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Ducati 125 T

Ducati 916

This article is with the kind permission of Cycle News, where it was published in 1994

Ducati to produce a miracle to come up a bike which was significantly than the outrageously brilliant

God does live in Bologna all.

Quite simply, a day riding the new 916 at the Misano race in Italy, I can’t help Ducati has created what is the best motorcycle in the world at moment.

Everyone now knows the bike looks like, as the V-twin has taken centre in all the 1993 motor cycle if for no other reason than its good looks. The danger always be that on the road it never quite live up to the hype.

But sit astride it, snick it gear, open up the throttle and any in this respect are instantly into oblivion. The engine is worth writing a book The 888 in Strada or SP guise really to be spun beyond 6000rpm to of its best (though you’d call it gutless below

But the 916 has a vast reservoir of grunt lets you drop to 4000 and charge manically out of a corner.

In it’s the mid-range power impresses the most. Push the up to the rev-limiter, which holds you on the of the five-figure zone, and there’s a sensation of the power tailing It actually feels quicker up a little early, at around and surfing out of a turn on the tidal of torque.

Like any V-twin Ducati on the 916 is a delight to the ears. The bellow those … twin rise cans under the is muted compared with the SP5 was never homologated for road so was silenced rather more but it still stirs the soul. The is also spurred on by the mellow from the intakes, hidden under the fuel tank, so of relaxed, low-revving power.

all so smooth, too. It’s to understand how two thumping 94mm pistons flying up and down at 90 degrees to each other do anything but shake the machine to but that’s one of the happy advantages of a — primary balance is There is a little buzziness as the climb, but it’s still low compared to a four and never the riding experience.

Other foibles which could down the fun have been too. That eternal blight, the clutch, finally to operate predictably and quietly.

no protesting bark like a on heat, or accompanying lurch as you away, just smooth as the transmission is engaged.

Engine and technical boss Massimo As for the riding position, sometimes and ungainly on Italian bikes, the you can say now is it might be a little too radical for people. A lot of weight is thrown on to the low bars, but on the track at least perfect, setting you up just to grab hold of the bike and let it who’s in charge. For the first few it felt cramped for my 6’3 but the feeling evaporated with

The fairing, so beautifully styled almost erotic, works as as it looks. You have to tuck in to slip behind its aerodynamic but once there you can feel it directing air around the rider and efficiently. Ducati claims alone is worth nearly at the top end when fitted to the 888, so a lot of effort has gone into it work on the air as well as the eye.

The 916 completely perfect and, as the 888 you have to be delicate applying especially exiting a bend. The throttle response from the developed Weber fuel system means the horses charging into action quite a bang, enough to your chosen line and the back end to kick out.

year’s 888 had revised injection, a faster electronic chip and 50 per larger mapped memory to its carburation from. This the bike’s response in particular, it that crispness normally available from the best but which seems to be a part of the A little practice with the (actually, a lot more, please. ) and it can be with though.

The 916’s is based on the 888’s but has been further, with the result the new bigger motor breathes right across the rev range, and around the tacho almost too to follow.

That’s with the in neutral, but in first gear almost the same — is brutally quick. Kerb is quoted as 192kg (split front to rear) meaning the will tip the scales at a little the FireBlade’s class-leading 185kg dry.

With an astonishing 114bhp eight short of the Honda’s output) to propel it, it’s no the bike charges out of corners so fast — and its massive torque should be enough to see off the machine. It’s easy to the 916 is only a twin.

It would be a waste to house this in a mediocre chassis, and Ducati has a bullseye with the 916’s tubular steel framework. is quite stunning, yet so easy to full advantage of. The bike can be on the brakes eye-poppingly late, yet in fast and smoothly with still being scrubbed off as it the apex.

Designer Massimo It feels as if you can charge up to a bend, lay the flat on its side (ground is enormous) spin it round the then stand it up straight by twisting the throttle. The superbly rear end digs in hard and as much grip as you’ll need on the roads, with feedback than a Jimi gig.

The rear single-sided has more than a hint of RC30 about it, and Ducati it was used as much for its looks as any advantages, but the bottom line is it just fine. There’s not a of flex, and the wheel tracks the surface as well as any production available.

The front end, the rear, is suspended courtesy of company Showa, and works the same breathtaking efficiency. For the it’s a little soft, down disconcertingly if the brakes used subtly enough, but this could be largely out by upping the compression damping.

Carl Fogarty taking the 916 to the WSB championship That aside, just about the best end available, letting you take liberties with the brakes, and impressively, do what you like your lines through a If the corner tightens up, it doesn’t that you’re so far over knee is trapped between the and the road, the bike responds to a nudge of the bars and simply up with it. If the corner opens out than you thought, no problem, dial in some more (there’s always more ) and let the 916 drift over — safely and with heart-pounding

The really exceptional property of chassis is not so much how well it but how easy it is to corner fast. performance with a capital A.

about time to dig up another to try to salvage some credibility, so mention the brakes. In typical fashion, the pair of four-piston calipers needed plenty of at the bars to give their and on some bikes it was possible to two fingers if you didn’t hook all round the lever. The power was there, though with a amount of fade by the end of a half-hour

Troy Corser in 1996 mechanics improved things by back the piston in the master and letting some more past. It wasn’t a case of the system, but allowing the lever to while further out from the and this just about did the

As for the rear stopper, inboard and to the dished back wheel, was never needed on the track, a few experimental dabs proved it to be More road use would be to assess it properly.

Ducati 125 T

The left meanwhile, had a great time. Any sub-standard trait would ruined the 916, as is always the when a bike would be if only. , but even the gearchange is a Up or down through the box, or without the clutch, every snicked satisfyingly into with just a gentle of the lever.

Even neutral is to find and, better the green light seems to get it every time (a first for any Italian bike).

996R 0f had 998cc of the new Testastretta engine details have been more throughly thought out on the 916 with previous Italian The steering damper is neatly across the back of the top yoke, by purpose-made brackets rather tacked on as an afterthought.

The steering angle can be altered by adjusting the head-bearing housings.

These are to alter trail without wheelbase, but the bike felt fine as set up by the factory — we’ll experiment with when we get hold of a bike in

The bike will be supplied the option of either Pirelli or Michelin Hi-Sport rubber, in form on the front, and a colossal section on the 17-inch rear. The of the Pirelli makes the bike a more comfortable when thrown into a turn, but allows a small amount of at the bars in a straight line at speed — 120mph-plus or so. not enough to call a weave or but then again it`s absent with the Hi-Sports

The French tyres also more grip, though the aren`t huge.

The average 916 isn`t likely to be epsecially so the Michelins will be the better bet wearing out faster. In fact, 916 owners for 1994 already who they are, as most destined for the UK are accounted for. Not one of is going to be disappointed.


tested: Ducati 916 (1994

Price: (to come)

Available no

Engine: 90-degree V-twin, cooled, dohc desmodromic 8v,

Power: 114bhp (116PS, @ 9,000 rpm

Torque: 69lb.ft 92Nm) @ 6,900rpm

Economy: (14.9km/l, 6.7l/100km, 35.0mpg US)

Ducati 125 T
Ducati 125 T
Ducati 125 T


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