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Ducati ST4 S


ONE Saturday during the winter of 1985 I to the rain and wind beating a on the bedroom window, thought the CBX250 Honda sitting in the and decided I’d ride to Melbourne for the

Until last Sunday was the only ride I’d voluntarily in filthy weather.

For last effort the rain wasn’t down when I surfaced (it was deciding), and the ride wasn’t to it was a far less enterprising lap of the southern

But, nonetheless, it’s how the right motorcycle can change view of the world. I’d been for the Ducati ST4 a long time. It a class of stylishly competent whose philosophical (rather mechanical) origins can be traced to the 750 GT and BMW R90S and, more and relevantly, the Honda VFR750F.

Its members include the VFR800, a of BMW’s R1100 variants, the Sprint ST and, holding the open until the arrival of its potent sibling, the Ducati The last-named is a fine motorcycle in its own and underlines the versatility of Ducati’s 900SS engine. Bored out to and slotted into a hang-support frame with supple and suspension at both ends, the is a match for its cycle parts and the ST2 an impressive sports-tourer by most

The ST2 will, I suspect, find of its buyers from within own ranks. If you’re shopping for practical and versatile but have not educated in by Bologna’s products, likely be unimpressed by the ST2’s numbers, and no amount of muttering a beefed-up 900SS donk is to enhance its appeal. If you know how that engine is, you’re up and and would have little in slapping down the green.

If you understand the folklore, however, or can’t be bothered with it, the motorcycle with an engine more obvious appeal is the answer. And the 916’s four World Championship crowns are a argument to counter.

The ST2 was one of the last bikes I rode working for Streetbike. At the time I had my own belter in the garage, a tiny, 750SS in which I delighted. But the ST2 it for me. Compared with the ST’s compliant suspension, especially its back end, my SS felt and I looked upon its cantilever unit with increasing

Add to that a more comfortable position, better protection the fairing, and a centre stand, and you had proof that Ducati build bikes combining Bolognese performance with a of comfort more typically the of Honda.

The ST’s steel-tube is typical Ducati trellis but for the that it can accommodate either of two different power units. And the 916 with cylinder heads bigger and heavier than of the 900SS, had to be reworked in order not to house it but to maintain the bike’s balance (49 per cent front, 51 per rear, unladen).

Compare the diagrams on the factory’s website and you’ll see that the castings are in one major particular: the exhaust cam has lowered, by shortening the valve This allows the 916 engine, is longer than the two-valver, to be back a little further in the According to Warren Lee at NF Imports, the ST2 has the front wheel to cylinder clearance of any Ducati living or and seating the exhaust cam further the head was essential to get an extra few of clearance for the ST4.

The chassis on bikes is as near identical as no odds. Wheelbase is 1430mm, and trail are 24°/102mm; the fully USD forks are 43mm in diameter and 130mm travel; front are 320mm diameter and grabbed, required, by four-pot callipers; disc on both bikes is diameter; both bikes get 17-inch aluminium alloy 3.5in front width, rear; a 21-litre fuel with a 6-litre reserve; and so it on, down to the same grade of used for the frame tubes.

And nor do the similarities end even there, with the exception of the ST4’s rear sprocket (ST2: 43) is identical. Elsewhere the ST4’s has much in common with the old 916 engine, or the present 748.

output is pegged by the factory at (77kW) at 9000rpm. That’s at the crank, and rear-wheel figures offered suggest that is a fair-dinkum figure, with 100bhp measured more than not, albeit at 500rpm higher. Compression is 11:1, half a point than current base-model 996 and 748 and ‘redline’ (it isn’t marked on the is at 10,000rpm, rather than the of the hotrods.

Valve timing is to these donks, with opening 11° BTDC/closing 70° ABDC 9.6mm lift, and exhaust 62° BBDC/closing 18° ATDC with lift. Valve diameters are inlet and 29mm exhaust, the 748. And, like the 748 but the bigger banger, the ST4 has one injector per

The ST brothers’ styling is variously as anything between ho-hum and boring, and with the best in the world it’s a tad prosaic: for the 2 maybe, but the 4 could use something a more rakish.

Massimo has said that he expects the 4 to the 2 by as much as 70:30, but according to the Mr Lee that isn’t the case with Aussies buying as many ST2 as ST4s. Wal says mainly a question of cost, but I help wondering if the ST4 wouldn’t be better at the box office with styling. Given that the STs are the last remaining motorcycles handlebars higher than the upright riding position as a pleasant reminder of a lost It’s still a good forward over the hunch-backed but it’s nice not to feel the ’bars are extensions of the wheel for a change

The instruments are similar to the 916’s, but not the which offers enough for all but the most pampered of western Thumb the button and you get the rock’n’roll that’s kept 25 years’ of Ducati riders fiddling in the long after more folk have hung up helmets and settled in front of the TV.

