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It’s nearly to overstate how important the 1199 is to Ducati. Not only does the represent the Italian manufacturer’s attempt at a completely reworked but it also marks the first Ducati engineers have away with the time-honored that long made its of superbikes so distinct.

As if the pressure already on, the release of the 1199 directly succeeded the very failure of Ducati’s similarly GP11 MotoGP bike. Put Ducati engineers need the to work; if not to put the manufacturer at the top of the literbike then to at least reassure it the time and money invested in a monocoque chassis was worthwhile.

not just the bike’s monocoque that separates the Panigale its 1198 predecessor; rather a of technological updates and engine 1199 is the epitome of a clean-sheet The only engineering concepts have been carried for instance, are Ducati’s 90-degree engine configuration and proven valvetrain.

We’ve covered the of technical updates in previous (Late Braking, January ’12 and ’12), plus you’ve already gone cross-eyed reading the spec sheet so straight to the important part: it’s like to ride the In case you missed both of our stories of course, the tech on page 34 will bring you up to

**Wildly Ambitious

** Important to is that the 1199 Panigale in three versions: a standard ($17,995), S model ($22,995) and S model ($27,995). Differentiating the S from the standard model is an adjustable 43mm Öhlins fork, similarly electronic shock and forged Marchesini The S model is also shipped an “aero kit,” which of two front-fairing attachments that aerodynamics.

The S Tricolore Panigale features all the updates, plus comes with ABS, Ducati Analyzer + (DDA+) and a one-off livery. Depending on the country, it also be shipped with a racing muffler kit (something us U.S. customers won’t be so as to get this, although we haven’t official word). ABS can be added to the standard model or S model, but an extra $1000.

My first to throw a leg over the Panigale at Ducati’s international press held at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu UAE. The provided bikes Bosch ABS-equipped S models. especially considering a 25-mph was simultaneously battering the track as we

Even when covered a thin layer of sand, the 1 circuit impressed; its 21-turn features everything from hairpin corners to a .7-mile straight that put the Panigale in sixth gear.

In years Ducati superbike models gained a reputation for being and downright abusive on a rider’s Forget everything you thought you about Ducati ergonomics because the 1199 Panigale like none of its predecessors the helm. The seat has been forward 30mm, resulting in a reach to the clip-ons. And those are now 10mm higher, plus flat and 16mm wider at end.

The seat feels recessed, meaning you sit in the bike than on top of it — this despite an in seat height from inches to 32.5 inches. The position is similar — but more the Aprilia RSV4’s. That’s to say are a touch on the tight side for over the six-foot mark, but for the average-sized rider.

Even the centrifugal flyweight on the exhaust cam as a compression release, the Superquadro fires up on the slow side —  a all Ducati engines have had day one. Once the engine barks to life, your are met with an exhaust note much more gruff, but very Ducati-esque. Blip the in the pits and you’ll realize the is much hungrier for revs, a result of the outlandish 1.84:1 ratio that puts the at the pinnacle of V-twin sportbikes.

On the track, the 1199 is even unlike its predecessor. The biggest is that the 195-horsepower Superquadro is more about peak rather than bottom-end So whereas the 1198 would out of corners and force you to ride the stuff in a gear higher, the is much more manageable. By no is the Panigale a slouch out of hairpin though; there’s still power from 7000 rpm to exceptional drives.

Power insatiably from 7500 rpm up to the 11,500 rpm rev limiter. And while I’d to hold off on making any direct to the S 1000 RR, I’ll say now that the feels equally as strong as the BMW up

The 22 pounds that Ducati to have cut (wet weight is to be a scant 414.5 pounds) the 1199 a much more motorcycle at any speed. On the track, the goes exactly where you it to. In fact, you’d be hard to find a 600cc machine steers as quickly as the Panigale, certainly benefits from the wider handlebars.

Past the Panigale feels much planted than the 1198, a result of the bike’s new 52/48 distribution numbers that are to Carlos Checa’s World 1198. Feedback from the is sufficient, although the monocoque feels inevitably different Ducati’s trellis frame.

I noticed the most disparity the Yas Marina circuit’s fast turn three, where the seemed to twist just off the throttle entering the turn, realign as I got back hard on the Whether the feeling is just a of the chassis or a concern will be upon further testing. For I’d say it’s not alarming.

And by no means do I the Panigale will suffer the fate as Rossi’s GP11.

