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Ducati 60 S

w BW Ducati GT1000 and Sport Info

New GT1000 Project

Our Triumph Tiger served its during the last 18 months or so as the hack bike.

It was time to for something different.

Burn has 6-8 motorcycles in his garage at any given but there always seems to be parts on the floor than two tires, which means one or two are actually available for use during our

So what to buy? I’m on the lookout for a bargain on a sleeper great bikes that for reason never became like the pre-’99 Tiger

These are the motorcycles that outside the top choice in the print road tests — you the bikes that the scribes discount because they make 150bhp, weigh 300 and have World Superbike times right out of the box.

wrong with buying but I thought it was high time for a motorcycle for a change.

The last bike I owned was — embarrassed to admit — a Ascot VT500. That was way in the early 1980’s. Damn the I wanted new!

But what it be? There are so many nice out there, but my graduate degree in the of Hard Knocks has taught me even though motorcycling is about emotion and the look, is enduring. And after all, the would have to be something of a that we can use for evaluating all sorts of and gear.

So I went through a bunch of in my mind — Yamaha No, too big and I’m tired of ripping a fairing every time I to do some minor repair. Sprint ST?

Nice and seriously but it still has a fairing and the local dealer bit me once too many

How about something really like a Moto Guzzi Now there’s a bike you don’t see day. But two of the dealers I called me the brush-off; they wanted to out their inventory of existing before taking any new orders.

One of days, I’m going to own a though.

The search is sometimes fun than the actual purchase, and my brought me to the local BMW dealer. I sat on a new but immediately decided the riding wasn’t for me. An R1200GS sitting was too tall for my 30 inseam and I didn’t the massive view from the

Also, modern BMW styling my passion meter.

But upstairs, in the department, right next to an Paul Smart 1000, sat a GT1000. This one was painted in the metallic color that’s a bit too retro for my taste. But it spoke to me it hits all my ’60’s sensibilities, yet it has nice, modern accoutrements, the fat 180-series rear tire, the forks the fuel injection and the instruments.

No fairing, exposed engine and and basic. I sat on it, looked at it, touched it and sat on it Then I ordered one in Ducati


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The First Impressions

I picked it up and rode the heck out of it, took photos and rushed in to jot down my impressions. I’ll certainly be you lots more on this and we also ordered a set of the Ducati and the windscreen that are both for the GT1000 and we’ll report with an installation article they arrive. That is, if we own the bike when they — the dealer informed me the bags and ‘screen are backordered at the

The GT1000 seems tiny, after stepping off the Tiger. The position is very reminiscent of the Thunderbird Sport we had kicking here before the Tiger. The GT is leaned out over the handlebars, seem just a touch too low and too far out.

I’ll have to see if I get to it or not but they should be fixable if

The seat is taller than it and I have to tiptoe a bit at stoplights. is surprising, because the bike so small otherwise. Maybe the is a result of that vertical sitting right under the jewels?

The GT1000 starts up — no manual petcock and no — and it has the craziest loping I’ve ever heard. All I can of is an alien biomechanical creature away, with a weird sound that seems to the firing of each cylinder, explodes with a deep, boom. Magnifico! You can feel and every pulse of those pistons as they jump up and

And guess what? There’s no rattle!

I turned on the recorder and up the bike and let it run for a few seconds; here’s the .mp3 file (Quicktime for your listening pleasure. The were about 6 feet from the GT’s tail and if you a decent stereo system you be able to hear the deep loping sound from the V-twin.

Initial press spoke of a reduced clutch at the lever, but if the GT1000’s is reduced, hate to try full strength. riders must have like tree stumps. At the clutch and the front brake are adjustable.

Setting #4 puts the engagement too close to the grip; #3 is better.

Just for kicks, I out the scale and measured the GT1000’s pull at 26 lbs. vs. 20 lbs. for the I had guessed about 20% more and guess is about right.

Ducati 60 S

The has gobs torque and power comes in rapid fire bursts from those two big The power pulses make it a bit to pull smoothly away a stop or to round a slow turn — the power like it’s on/off, every time a cylinder off and when it does, the bike to jump forward. Give it a tiny bit of gas in a slow speed and it jumps ahead if the gear is too low and like a bronco if it’s a too high.

But this is what gives the character with a capital C. I it! You definitely, absolutely know there’s an engine under with a living, breathing just waiting to be let loose. Now I why people love Ducatis.

The big surprise to me is the stiffness of the forks. in disagreement with other on this one; a couple of have claimed that the suspension is too soft. Maybe too compared to Nicky Hayden’s but surely not for American streets this problem has been resolved; I discovered that the had pumped up the tires to 36 PSI.

I reduced the pressure to the recommended 32 the suspension went from to firm).

The forks seem stiff and when combined the low bars, it’s sometimes to keep the sensitive throttle through a bumpy corner due to the and on/off fuel injection The rear shocks, however, panned in the print press as too My feeling is that they’re for my 190 lb. body; the rear end seems so controlled over the same that rattle the front.

impressions? The GT1000 seems for U.S. roads. It’s turning 3,750 RPM at 70 MPH in 6th gear and RPM at 70 MPH in 5th. I have drop about two gears to accelerate. The

Up the rear sprocket by a couple or teeth.

The flip side of the gearing is a very relaxed pace. The engine is always but the bike barely feels it’s turning over the speedo reads 50, 60, 70. It’s a feeling but highly dangerous to license.

The retro gauges are but aimed slightly too low; would probably be perfect if the was piloting the bike from the seat. The position is fixed so there’s no solving this The speedo goes up to 160 MPH, borders on ridiculous and which the individual hash marks are too together for easy reading.

The feels comfortable and I feel I’m definitely sitting in the rather than on it. But after a the slope of the seat pushes me the fuel tank and I feel sliding forward at stop The low forward handlebars don’t

But overall, the seat isn’t

Note: w BW visitor T.W. an ancient product called (Dubbin info ) to prevent on motorcycle seats. He writes . I was the GT1000 blog and noticed you your seat was slippery. I know if this will for you but on my ’06 Honda spirit I use leather treatment on the seat. it’s on I stick like to the seat.

Well maybe not like but I sure as hell don’t around.

I had to struggle with the company to get a proof of insurance to the dealer and after all was said and I realized I forgot to actually ask how it would cost to insure the When I arrived at the dealer to delivery, I glanced at the insurance and discovered that they’re me a whopping $870.00 per year for the

This compares to the insurance for the 1986 BMW R65 at $105.00 and the 1998 Tiger at $110.00 per year. wondering if perhaps they see the Ducati and the price skyrockets? to say, I’ll be shopping for a new when the policy expires and report back on my findings.

are some quick photos, a bit too quick and my apologies for the quality. For information, check out my GT 1000 , where I will post my as I get to know the new ride.

Ducati 60 S
Ducati 60 S
Ducati 60 S


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