The 916 adds a dry clutch rattle to its music, making the business of the throttle a reward in itself – with stock, overweight It’s difficult to characterise an exhaust note. It’s urgent and edgy than the leisurely boom of the old bevels, than a Pantah’s, and at the same more subtle and aggressive.

The of distant battle. If only I find a way of wrapping it in chocolate or it, I’d make millions. Rolling it on the run down the hill from my banished any lingering doubts the comparison with the ST2 extends the spec sheet.

The ST4 leaps in a way that no street two-valve can match, with a crispening of the note to a business-like growl. the bike in the … of winter give me a chance to test its tolerance, but even around the engine performs well. The lever has a heavier pull most and, like dry clutches, takes up less than most oil-bath

Most of the time the difference is but get the throttle/clutch balance wrong and be rewarded with a squawk of from the clutch. But this is a donk that seems enough to chunter round in the lower gears with the hovering around 3000rpm. For urgency, dial in five or six and on; the tacho needle flicks to its top mark with bewildering and the rev limiter cuts in all too soon.

Look at a graph comparing outputs of the two bikes and the truth is the ST2’s output climbs brisk authority in a clean, rounded curve to 7000rpm, which point its maximum of is delivered with seamless all the way to redline; the ST4 starts with hesitation, delivers less than the ST2 up to 5500rpm, matches it then soars away to hit its of 100bhp at 9000rpm, and hold it for the 1000rpm and more, past the where the ST2 rev-limiter has ended its

Ducati ST4 S

With so illustrious a racing as the 916’s, it is inevitable that the ST4 be a serious piece of merchandise, so no mistake: it’ll tour, no but it’ll also cut standing in the low 11s and pull to the rev limiter for a top speed a over 255km/h. Accelerate anywhere and you can be Troy Corser down Phillip Island’s straight. Whether you’d it possible to maintain high for any length of time is a different

The seating position is fine, but the doesn’t suit as well as it Overall it hugs the frame closely, but that was fine for me: I’m small, and even during rain I got only wet shoulders and More of a problem is the screen which directed airflow onto the middle of my helmet increasing fatigue and kicking up to an alarming degree.

Indeed, at speeds of more than I became convinced I was riding the teeth of a gale, whereas the was actually slight. I’m under height, so the chances are that experience will be different. But in any salvation is on the accessories list: lists a taller and a lower both priced at $148.16.

Fuel consumption was surprisingly at an average of 18km/litre, admittedly largely in the bush. The tank is at 21 litres with a six-litre (no tap, just a light), a theoretical range of 378km. In I never got more than 19 in, for 340km.

Still a pleasant from tanks with the and capacity of a genetically modified anyhow. With a wheelbase of and steering geometry of 24°/102mm, you predict that the ST4’s is a mite leisurely, and you’d be It’s light and neutral, as as many a more nimble to filter through traffic, and solid when the pace is

The front end feels good and Naturally, steering effort with speed, but higher and wider handlebars allow course corrections without use of body English, and without the experience of having to look up to discover where you’re No, the ST4 won’t respond to the lightning-fast direction changes demanded by the fraternity, but it steers easily and while allowing a good front and rear without to take one hand off the bars.

a significant range of suspension at both ends. Compression adjustment is via a screw thread the bottom of the forks, with damping adjustment, also by adjustment, on the fork crowns. preload adjustment is via bolt on the crowns. At the back, spring is by a seven-position notched collar at the top of the with compression damping by knurled knob with the reservoir under the seat.

Rebound damping is by screw at the bottom of the unit. There is a ride-height adjuster. Access to all adjustments is reasonable, and the bike to us on the third-softest spring preload at the rear, compression and rebound on middling settings.

We found the similarly set up. Limited time we didn’t get all that far in experimentation.

doubt, however, the ST4 didn’t the same ride comfort as did test ST2 of two years back, I suspect, to an excess of compression notably on the forks. More would no doubt have put the on a par with the superlative suspension of the ST2. I’m not going to … the auto-retract sidestand. Ducati them for sound reasons, and been around long for us to have had a long hard about the problem.

So there you it. The Ducati ST4 is a sports touring comparable with anything in the and which, glory be, has a 916 engine sacrificed nothing of its edge in adapted to its new role.

At $22,995 on-road it’s a fair above the competition. Is it worth it? If asking the question, the chances are already answered it.

As for me, the question so much why as how.

Ducati ST4 S
Ducati ST4 S
Ducati ST4 S
Ducati ST4 S


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