Ducati crankshaft lightening and balancing

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Ducati 60

Ducati Crankshaft Balancing

on the these links:

NEW! are at the bottom of the page

New LOWERED below!

Fox Performance Engines has a new Turner Technolgies crankshaft that’s completely computer driven, highly accurate, and all around fun to use.

The Crankshaft done at Fox Performance is done in house. I can tell you the most thing about my crankwork, the end product that the customer is the exact same thing I race in my own race bikes on the

What you are getting has gone my hands to inside my motor to the And won!

I have experimented many things and found that work and I offer to you.

You can send your to some blah blah crank shop that all kinds of cranks 4 cylinders, 2 2 strokes, etc. and they can do crank work, but you will get that has been worked on by a that has more than never even rode a

Or you can send it to some other and then they in turn ship it out to that same blah blah crankshop and you more than what it cost you if you sent it direct. Not to the extra shipping time, you easily rack up more miles on your crankshaft you will put on your bike in the 6 months of having back on by going through a middle

Some of the things we do when a crank that some often over look:

(check for cracks)

Check for

Inspect jounal

Remove all plugs and clean thoroughly return

And lastly, actually the crank, properly.

Ducati 4V and 2V lightening and Balancing

Stage 2 edge, balance, polish)

1 — $149 Balance

SPS — $399 cut flat SPS and polished(shown below)

SV650, Aprillia and 4 cylinder crank are availible as well(call for pricing)

do not include shipping costs or costs for mallory metal*

SPS makes your crank like the SPS cranks from the

998 crank shown above from stock to SPS style to be polished like stage 2)

Technologies Crankshaft Balancer with a Stage 3 Ducati set up with a bobweight

Carrillo Rods

$675 (pair)

Rods are the choice rod of top level and streetriders demanding the highest and most longevity. It’s a H-beam rod that reduces the rotating and reciprocating weight of engine. A Carrillo rod can withstand the environment of any race engine and is as perfectly suited for the daily riden motorcycle.

Availible for 4 valve or 2 valve We can also refurbish Pankl Ti as well.


Q: Why do I need to my crank?

A: Simple, it’s not very well from the to begin with, they are in volume and do not get the attention the deserve. done at the factory a crank is to a percentage where it will ok for moderate use. A properly crank will increase life significantly.

A properly crank will give operation.

Q: I am building a motor for my and bought a balanced crank off can I install it in my motor with my

A: No. that crank you bought was for a completly different rod and piston and may not have been done even for what it was using Every crank/rod/piston combination is to itself and cannot be interchanged if you a perfectly balanced assembly.

Q: I am to high comp/big bore there shouldn’t be a balance right?

A: Sure if you pretend not there then it will go Aftermarket pistons are always than the extremely heavy slugs. I have seen make changes of up to 70 grams in weight and say there’s no problem it, but I have then dyno’d bikes after and I surely can when I see the headlight bucket vibrating and I can feel the bars in my hands on a Ducati, I know a problem.

Think of the forces required to that much energy the engine up the frame and throught the to vibrate it that much. On a note, my big bore kit pistons are made to the same exact of a stock piston, so it is a truely in and go kit.

Q: Will a lighter make more power?

A: No, it allow the motor spin up The bike will accelerate from point A to point B. it will make the entire lighter as well, we remove a pound or so for stage 3 work.

Q: a lighter crank cause problems.

A: No, lightweight crank idle no differently than a crank.

remember that sps and R come with lightweight and Ti rods.

Ducati 60

Q: Will a lighter make less torque?

A: No, a crank will have inertia, or stored energy of it’s lighter mass. So it a little more effort to get the moving from a stop. But you have to remeber we are not making cranks much lighter the same cranks that in any SPS, or R model bikes so be no different than them, but You will see no change in dyno whatsoever with a lighter

Q: Why knife edge?

A: Aerodynamics. crank is spinning around than humans can comprehend. it is a spinning wing doing best to slice through the air and all the oil is being thrown around your motor.

Q: Why polish my

A: It’s looks cool. And it surface tension allowing oil to off easily, reducing drag.

Q: Why do I to send my rods, pistons, circlips in?

A: I have to weigh that is connected to the crankshaft to balance it. Balancing a 90 degree takes into account a amount of weight percentage of the and rods and a simulated weight(bobweight) is to the crank and it is spun on a crank and material is added or removed see pictures above showing with bobweight on it.

Q: What is or heavy metal and why do I have to pay for it?

A: When using certain of pistons and rods, sometimes mass has to be added in some to offset the weight of the rods and Mallory is expensive, a stick of that is 6 inches long and 1/2 in diameter costs about it is so expensive because it is a very material weighing twice as as steel of the same dimensions. 2 inches or less are required for instances of stage 3 crank

Q: What is the turn around

A: Everything we do is done right so I can generally get a crank turned back to you within week. So as I don’t have a race to go to :)

Q: Ok, I to get my crank done but am not sure rods to use?

A: I get alot about con rods, I have one everytime, Carrillo. Period. rods are too much hassle and won’t last as long as a rod.

A Carrillo rod only 29 grams more than a Ti 29 grams isn’t a lot of weight. about 60 paper clips. It is a lot of when it comes to rotating but the 29 grams isn’t all on the rotating end of the rod, some of it is on the reciprocating

When you compare the longevity of a rod and the cost effectiveness, there’s no sense trying to use some old piece of crap Ti rod that you off ebay which will reconditioned on the big end because it has deformed it’s Ti and new rod bolts which $50 each! that’s $200 for new rod alone. People ask can’t I them?

Sure, you can but is a $50 rod bolt the destruction of your motor? those $400 ebay really only used for street miles? why are they sold if there so great? The rod can only be torqued 3 times as per specs, and then thrown how many times have ebay rods been

Q: I have more questions I am to email you.

A: That’s but a phone call is faster and get you an imediate response, so we prefer the to person type conversations. got cranks to balance instead of my typing skills. 😉


Fox Performance Engines can lighten and your Ducati crankshaft. A crank will provide the with better throttle and will pull through the faster. A crank that is balanced will ensure engines longevity and provide engine operation. A crank by us will be to the proper spec

We use the latest crank balancing that is perfectly calibrated.

3 cranks usually need metal added to them upon the piston and rod combination. metal) is placed in the lower to offset heavier rods and There is an extra charge for metal if necessary.

Ducati 60


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