turned on the of the High Street fashion and easily into a quick “Hyper mode” mirror assemblies also integrate the LEDs for front-end even

Provide controls – For improved tapered alloy handlebars a vertical bar of 20 mm longer than riding position changes to greater influence on mating The position offers a breathtaking of the road and long term slip easily back and for extreme driving.

The minimalist – The switching elements Slim-Line at easy to use switches and buttons and a “hold the trigger” unique and slides down to cover the button when the switch is

Compact instruments, the white offers a large amount of including speed, laps, oil temperature, battery voltage, trips A B, trip fuel and maintenance expected, while the warning light for the turn neutral, high beam, low oil pressure and fuel reserve. you can list lap times recorded by the drive button lights as a stopwatch.

2012 Ducati 1100 EVO SP model highlights

The continues

Family Hypermotard continues to shape the industry has an innovative way to reduce the gap between bikes and refined minimalist access Hypermotard 796, the Hypermotard 1100EVO and the end, the and elegant track-ready, the Hypermotard SP Edition Corsica.

The Hypermotard was an instant success when shown and quickly became a when production began in Since then, its unique has delighted riders worldwide and of this exciting and versatile has never been stopped – and does evolution. Today, the remains Hyper than to use for the new edition of Corsica 1100EVO SP

Both the 796 and 1100EVO are offered in Ducati red to match the peak, red and black wheels, while the 796 expands the options of matte or matte black with black beak, black and wheels blacks. The Hypermotard SP edition Corsica is proudly in full official colors of Corse, appropriately, with its character.

Family characteristics

Lightweight trellis frame

The and accurate processing offers the has been reduced to the construction and of its famous lattice structure. ability to manage the abundant engine torque and stiffness in the Brembo brakes are just a few why Ducati’s chassis department never change.

Light and engines

The Department of the engine is to the drawing board for the 796 and started a blank sheet of paper. A review of their crankcases with incredible weight and the crankshaft 796, with wheel, further reduced to become a very credible.

The air-cooled engine Desmodue was really an “evolution” – both in and weight – and is responsible for the model extension 1100 EVO. used the same technology Vacural ® Superbike engine when empty guts Hypermotard 1100, a process allows a significant weight and ensures consistent wall and increased strength. This and a crankshaft assembly slight in engine 1100 by a scaling and combined with an impulse to impressive results.

Compact and ultra-lightweight and slim design L-twin engine, no wider a single cylinder, ensures all Hypermotards remain lean and The air-cooled design eliminates the for water radiators, pipes, and pumps, keeping the weight of the to a minimum and clean lines and as.


The incredible engine Desmodue valves are only because the system only desmodromic, which activates the valve closure. At high would be almost impossible for the to continue the closing profile of the cam if based on a normal valve With the Desmo system the is closed mechanically with the precision as if opened, enabling cam profiles and radical cam schedule.

This system is used all single power unit, including Desmosedici MotoGP and Superbike

Hyper Mirrors

Ducati has the boundaries of motorcycle design to an innovative solution for the Hypermotard of origin and used in the family. The of maintaining a clean, racing the handlebar area has led to the design of the mirror concept which is on the handguards typically found on bikes. He turned on the visibility of the Street fashion and folds into a quick change mode” mirror handguard also integrate the address for front-end even cleaner.

and instrumentation

The thin line bodies house easy to use and buttons, and the role of “capture” weapons, as it slides down to the start button when the is activated. Its minimalist design perfectly with the elegant and image of the nucleus of the Hypermotard.

clean and helpful, the display a large amount of data, speed, laps, time, oil battery voltage, A, B and trips, reserve flight and the scheduled while emergency lights in the light of neutral, high rev-limit, low oil pressure and fuel Additionally, you can list lap times by using the drive button flash as a stopwatch. Both the and 1100EVO SP Corse edition to use a backlight, while the 796 uses a orange background.

The instrument also serves as a control for the activation of the Ducati Data (DDA), which is available as an from Ducati Performance for ready” Hypermotard 796 and 1100EVO and as a standard equipment of the 1100EVO SP Corsica. PDD-programmed USB connection on all Hypermotard seat doubles as a point for battery charger to which is available as a Ducati accessory.

The lighting and indicators

The intensity LED backlight assembly is in one piece of glue situated far the seat. The support structure was so that the top of the queue is fully to offer a good pair of grab-handles. This ingenious not only to combine the light back in style, but also a secure grip for the passenger.

Pilot footrests on all models has rubber inserts removable to the serrated metal edge and the membership base in the ankle extreme driving. The 1100EVO and SP Corse edition to offer feature minimalist and uncompromising detachable passenger footrest.

attention to detail enables a look “car” when on the while allowing for quick and “Tandem” to the street.

2012 Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP – North specifications and technical details

MSRP: $ $ 14.995

Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP


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