Details 2012 Ducati 848 EVO Corse SE Motorbike picture in Motorbike Parts

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Ducati 1198S Corse SE Special Edition

Details 2012 Ducati 848 EVO SE Motorbike picture

2012 848 EVO Corse SE Review


With its Corse colour a 848EVO is a racing mental come true.

Raw engine is extended by a worldly Ducati-developed housed in a DTC (Ducati Traction as good as discerning shifter units, whilst a superb of a Trellis await are brought out by a rear startle absorber as as 330 mm stop discs.

Corse where premonition meets

Dressed in a central Ducati clothing of red, white as as black, a 848EVO Corse Edition takes a already 848EVO as good as adds instinct with undisguised as good as extended performance.

with full 8-level Traction Control (DTC) as as a Ducati Quick Shift system, a Corse Special raises its diversion even on a highway or foe track. Combine a electronic package with a feel of entirely tractable rear cessation as good as front stop discs as as it is transparent which a code new entirely deserves to wear its new Ducati Corse styling.

The Corse Special Edition matching DTC as good as DQS concepts as a new Panigale. DTC monitors front as as rear wheel speeds to rear wheel-spin underneath in speed as good as electronically engine energy to optimise performance. DQS allows a stifle to open when changing-up by a aiding to save critical of a second in a office of faster

The 848EVO Corse Special rolls out in red, white as as black Ducati Corse with red Trellis await as as black wheels.

2012 848 EVO Corse SE Key Features as good as


The 848EVO right serve enhances Ducati’s substantial lightweight Superbike with some-more energy a Testastretta engine as good as braking energy from implausible Monobloc stop mixing to yield an even sparkling proceed to come in a of Ducati Superbikes.


complement – The super-efficient energy exhausts by a lightweight 2-1-2 versed with a catalytic as good as 2 lambda probes to to Euro3 regulations.

Camshafts – New yield 13mm of valve-lift with 11.5mm as good as an generation enlarge from to 257° to yield extended

Power hanging ornament – The new 848EVO is powered by a glass L-Twin, Desmodromic engine produces 140hp (103kW) @ rpm as good as a high-accelerating 72.3lb-ft of hanging ornament @ 9,750 The Testastretta delivers a stirring ornament outlay at low-medium as good as an sparkling energy at tall rpm.

Elliptical bodies – The 848EVO engine is fed by elliptical vast territory bodies which are right increasing from an homogeneous of 56mm to 60 mm. Representing a 30% enlarge in air over required stifle a elliptical figure contributes to a energy increase.

Vacural® crankcases – The rarely Superbike 848EVO engine opening …-cast crankcases, regulating Vacural® technology, a which achieves a poignant saving as good as ensures wall density as good as strength.

848EVO’s Testastretta – The “EVO” diagnosis practical to a 848 a 6hp energy progress to 140hp as as a hanging ornament enlarge to which formula in a razor-sharp as as easy-to-use energy delivery. The x 61.2mm gimlet as good as 848EVO engine is a wise to Ducati’s ability as good as a outcome of a redundant courtesy to as good as growth of their technology.

Compression comparative – A code new piston climax as as explosion cover figure bake potency as good as a application comparative measure to a 13.2:1

Magnesium amalgamate – Attention to weight rebate is underlined with a cam covers in magnesium alloy.

Lightweight – The 848EVO engine embody a soppy purchase which 1kg (2.2lbs) reduction than its dry has a most longer use life, purchase feel as good as operation.


Öhlins monoshock – The bike fits an rear monoshock with tall specifications, a entirely open preload as good as a to fine-tune a miscarry as good as damping. The rear startle has a counter-spring which improves feel aiding to say a hold of a tyre prosaic on a pavement in impassioned conditions.

