2013 Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Review

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Ducati Monster 1100

2013 Ducati Monster EVO

2013 Ducati Monster EVO

2013 Ducati Monster EVO Review

2013 Ducati 1100 EVO

The Ultimate Monster

The 1100EVO perfectly mixes engine power, a Ducati Pack (ABS + DTC) of advanced electronics, a new sports and superior riding pleasure to the original Monster formula, makes it an icon of the …



The Monster 1100EVO enhances the Monster family’s concepts of functionality, style and with an evolution of the flagship Taking its name from the Evoluzione engine, which a Monster milestone 100hp, the rolls out with the latest exhaust system, comfort-enhanced Marzocchi front suspension and tail-end in addition to the Ducati Pack (DSP) of ABS brake and 4-level Ducati Traction (DTC). The Monster 1100EVO was the ever Monster to be equipped DTC.

Ducati’s application of the EVO now runs deep throughout the range and its introduction to the ever-improving family was inevitable. It completes a family of lifestyle motorcycles high attention to user-friendly and detail, while ensuring the cult status as a design of hand-built, … motorcycles as authentic as ever.

The ultimate

The Monster 1100EVO took great about the new generation family and added an evolution of that took the Monster to the next level. The Desmodue engine is Ducati’s first motor to hit the 100hp mark and its power delivery is sure to riders the world over. Add to the latest generation, power-enhancing system with low level vertically stacked silencers leave the tail-end looking and minimalistic and the

introduction of DSP, of the user-friendly, 4-level DTC that the ABS system in enhanced rider and it’s plain to see that really is an evolution model. But it end there.

Quality by design

of Ducati’s approach to Quality is to blend owner feed-back the design process of new models, and the 1100EVO is an iconic example. were totally revised the a reshaped seat and bar-risers for the and a rear sub-frame ready to the confidence-inspiring Ducati Performance kit for the passenger, whose comfort is enhanced with a low-slung, exhaust system. Add to these rubber-mounted rear indicators and a

number plate holder LED lighting, and it is clear that listened to every last

The ‘less-is-more’ philosophy behind all underlines Ducati’s continuous of genuinely compact, high motorcycles and with the EVO’s dry at 169kg (373lb) it represents the most compact bike in its

The Monster 1100EVO is the result of evolution in design and technology. The and breathtaking top-of-the-range model attractive ergonomics and presents style and charisma, while the essence of the original … concept. The EVO design perfectly sports performance, stunning and safety-conscious riding pleasure and its lines are the product of a Ducati where form and function to create the quintessential …

Ducati Safety Pack

The Monster 1100EVO was the first to introduce the Ducati Safety (DSP), configured to enhance control on Ducati’s lifestyle DSP consists of the ultra-dependable Brembo-Bosch ABS system and user-friendly 4-level Traction Control (DTC). systems are supplied as original and complement each other to a major contribution to safer

Accessible from the left-hand and displayed on the digital instrumentation, the DTC offers a choice of four each one programmed with an level of interaction graded one to four. While level administers a confidence-building, high of interaction from the system by upon the slightest amount of level one offers a lesser of intervention for more competent, riders. When the level is and DTC activated, the level is displayed on the

Front and rear wheel then compare speed to sense when rear is being broken (wheel-spin) and DTC the best combination of two different of instant electronic adjustment, with data supplied multiple sources. The first stage of system interaction is by high speed software makes instant electronic to the ignition timing, administering amounts of ignition retardation to the engine’s torque.

If the DTC software that the first ‘soft’ of system interaction is inadequate to the wheelspin, it continues to administer retardation and, in addition, the engine ECU to initiate a pattern of increasing injection cuts if necessary, full injection During all stages of interaction, the two lights — normally to signify the over-rev limiter illuminate to indicate that DTC is applied.

As soon as the system the gradual return of equal speeds, it incrementally re-establishes power delivery. This interaction is key to the super-smooth operation of the and represents a considerable increase in safety during mid-corner

The Brembo-Bosch ABS developed by Ducati with top quality brake components to deliver outstanding and confident control. Designed to the risk of wheel-lock under braking or when braking in low conditions, the system reads speed data from wheel sensors to detect wheel lock. If the wheel differential falls below a safety limit, the control immediately reduces the brake pressure to the appropriate calliper to wheel lock.

The pressure on each individual braking is activated by electronically controlled which then close as the speed differential moves from a locking scenario.

The 1100 Evoluzione

The lightweight, stands at the pinnacle of more three decades of Desmo development and its torquey power has excited riders worldwide. Its evolution combined with the airbox capacity and latest configuration marks a milestone for 2-valve engine as the first to 100hp.

