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Ducati 350 GTV
Ducati 350 GTV

Automotive news

A glance at the of Ford Mustang V6

When you sit in a you want to feel like of the road rather than in it. If this is what you are looking for Ford Mustang V6 is the best This model is popular as car and its latest version is more than any other car in the same

After so many upgrades beast has retained all its features and good mileage to its customers. Mustang has many versions yet V6 is considered as the best one when it to economy and power. This provides a good combination at an price.

Outer Appearance

vehicle is available in convertible as as coupe form. However, the version is approximately $5000 than its convertible version. In the Mustang is most loved car by and keeping the pace of changing the current model has kept it

Headlamps appear like cat eye with the black grill of Mustang, which reminisces its lavishness. This iconic car has a history of its evolution. It has been of business class people for its appearance.

Internal Design

supercar doesn’t look only from its exteriors, but gives you king size while sitting in its cockpit. Its and well designed interior you cozy feeling inside the Steel grey and black supports the sporty look backlighting in blue color to read the engine and speed

This car offers automatic and gear transmission for driving. The stance of the car is enhanced by providing seat upholstery. In short, we can say inside the cabin, lot of stylish have been offered to its exterior look.

A Closer of Aston Martin Vanquish Version

While searching for sports cars, Aston has achieved a reputed name in segment. This Britain company manufactures high end in the sports segment. Vanquish has been famous since for providing excellent features in the car segment.

Its V-12 engine the powerful driving pleasure with comfort and speed.

Martin Vanquish’s latest looks stunning on the roads. is a review of its specifications and some new that have been with latest version.

It compact with a width of inches and a length of 185.8 It weighs 3850 pounds. coupe has front engine.

The thing about this is that you get a wide range of to choose.

The V12 engine equipped 48 valves is capable of generating 565 HP makes the car run at 6750 rpm.

It has configurations which can accommodate people at a time. When it to speed, you will be amazed to that it can reach 60 mph in 4 secs.

Since emphasis is put on the performance, is less considered while this kind of car.

on highways it can give a mileage of 20 while on city roads, it can go to 13 mpg.

Manual shifting has been provided in this with 6 speed automatic The high end designing and engineering has used to manufacture this car entitles it the best coupe in the

A Close Insight

This version has been launched several modifications. Carbon is used in the body panel of the car reduces its overall weight. It to splendid thrust, fuel and higher acceleration.

The Introduction of All New SYM HD2

As per the responses are considered about the new production HD2, it is being as a clear winner in terms of and style as far as daily commute is HD2 is the new evolution of the HD 200 model from There is however not a great of change over the years, but the still represents the best for money when other are considered, which are grossing in the

IT has got a big wheel platform, which is with a liquid cooled, 4-valve engine that the new SYM HD2 the riders’ dream.

As per the spokesperson of there have been a lot of in the new model since the last HD SYM. The noticeable changes are the disc brakes, which are on front and rear. The wave are measuring about 220 mm on front as as 226 mm on the rear.

Both of them are highly responsive. The all-new get a European analogue touch and featuring a digital clock. is also a brand new styling at the end, which is dominated by new headlamps.

The new HD2 badges also very classy.

The other features, which had also in the new HD’s favor include the wheels as well as the sleek design. The engine is the same 4-valve unit, and the motor runs the fuel injection liquid cool facility. The output of this model is a 11.2 Kw from the 171 cc engine.

As an security, feature, the new HD2 features the power on/off switch under the seat.

The underseat is also pretty spacious, opens through the ignition and are also two helmet locks to be The glove box is kept fairly Rear suspension is with adjustable shocks and the front is the telescopic fork.

Altogether, the model is worth user attention and hit the sales.

The New Getting Unveiled at India Expo

The subsidiary of Suzuki Corporation, Maruti Suzuki Limited exhibited the new compact car Celerio as well as the concept car Ciaz in the 12th Auto which is held at Greater in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The new car Celerio is a high fuel compact car model in order to the increasing demand for fuel as the oil price is on an all-time hike in Celerio is offering more 21 kmpl of fuel economy, is deemed to be the best in class. also features the auto shift transmission feature in model combined with the fuel efficient K10 engine. The weight of Celerio is also with the adoption of a high-tensile plate body.