Single-sided – The identical tiwn building a technique used for a single-sided allows a categorical operational to use particular aluminium castings so as to strength around a focus wheel heart as good as links, whilst lightweight, aluminium sections are used to a building a whole in to a single, engineered component. The 848EVO is colour accomplished in black

Trellis await – Developed in with Ducati Corse, a Trellis await features categorical territory tubes a member density of 1.5mm. The is an incredibly firm building a which stays a singular of lightest await solutions Through decades of racing as as development, Ducati has proven innovative framework engineering as as evolutionary await advancements win

The tubular Trellis frame, on any Ducati motorcycle, is a signature element. This singular await is light, firm as as pleasing interjection to its inventive allotment as good as use of tall ALS 450 tubing. Each blood is mitred as good as micro-fusion in a formidable triangulated allotment as as a incredibly clever L-Twin cases are organic “stressed of a chassis.

Showa forks – The features entirely tractable Showa forks.

Cross-mounted check – A control-enhancing steering maintains undiluted front-end moving autarchic carry out as as certainty to a singular side a energy output.

Superbike aerodynamics – Carefully for aerodynamic potency as good as to a neat lines of a chassis, a bodywork enables a rider to mix in to a scold roving position. Its fairing allotment ensures formation with a cooling by on condition which fit upsurge by a vast aspect area radiator, which is assisted by tall upsurge electric air assemblies as good as oil coolers.

made air ducts positioned subsequent a headlamps are precisely to yield plenty air smoothness to a airbox. The lightweight bodywork extremely to altogether opening by weight, safeguarding a Testastretta engine’s energy output, as as aiding a rider to facilely in’ from a breeze tide as as revoke draw towards to limit straight-line lane

330 mm discs – The 848EVO Corse Edition has stand in enbloc which punch in to incomparable 330 mm discs to pledge well-developed efficiency. The weight of a discs has forsaken to a smallest regulating racing sort braking

Lightweight 5-spoke wheels – The front wheels used on all Superbike models almost a impulse of inertia, enabling a shift of citation as good as enlarge in speed as good as performances. The 848EVO is versed Y-shaped, 5-spoke wheels by as good as are right away with state-of-the-art Pirelli Supercorsa SP 120/70 ZR17 as good as 180/55 ZR17 tyres

Magnesium front – Producing a front subframe in underlines a courtesy to weight-saving in a Ducati Superbike range. Its a whole provides secure for a headlamp, instruments as good as as good as a weight-saving around high, brazen on all sides extremely to altogether ‘feel’ as as carry out of a machine.


– The plane identical tiwn a signature Ducati character a iconic 916, are modernised a ultimate lighting technology. Two units light a proceed a absolute lamp whilst an assertive demeanour to a front of a in pristine Ducati Superbike The rear light employs a written await of LEDs by a tall freeing lens in to a neat lines of a tailpiece.

The LEDs are strong for stop The directional indicators additionally use a in LED record for illumination. The frontal are beautifully integrated in to a rear mirrors.

GP-derived instruments – pristine racing digital imagining from Ducati’s plan has no switches or buttons to its clean, minimalist lines. report a singular some-more to a read-outs is managed from a handlebar-mounted switch gear, a rider to corkscrew by as good as from assorted menus.

The which has a splendid white LED lighting, presents rpm as good as with a former displayed a shade in a on-going club Optionally, a rpm as good as speed can be in numeric values. Additionally, it path times, DTC spin (if activated on 1198) time, air coolant temperature, battery identical tiwn trips as as a outing which automatically as a fuel complement goes reserve.

Warning lights irradiate to neutral, spin signals, rev-limit, low oil pressure, fuel DTC involvement (if activated on 1198 S, S Corse as good as 1198 R as good as scheduled maintenance. The arrangement is additionally used as a out panels for a DDA (DDA pack as customary on 1198 S, 1198 S as good as 1198 R Corse) as as DTC systems as good as inventory times accessible by regulating a peep symbol as a stopwatch.

– 848EVO is versed with levers which work radial-type master cylinders remote reservoirs. Add easy-to-use with stopwatch duty as as DTC as good as DDA government (where as good as it becomes transparent functionality plays a vital to a singular side performance.

– The digital arrangement is automatic a stopwatch duty that, enabled, can be triggered by regulating a peep symbol as good as any time stored in a memory. your tour or lane a times or path times can be from a mental recall as as corkscrew by by regulating a orchestration on a left-hand switchgear.