In of suspension the standard Panigale is no but the extra $5000 spent on the S model’s electronic Öhlins (and other upgrades) may be Put simply, the fork and shock flawlessly. And making changes via the TFT can be done anywhere, no matter if you a screwdriver handy or not.

Out the two-way adjustable shock provides extremely linear that enables the rider to put the power to the ground in a smooth

Brembo’s new M50 calipers are 6.5-percent than the 1198’s units and onto identical 330mm discs. They’ve been 15mm further out to increase performance and run smaller pistons vs. 34mm). Hands down, Brembo binders are the best brakes I have ever with tons of consistent and no overwhelming initial bite.

when clamping hard on the the Panigale remains completely a trait Ducati engineers to the bike’s increased trail vs. 97mm) and longer wheelbase vs. 1430mm).

Surprisingly, I never felt the ABS system activate, when braking hard for the succeeding the Yas Marina circuit’s main straight.

**The Piece To The Puzzle

** The Superquadro and monocoque chassis may be the headline of the press kit, but the bike’s suite is what really the 1199 into a class of its The electronics are on par with the Aprilia’s, for but more intuitive. And they’re less interruptive than the

Each of the three riding (Race, Sport and Wet) are via a switch on the left clip-on helps you navigate the colorful, TFT (think iPhone) display deep in the front fairing. The come pre-set with for power output, Ducati Suspension (DES), Ducati Control (DTC), Ducati Shift (DQS) and Engine Control (EBC).

You can customize mode if you’d like, I didn’t have enough to do so at the bike’s launch. Instead, I a few small changes here and

The updated DTC comes set at level two in mode, and provides seamless The cut is so seamless in fact, you’ll it’s not even activating; the indicator is the flashing yellow on top of the TFT display. The system is much controlling in level five, the ignition cuts are still smooth and there’s no jerk power is cut then returned.

Ducati 60 S

The big then is that you aren’t to drive off the corner with as speed.

If the DTC were described as then the Engine Brake (EBC) would be described as Three levels of adjustment are plus the system can be turned I personally experimented with one and two (one equals more braking, two equals less).

You think the small change be discernable, but I noticed an immediate in stability under braking. The of the bike would dance in level one, for instance, but in two the bike remained much in-line and stable. Match the EBC Ducati’s new wet, slipper-style and you’ve got perhaps the most bike in its class on the brakes.

As previously mentioned, I have no complaints with the DES. makes the electronic suspension so is how easy it is to adjust the settings the TFT display. Ducati’s quickshifter as user-friendly and admittedly has some But while I wouldn’t use the word to describe the Panigale’s quickshifter, the works well in most to provide open-throttle upshifts.

If simply not happy with the you can easily turn it off.

No on how the Panigale will work on the or on anything other than racetracks. I did notice a bit of heat off the header pipe, although it was eminent than the heat off the 1198’s exhaust. The footrests are on the side too, which may a nuisance for Panigale owners.


** The 1199 Panigale is, without Ducati’s largest undertaking in It’s the first bike to do with the Italian manufacturer’s trellis frame, and it’s the bike to feature Ducati’s new engine. Although we at first how the MotoGP-inspired machine would I’m happy to admit I had few complaints at the introduction.

Put simply, the Panigale is than its predecessor in every The next question then, is it the new We’re currently gathering the in a mad dash to find out. for the 2012 literbike comparison in our issues! **SR

1199 TECH


** “We made a dynamic simulation and tested to 116mm-bore pistons,” says Sairu, the Technical Project in charge of developing the 1199 “At the end, 112mm was the best and around that piston we the rest of the engine.” The rest of the is just as innovative; the enormous made room for large (vs. 43.5mm) titanium valves and 38.2mm (vs. exhaust valves.

Controlling those large is a new chain and gear-drive system has adjustment for precise cam timing. are more additions up top, a centrifugal flyweight on the end of each cam that acts as a compression The mechanism has enabled Ducati to use a smaller battery and starter which reduces weight by a 7.3 pounds.

Also for weight the clutch cover, valve and sump are all made from

Ducati’s adopted a secondary air which takes cool, air from the airbox and injects it the exhaust port to help leftover fuel that past the exhaust valve. internal changes include wet that allow the cylinder to be fitted directly to the crankcase, main bearings for the crankshaft and gears for the oil and water pump Lastly, the cylinders have rotated backwards six degrees, the engine to be mounted 32mm forward for improved front/rear distribution.

Ducati 60 S
Ducati 60 S

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