The specifications are the overall length of the vehicle is mm and the width is 1600mm. The height is 1560mm and the body weight is Engine displacement is 1.0 L.

On the other the concept model Ciaz is an sedan concept, which is the version of the Authentics, which had made its world premiere in the International Automobile Industry held in China in the month of 2013. The characteristics of this are a very rich and elegant as well as an authentic sedan Adding to the above models, Suzuki also exhibited the SX4 S-Cross here.

Apart the Maruti Suzuki joint vehicles, Suzuki also the new sportsbike model Gixxer as the new Let’s by the Suzuki Motorcycle Limited. Maruti Suzuki is in hopes that the new version will create a wave in the market as it is deemed to be the first of its auto gearshift model introduced in its class, which hopefully be accepted gladly by the class people as well as the drivers.

Production Started of the New 9-3 Aero Sedan

The National Vehicle Sweden AB announced they have started the Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan, is featuring a petrol engine. The in focus initially is China a small number of automobiles directly world from to the Swedish customers via Nevs’ The car now in production is a high-specification Saab 9-3 Sedan which got 220 HP 2.0-liter engine, which is already recognized as a high performance of the Saab cars.

Kai Johan the founder and major owner of announced a couple of day back “I am highly proud of the and dedication that the Nevs and management demonstrated over the since we became the owners of plant, which had made all possible. The Swedish expertise with Japanese technology and the new lightweight materials and our focus on technology etc are out strength leading to the

The Nevs’ customers are waiting to get an customer experience with the new The company announced that the will be offered an opportunity to to the Saab car unit in Trollhättan and delivery of their ordered They will also be to pay a visit to the highly efficient also and can interact with the competent workers and engineers.

The Car Museum will also be for them to experience the rich and history of the Saab brand and

The new electric car, which is on Saab 9-3 is announced to be launched in the of 2014, by concentrating on the China first. Nevs’ partner Qingdao had placed the first for the pilot fleet of about 200 cars for which the delivery is in the spring of 2014. “Overtime we try to develop our customer base and to more market where we can the potential profitability and growth” the official spokesperson of Nev.

The new Twingo is Ready for its Swiss

The all-new diminutive city car Renault, named Twingo, is all set for its in just a few weeks time in the Geneva Motor Show. this little hatchback had out early and the reports got a few snaps. we need to wait till the Motor Show to get the entire about Twingo. As far as we know, is a distant relative of the upcoming of the Smart ForFour.

However, car uses a more traditional engine and front-wheel layout, Twingo is deemed to be backwards. The car has got a engine and rear-wheel drive to it more a city car. The seems to be spectacular in the backdrop of its as a comfy city drive

According to the rumors, the Twingo be having a three-cylinder engine and the will be getting a chance to between the manual transmission as as a dual-clutch gearbox. This five-door is also supposed to a sportier trim too along the It may be most in line with the Renaultsport Twingo 133.

this car will be released to immediately following the show or we to wait for long to get in hand remains unclear.

Renault had been in the leading sales in many of them major markets across the globe and the of the new models are expected to further an additional push to their They are expected to get a lot of applause in the Motor show and get acceptance in markets where they are not a strong presence.

As per the spokesperson of the Renault, the company is to concentrate on the third world too, where there are many models being by the premium and normal class making Renault one among favorite choices.

Porsche Growth is expected to Hit 200K+, the CEO

It is clear that Porsche is at big things with their Macan. The Porsche CEO, Mueller had announced here not just the sportier GTS model has in consideration, but that this CUV can assist Porsche to cross the beyond 200,000-units a year years beforehand itself expected.

Mueller said in his to kick off the Macan production We’re planning to transfer the of Porsche into a new market Macan demand is expected to the brand to cross 200K, announced by confirming the fact had been reported to the press in last August. If Porsche is on the future, they should be to boost up the production of this crossover to beyond its current of 50,000 units, as announced by CEO. A little more basic sportier model is needed now for Porsche to hit the figures it is to and the all-new Macan is giving to their dreams.

Provided will achieve the success hopes to win, Mueller that the range can surely be beyond their initial S as well as Macan Turbo. The GTS had already made a tradition at However, we didn’t make a decision till time Macan, but I’m confident this makes a lot of sense.