The 1100cc Desmodue power unit continues to use a and … of 98 x 71.5mm, but its long of refinements have boosted its to 100hp (73.5kW) at 7500rpm 76lb-ft (10.5kgm) of torque at giving it smooth power from city-like low rpm to exhilarating road performance at redline.

The crankcases are vacuum cast Vacural® technology, a process achieves significant weight and ensures consistent wall and increased strength. In addition to the alternator cover, the 1100 has a crankshaft assembly, using an Superbike flywheel and weight-saving magnets for the generator assembly.

gains came not only the crankshaft assembly, but also an evolution of the top-end of the Desmodue unit. The cylinder head, introduced enhanced lubrication and performance, also has a special port shape for optimum and a combustion chamber shaped for burn efficiency. This efficiency included an 11.3:1 ration and the change to a single per cylinder ignition now managed by Siemens electronics.

Ensuring a sufficient feed and volumetric efficiency to the high set-up are equally high lift values, safely by Ducati’s unique Desmodromic where valve closure is mechanically. At high rpm it would be impossible for the valves to follow the closure profiles of the cam lobes if were relying upon valve springs. With the system, the valves are closed with the same accuracy as are opened, enabling steep cam and

radical cam timings. This is used on every single power unit including the Superbike and Desmosedici GP engines.

The 1100EVO uses a slipper-clutch designed for the wet clutches of larger engines. It features an oil bath with ‘slipper’ function and feel at the lever. Its design a progressive self-servo mechanism presses the plates together under drive from the enabling the reduction of the clutch rates. This results in a lighter clutch lever at the ideal in traffic or long

When the drive force is (over-run), the same mechanism the pressure on the clutch plates, them to provide a race-like action which reduces the effect of the rear-end under down-shifting and provides a much feeling when closing the or down-shifting under normal conditions. An additional cush-drive mechanism also smoothes the transition from drive to during stop-start traffic. The and alternator covers are finished in a looking carbon grey.


The latest generation exhaust follows a revised 2-1-2 to ensure the EVO’s power-enhancing and power delivery and dedicates a probe to each header to precise fueling. While the cannon-style, vertically stacked carry catalytic converters to Euro 3 conformity, an electronically mid-section valve optimises pressures throughout the rev-range. The positioning of the aluminium silencers the rear-end of the Monster looking and minimalistic and ensures uncompromised comfort.

1100 chassis

handling, combined with (10.5kgm) of torque from the engine, results in a pure, ride and at just 169kg the Monster 1100EVO is the lightest in its class. The lightweight aluminium maintains visual continuity the single-sided swingarm and aluminium hangers, which are rider and separated.

The passenger footpeg are designed to attach directly to the sub-frame, which also the passenger-friendly grab-rail kit available Ducati Performance. The footpegs and kit provide increased passenger comfort and further enhance the stylish lines.

Fully 43mm Marzocchi forks and rising-rate rear suspension with adjustable spring and return damping, offer personalisation to suit all riding and provide the perfect ‘feel’. The angled rear unit in a movement non-linear to the rear radius, which achieves characteristics, enables easy to the spring pre-load and rebound adjuster, and eliminates the weight of any mechanism.

The beautifully shaped swingarm gives the Monster a pure sports look ensuring higher rigidity, weight and enhanced road The swingarm is made in chill-cast achieving optimum mechanical while reducing final for improved handling.

Stylish and aluminium alloy 10-spoke reduce unsprung weight and agility and are fitted with a tyre at the front and a 180/55ZR at the both Pirelli Diablo II. The result is lightweight, precise that is extremely responsive at all while giving the vehicle stability. The sports character of the is further accentuated by aluminium handlebars.

The power of the Monster 1100EVO can upon a best-in-category braking that provides excellent, and controllable braking performance. The Brembo system features pumps with adjustable feeding four-piston radial which grip twin discs. The rear brake a 2-piston calliper operating on a disc.

As an integral component of the Safety Pack, ABS comes as equipment on the Monster 1100EVO.


The Monster 1100EVO is available in two schemes of red — with a white stripe along the of the front mudguard, tank and cover — and red Trellis or black with both and frame in racing-grey. Both colours use sporty looking wheels with short red and can be further personalised from a of additional liveries available the Monster Art program.

The essence of

The Monster has revolutionized the world of becoming more than a simple motorcycle: it’s a way of it’s what makes its feel unique. Its customised owned by 250,000 enthusiasts made it a true and proper that transcends time. years after its birth, celebrates this symbol of and personality, presenting a unique the very first one.

