Ducati Brake Lever Install

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Ducati 65 T

The only cure is to cut the housing in On the Classic you could slide the Mount down the bar, the end of the lever (where there is control, especially in traffic) the switch.

How CG Members See the Problem of Why are the Controls so far from my thumb on the GS? Is a Fix?

Why are blinkers on our bikes so far my thumb? Do I have stubby Why do we still have both on the left side? Even HD one switch for each direction! observations.

I think we got gypped on design issues. Colbster, CA

sorry but I can’t agree you at all. I have never any problems reaching this on any bike, my problem with are usually the opposite, a lot is too small, hard to fit all I suppose. Will have a green handlebar on the side and a red on the left as well, to which side of the road to on?

Would you really like two in your car, on for right and one for Try operating a switch with right thumb without the throttle, wouldn’t it be even for you to reach then? Also I shift directly from to left blinker in roundabouts, would be harder with two wouldn’t it? rakaD

I have fingers and thumbs, and the positioning perfect to me. I also like right, left and cancel on one because it’s like a car way and therefore feels natural to me. #770

I’ve found the switch to be although it did take a little used to after my Kaw (which had the and turn signal transposed to the F650). I actually really, like the switch. I may be insane, but the chicklet sound it makes engaging and cancelling really my crank, so to speak.

8-). #1214

I’m with I must have short In Traffic, I can’t clutch and blink like the I used to on the One of my BIG gripes about the GS. -) Stupidly you slide the clutch lever away from the instrument toward the end of the lever (more like you could on the Classic, as all one moulding.

DHP#711 CUT his to to do this.

I had problem too and I did the same thing of early before needing to the clutch, but there were when I couldn’t do that. I do now, if the clutch is already in, is it in with 2 fingers (i.e. ring finger and pinky the grip) and then pivot/rotate my around to reach the switch my thumb. It took a while for it to get but now I do it without having to think it.

Sit on your bike with it on the and try a bunch of variations — you’ll find something works without having to the equipment. Now if only I could out how to roll off the throttle and pull in the brake lever at the same smoothly. Rebecca

If I understand you you had the clutch lever and housing forward (or anti-clockwise if viewed the side) to improve the angle your arm/hand and the lever. motocross and Enduro riders like this, as they stand, and the angle is more I have mine pointing a further down than myself.

However, the problem having small hands, is you can only reach the clutch with your finger — and sometimes only stretching your whole a little closer (and off the grip). My girlfriend has exactly the problem (she’s currently to ride). Like Rebecca I also ride with two on the clutch and two on the grip, so my clutch is never pulled in right up to the itself.

I think a viable would be to have the lever back slightly (if too much, the clutch would not operate As the lever is alloy, just any engineering shop or alloy/aluminum should be able to do this for But be careful — as the lever is brittle (a result of the manufacturing it would break easily if not with extreme care.

Experienced it. Absolutely. Every I hate it in traffic and I don’t THAT small hands. was no Problem.

DHP #711 CUT the Housing hacksaw (or something) to separate the Control box from the lever thus enabling him to move the mount toward the Centre of the so where his hands grabbed the would allow him to touch the BMW not thinking again. That is a moulded Aluminium. Problem is if you cut it how to the Control Box stay put.

I did ask DHP how he did it. got back to me on that one yet. The problem is one of Design, IMHO. If you your fingers at the end of the lever, you have more control, you reach the indicator with hands. Traditionally, moving the lever mount to the bike moved the end of the lever closer to the Box, so you could reach

You could do this on the Classic as the two separate. BMW, in its infinite has made both units so this is no longer possible, cutting. Poor design I Kristian#562 HK ex’96F, ’00 GS

Was to get some input regarding an I am having with my ’02 GS. I small hands, so I had the dealer the front brake lever and the forward to improve my reach. loosed a bolt and pivoted forward) Meaning I wasn’t to bend my wrist to reach the This was a big help, however, I am that I can’t reach the signals while holding the in.

If I have the dealer pivot the back to the original placement, I wonder if it would really any difference, because I expect the between the turn signals and the would be the same regardless of the Has anyone experienced this, or any suggestions? Right now it takes careful planning to make I can signal well ahead of before I engage the clutch.

anyone know if the controls for the and the signals could be adjusted changing the position of the clutch? #1165 (St. Louis).

our recent trip to Namibia I that after a full dirt riding that the lever of my F650 is too far from the for my small hand to reach, with thick gloves on. tried slacking off on the cable but this did not help too much. By the I was getting cramps in my hand and had to my hand off the grip to grab the If I put my hand against my husbands it is the size. The clutch on my Triumph Triple is perfect.

Any ideas as to we can do. Gill Koch Cape South Africa

by David #476

Please the Disclaimer before attempting any in this FAQ.

edited by #562


So you find the lever is a little too long of a Here’s a solution.

One of the inmates that a Ducati after adjustable brake lever work on our bikes. It made sense, as the Ducati’s use Brembo just like our Fs. (At least the Aprilia made ones!) On investigation at the local Ducati the levers appeared identical, as did the Cylinders, so I figured I’d give it a Lo and behold, it worked perfectly almost perfectly.

I’ll get to later.) Shots below the stock lever and the Ducati one at smallest (#4). #1 is the same as the stock BMW one.

If you have the hand guards remove which takes a screwdriver and the wrench.

Next take the wrench and remove the nut on the bottom of lever pivot shown

Nut on the bottom of the Pivot

Next a tricky part:

On the inside of the lever is a tiny little pin below next to a SMALL of haemostats.

This is NOT something you to lose as without it, your lights won’t come on you use your front brake. It in the small hole on the right in 5

So now you just remove the old lever. off the play adjustment in the new one. And put the new one in, care not to dislodge or lose the light switch pin.

Oh, I take a moment prior to and lube everything up real with red grease.

The new lever Note play adjustment on the left.

A note here. the stock lever has no play this whole bit is missing the stock lever. What meant for me is that I had to move the brake, master cylinder, set up inward to clear the switch on the assembly. Below is a shot of It’s hard to see, but is about .002” clearance the lever and the switch.

Just so that it doesn’t interfere the brake lever.


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