The Macan GTS will be an anomaly in the conventional luxury CUV The immediate competitor for Macan in sector is the Audi SQ5, barely outruns the standard S, spare the 400-HP Macan The introduction of a more agile and GTS model would be now all that it needed now to hit the figures.

Macan can make it possible by meeting the de small CUV needs for anyone who is forward to a more sportier normal models.

Piaggio Masses at the Sydney Motorcycle and Expo 2013

The 2013 and Scooter Expo in Sydney is to be a huge success as per the reports of siders. There was a great of interest shown by the spectators in the Vespa and this again the popularity of the Piaggio Vespa and why brands are the top selling models in the

The display of the Vespa was a stand out more than 141 exhibitors in the this year, which was the charming beauty of Vespa and also on the new models of Piaggio. The staff on the Vespa stand themselves through the weekend a huge number of enquiry to be from the curious spectators.

Vespa is grabbing attraction of the with the new 946 on display for the first ever in NSW creating quite a The Sydney Expo was deemed to be one of the opportunities for the enthusiastic buyers to see the GTV which had been discontinued by The new GTS 300 Super Sport had always heads and this year it was not

The LX ‘Spring into Summer’ was also running with LX 125 150 on by offering the buyers a kick of $600.

With the Expo, had really showcased how strong its up would be with the 3 outstanding on display as X10 500 executive, the super Yourban 300, and the BV 350. The had an opportunity to grab a close of all these new models and there a lot of comments about the new direction is taking towards styling and of their flagship models. Of the FLY 150, which is the No.

1 selling had drew a lot of likes and new Liberty 150 3 also had been there for the earned a lot of comments.

Kelley Book Lists Altima, Rogue and Pathfinder within top 12 Cars

The Kelley Blue ( had named the 2014 brands Rogue, Pathfinder and as three among the 12 top Family of the year 2014. It is also a fact that Nissan represent more than of the total vehicles in the listing, were actually chosen by the families, which are working in with the’s editorial

More than 21 top different vehicles from 11 different which received top rankings in the expert rating in the family-friendly were evaluated in the study. The of the survey were determined on the of the feedback of the participants and expert of the notes.

The results of is to the excellent sales figures and momentum earned by the models of Altima as well as Pathfinder, the top three of the five core from Nissan, all of which got in the past two years. All these are fully redesigned to meet the of a variety of customers and different however to fully be family announced Dan Mohnke, the Nissan’s Marketing Manager.

Rogue is the second best selling in the world, which was fully for the 2014 and KBB praised its new styling, the third row availability, the unique cargo system, enhanced economy, and the standard facilities Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The KBB editors praised that Rogue as good enough to accommodate the seat without compromising on a legroom to the front passengers.

They have added Rogue certainly remains to the young families who are looking to a more practical, inexpensive, and mode of transportation.” Altima is the one the 10 best-selling models in the US and the Nissan is a hit in the sub-$30,000 range with roomy interiors, enhanced space, and sharp exterior to make it the favorite choice for

Moto Guzzi California Rated as the Best Cruiser

It is a fact that the terms traction control, variable maps, cruise control, ABS are not commonly associated with the However, Moto Guzzi now in bringing it all to their cruise models which offer performance and styling. With all on offer, the 2013 Moto California 1400 hit the market to the amaze of the consumers.

The 2013 Guzzi California 1400 is also fitted with cc transverse-mount engine, which is attention as the focus point of motorbike with high quality. The striking power is also shrouded by a very cut-out tank which is in deep metal flake which really pops in sunlight. You can also see the modern-styled leading the way and there is a stout rear anchors also on the

Blending well the classic and looks, Moto Guzzi 1400 Custom is fully to be a motorcycle which the consumers to be. The model is designed by Miguel which is the man who brought the Ducati into reality.

Frank the motorcycling expert at the Birmingham Show stated “The joy of this bike is that it edge with the 21st and still having all the anthropomorphic and heart of a motorcycle. The look and of California is of a motorcycle; however, it is a jet in all sense.”

“It’s really that the top two interesting cruiser recently are both Italian. when the Ducati Diavel is a normal cruiser with its stance mated with performance, California is a real cruiser in its function and form. Guzzi is all-set to deliver a performance and will be more to the riders who want an authentic experience,” commented by the Managing of MotoUSA, Bart Madson.


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