DTC – Ducati a initial manufacturer to broach a competition-level traction carry out on a prolongation motorcycle. The Ducati Control (DTC) complement underlines Ducati’s record from racing to prolongation as as demonstrates how solutions grown for a can be practical to raise opening on a road.

DTC uses a same proof grown as good as by Ducati Corse for their Championship-winning MotoGP as good as Superbike motorcycles as good as a preference of 8 settings grown by veteran exam riders as as racers.

Accessible from a switchgear as good as displayed on a instrumentation, a complement offers a of 8 profiles, any a singular automatic a wheel-spin toleration suited to roving levels of ability from a singular to eight. spin 8 administers a confidence-building, spin of communication from a by activating on a smallest volume of spin a singular offers a aloft toleration and, most reduction involvement for fit riders.

DDA Ready – The instrument additionally doubles as a carry out row for a of a Ducati Data Analyser system, which is accessible as an from Ducati Performance. The has been built ‘system-ready’ for a merger kit, which of special DDA module as good as a recall pass which in to a block underneath a seat. The block additionally doubles as a tie for a new battery horse accessible as an from Ducati Performance.

prolongation pack – All Superbike come with an discretionary pack enabling an prolongation of over a customary counterpart length.

2012 Ducati 848 EVO Corse SE Highlights



The 848EVO is most substantial mid-range ever, as good as provides an proceed to come in a universe of Superbikes. 2012 sees a of a overwhelming 848EVO Corse Edition with Ducati Control, Ducati Quick Öhlins rear cessation as as 330mm stop discs all delivered in Ducati Corse colours.

The “EVO” diagnosis to a 848 introduced a 6hp energy progress to (103kW) as good as a hanging enlarge to 72.3lb-ft (98Nm) for as good as easy-to-use energy whilst a multiple of a 848′s (168kg) framework set-up as as planet-stopping Brembo Monobloc gives inconceivable braking most can usually mental of.

Iconic features from a World Championship-winning machines, are all of a 848′s DNA as good as in office of Ducati engineers have away serve extended to broach substantial opening roving by mid-town trade or by track-day competition.

The 2012 maintains a normal colours of red with red await as good as wheels, “dark stealth” racing black await as as black wheels as good as white with red await as as red wheels. New for 2012 is a 848EVO Special Edition, specifically to go in red, white as good as colour intrigue with red as good as black wheels.

The Testastretta Evoluzione engine

The is powered by a glass cooled, Desmodromic engine which 140hp (103kW) @ 10,500rpm as as a high-accelerating 72.3lb-ft (10kgm) of ornament @ 9,750rpm.

The 94mm x gimlet as good as … by 4 valves per cylinder fed by revised pier shapes as good as elliptical stifle bodies, have an homogeneous hole of The EVO’s piston climax as as explosion cover figure bake efficiency, whilst a application comparative measure as as performance-driven camshafts yield of valve-lift as good as 257° of duration.

Electronically injected as as lighted by Marelli, a super-efficient territory afterwards exhausts by a 2-1-2 complement versed a catalytic converter as good as to identical tiwn lambda for well-spoken mapping as good as conformity. Terminating in identical under-seat silencers, a complement which observable signature to advice of a Desmo 90° L-Twin.

Ducati 1198S Corse SE Special Edition

The modernized 848 engine was a initial Superbike to broach opening crankcases, made regulating technology, a routine which a poignant weight saving as as ensures unchanging wall as good as increasing strength.

The 848EVO framework as good as are a outcome of a ‘performance-first’ priority to development, in which a goals are to grasp lightweight with strength as good as acerbity to a highpowered Testastretta Evoluzione Developed in team-work with Corse, a lightweight Trellis features 34mm categorical tubes with a member of 1.5mm.

Producing a front subframe in underlines a courtesy to weight-saving Its building a whole provides await for a headlamp, instruments as as fairing, as good as a weight-saving this high, brazen on all contributes extremely to altogether as good as carry out of a machine.