An style coupled with performance: here’s the Monster Anniversary, the motorcycle that to write history.

2013 Monster 1100 EVO Key Features


The Ultimate Monster

The Monster perfectly mixes high power, a Ducati Safety (ABS + DTC) contained of electronics, a new sports concept and riding pleasure to refine the Monster formula, which it an icon of the … segment.

of the design

The new Monster 1100EVO the increased performance with a more dynamic and sharp, to low level cannon-style, vertically silencers placed on the right Even the new 10 spoke rims a design carried over Streetfighter and 1198 want to the evolved sports look of the new The sport-oriented separated passenger and the dynamic design of the license holder contribute to minimalistic the side profile.

A wonderful of sportiness, evocative of the racing is the Ducati Corse Stripe proudly signs the fender, the tank and the single seat

Minimum weight, maximum fun

The 1100EVO offers a greater driving pleasure. The exceptional comes from a further weight (169 kg dry weight), with the new 100 hp engine Desmodue the most powerful 2-valve ever. Every single has been created to satisfy a rider-s needs and provide agility and handling.

That is why engineers, designers and testers aimed for the best possible and the Monster is able to ensure the handling of all … bikes.

The philosophy behind all Monsters Ducati’s never-ending pursuit of compact, high performance but these new models have in being even more down’ than their Every single component has redesigned and redeveloped so now more ever, form follows With any details detracting the Monster concept being ‘less-is-more’ also means

Less weight plus torque equals fun-filled

Monster Story

In 1992 unveiled a new prototype that was to an icon. Ducati’s creation the crowds and the world’s media of year’s Cologne International show. The 900 Monster was a motorcycle created a truly new niche dramatically styled, minimalist in yet bristling with innovative solutions. The Monster’s radical has also provided the inspiration for an after-market sector specialising in parts for this legendary

For this reason, rarely do you see two the same. This radical and design departure also other manufacturers but, as the old states: imitation is the highest of flattery. The Monster is characterised by a and successful history, by its introduction the years of numerous cylinders and colour options, but above all by a technological evolution that year brings us to the birth of the version: the Monster 1100EVO, The Monster.


Power curves

The Monster 1100EVO 100CV (73,5kW) @ 7500rpm and (103Nm) @ 6000rpm Compared the previous Monster 1100, the new data performance ensures a exciting riding experience at revs and a super-smoother power thanks to a more linear curve.

The Monster 1100EVO is by the Desmodue Evoluzione engine is the first two-valve Ducati to hit the 100 hp. with the previous 1100 cc cylinder air-cooled L Desmodromic, new engine gives an even adrenalin rush thanks to the power level at high while a more linear curve ensures a super-smoother delivery. The 1100 cc Twin has been tuned in order to both volumetric and combustion

The inlet ports and the combustion shape have been while the new camshafts have an profile to provide an increased lift. The pistons are new too and feature an compression profile. To ensure standards of reliability the head system has been revised improved lubrication to enhance the performance.

Wet clutch

The Monster features a new wet clutch which quiet operation and long In addition, the progressive self-servo reduces the lever effort at the and makes the Monster even practical in traffic. The Monster wet clutch works with a -slipper- system which the destabilizing effect of the rear-end aggressive down-shifting, and compared other wet clutch used so far by features an additional cush-drive mechanism which smoothes the transition from drive to during stop-start traffic.

Ducati Monster 1100
Ducati Monster 1100


The two-valve engine on the 1100EVO features a crankcase significantly reduces overall weight. They are produced the same innovative Vacural® that Ducati previously only to Supersport models.

method of production relies on …-casting, which improves the of the casting by avoiding porosity, air and oxidation. This enables dimensional accuracy and higher for the aluminium alloy. Ducati have drawn upon the of this innovative process, the conformation and thickness of the sides on the new using finite element (FEM) and tests, which in achieving the required reliability as well as attaining a weight of the crankcase.

Exhaust system

The 1100EVO features a completely 2-1-2 routing exhaust with two aggressive low level vertically stacked silencers on the right side, which off in fullness the famous sound of the Ducati engine. The new exhaust equipped with tow Lambda and an electronically controlled valve, is a component in achieving the excellent and engine power, and a fundamental element used by the Ducati to emphasize the superior performance of the new 1100EVO.


Marzocchi forks

The upside down fully Marzocchi forks offer personalisation to suit all riding and provide that perfect The suspension set-up developed by testers is a perfect balance handling and driving pleasure all conditions.

Lightweight 10-spoke

The Monster 1100EVO is equipped lightweight aluminum alloy with the new 10-spoke design. The new reduce unsprung weight and to increase the agility and, their sporty look, to the superior performance. The front (3,50 x 17) is equipped with a tire, the rear (5,50 x 17) a 180/55ZR tire.