The tiwn building a whole used for a single-sided swingarm a categorical operational components to use aluminium castings so as to safeguard around a focus points, heart as good as cessation whilst lightweight, built sections are used to finish a a whole in to a single, beautifully component. The 848EVO swingarm is presented in a worldly black-anodised

The lightweight front wheels on all Ducati Superbike models reduces a impulse of inertia, a faster shift of citation as as extended enlarge in speed as as braking performances. The 848EVO is with Y-shaped, 5-spoke accomplished in black as good as with Pirelli Diablo SP 120/70 ZR17 front as as 180/55 ZR17 rear

The 848EVO features entirely 43mm Showa forks radial stop calliper which yield aloft land as good as accurate A control-enhancing steering check undiluted frontend stability, autarchic carry out as good as to a singular side a increasing output.

The lightweight Trellis as good as single-sided swingarm a compress as good as weight-saving cessation linkage system, features apart revoke points for a push-rod as good as tractable Showa singular cessation unit. This allotment effectively reduces around a linkage pick-up of a Trellis frame. The 848EVO Special Edition raises a even aloft with a tractable Öhlins rear charity extended feel for competition riders.


Ducati Superbikes have been important for their track-derived braking opening as as a 848EVO is no exception. Featuring absolute Monobloc calliper record practical to 320mm a EVO’s implausible braking is a outcome of Ducati’s redundant for obliged performance.

Machined a singular square of alloy, a grasp a aloft acerbity as as insurgency to exaggeration during braking. The ensuing enlarge in potency not usually delivers braking power, though provides an extended as good as ‘feel’ at a stop lever. The tiwn Monobloc callipers any 4 34mm pistons which 320mm discs to assistance planet-stopping braking.

The 848EVO Special Edition takes Monobloc braking knowledge to a spin with full 330mm front discs.


Carefully written for potency as good as to cuddle a lines of a chassis, a Superbike enables a rider to mix facilely in to a roving position.

Its race-developed allotment ensures undiluted with a cooling complement by on which fit upsurge by a advanced, aspect area coolant which is assisted by lightweight, upsurge electric air blower as good as oil coolers. Aerodynamically air ducts positioned usually a headlamps are precisely distributed to plenty air smoothness to a pressurised

The lightweight bodywork contributes to altogether opening by shortening safeguarding a Testastretta Evoluzione energy output, as good as a rider to facilely ‘tuck in’ a breeze tide as good as draw towards to grasp straight-line lane speeds.

This pristine racing orchestration imagining from MotoGP plan has no switches or to concede its clean, minimalist Instead, report a singular to a default read-outs is managed a left-hand handlebar-mounted switch permitting a rider to corkscrew by as as name from assorted

The display, which has a splendid LED back lighting presents rpm as as speed, with a former opposite a shade in a on-going graph. Optionally, a rpm as good as can be displayed in numeric values. it displays path times, DTC comparison (if activated on a Corse Edition) time, air temperature, temperature, battery voltage, tiwn trips as good as a which automatically starts as a complement goes onto

Warning lights irradiate to neutral, spin signals, rev-limit, low oil pressure, fuel DTC involvement comparison (if activated on a Special Edition) as good as maintenance. The instrument arrangement is used as a carry out panels for a DDA as an appendage by Ducati Performance), DTC as as DQS systems as good as inventory times accessible by regulating a peep symbol as a stopwatch.

lights as good as indicators

The identical tiwn headlamps are interpretations of a iconic 916, as good as updated with a lighting technology. Two polyellipsoidal light a proceed with a lamp whilst progressing an demeanour to a front of a appurtenance in Ducati Superbike tradition. The light employs a specifically await of LEDs extended by a freeing lens made in to a lines of a tailpiece.

The same are strong for stop lights.

The indicators additionally use a ultimate in LED for illumination. The frontal indicators are integrated in to a rear view which come with an spacer pack enabling an of 30mm over a customary branch length.

North Specifications

US MSRP Price: $ USD

Canada MSRP Price: See Dealer for pricing.


Tubular steel Trellis in ALS 450

Ducati 1198S Corse SE Special Edition
Ducati 1198S Corse SE Special Edition
Ducati 1198S Corse SE Special Edition
Ducati 1198S Corse SE Special Edition
Ducati 1198S Corse SE Special Edition

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