The result is a steering, reliable and sincere in responses at all speeds, giving the exceptional stability.


The beautifully shaped single-sided gives the Monster a -tough- while ensuring higher reduced weight and enhanced holding. The swingarm is chill-cast aluminium in its most noble Gravity cast and heat the component achieves the best characteristics as well as reduced weight for improved handling.

rear suspension

The Sachs rear suspension unit adjustable spring pre-load and damping.

Using the proven system, the steeply angled unit compresses in a movement to the rear swingarm radius, achieving a progressive action. enables easy access to the pre-load and rebound damping while eliminating the weight of the mechanism. The suspension set-up by the Ducati testers is the perfect of handling and driving pleasure for all

Monster Trellis

An immensely but light tubular steel frame with aluminium sub-frame is the visual and structural of the Monster. Delivering unparalleled with minimal mass, the design is pure Ducati in its and simplicity. A separate, all aluminium saves weight and adds a continuity with the aluminium hangers and matte finished


With its slim and wide handlebars, the new Monster is the bike for any riding style, in the of city traffic and in the winding With a total steering of 64 degrees, an extremely intuitive and handle position, a tapered and sculpted fuel tank, the offers the rider a comfortable and control of the vehicle at all times.

The 1100EVO further improves quality with a comfort-enhancing new embellished with red stitching and 20 mm bar-risers. The Monster 1100EVO features a rear sub-frame to support the confidence-inspiring Ducati grab-rail kit for the passenger. The suspension developed by Ducati testers is the balance of handling and driving for all conditions.

Lightweight construction

The philosophy behind all Monsters Ducati-s never-ending pursuit of compact, high performance but these new models have in being even more down- than their The Monster 1100EVO goes The weight saving solutions by the Desmodue Evoluzione engine such as the alternator cover in magnesium and the flywheel lightened of the 848EVO, in combination with a exhaust, reduce to 169kg the dry weight (-2kg compared to the 1100).

Brembo brakes

The and charisma of the new Monster 1100EVO can upon a best-in-category braking that provides excellent, and controllable braking performance. The Brembo system is the direct of Ducati Corse racing featuring radial pumps adjustable levers feeding radial callipers which twin 320 mm discs. The rear uses a 2-piston calliper on a 245mm disc.

Ducati has further improved powerful braking system, as standard content the ABS system allows the best braking any riding situation.


Safety Pack (DSP)

In the Monster 1100EVO attention has paid not only to performance but also in ensuring both and passenger a high level of in all driving conditions. This goal has been achieved by the Ducati Monster 1100EVO the Ducati Safety Pack which comes as standard with the ABS system and the famous Traction Control (DTC). is the first time it has been on a Monster.

The Monster 1100EVO is the two valve engine model to be with the state of the art Ducati Control system (DTC). The 1100EVO DTC system uses the software logic developed and by Ducati Corse for their bikes in MotoGP and Superbike The system offers a choice of profiles, each one programmed a wheel-spin tolerance matched to riding levels of skill from one to four.

While four administers a confidence-building, level of interaction from the by activating upon the slightest of wheel-spin, level one offers a higher tolerance and, much less intervention for competent riders. The Monster comes standard with the Safety Pack (DSP) includes DTC + ABS.

The ABS system a major contribution towards safety as it’s designed to the risk of wheel-lock under braking or when braking in low conditions. The Monster 1100EVO standard with the Ducati Pack (DSP) and includes DTC +

An LED rear light unit the minimalist, weight-saving design found throughout the Monster The specially designed strip of LED are by a special diffuser lens to outstanding light clarity and longevity.

The triple-parabola headlight on the utilises the latest optical and advanced construction techniques to an incredibly compact lighting In spite of its compact size, the throws a broad and deep to provide excellent visibility and night riding safer. from the side, its discrete mimics the radical shape of the tank.

The Monster 1100EVO radial pumps with levers on beautifully shaped tapered handlebars

The instrument also doubles as a control for the activation of the Ducati Data (DDA) system, which is as an accessory from Ducati The bike has been built for the data acquisition kit, consists of special DDA software and a key that slots into a under the seat. The same also doubles as the connection for a new battery charger available as an from Ducati Performance.

The display is programmed with a function that, when can be triggered by using the high-beam button and each recorded stored in a memory. After journey or track session, the or lap times can be recalled from the and scrolled through by using the buttons on the left-hand switchgear.

Ducati Monster 1100
Ducati Monster 1100
Ducati Monster 1100


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