DUCATI Street Fighter Versus Triumph Speed Triple R (Naked Bikes) How…

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Ducati Streetfighter 848

DUCATI Street Fighter Versus Triumph Speed Triple R (Naked Bikes)

What do you think about this video?

Davey: At the end of the day it don’t matter Ducati Triumph or Aprilia simple mods can always make them better there is always something that could be changed in the name of performance. Nobody makes the perfect bike everybody is always learning.п»ї

Connor Legg: triumph with an extended swingarm

Mark Nowhereman: @elyeayea1 –ofcourse! the streetfighter is a fast bike as well. also ideal for canyon carving.

Carlos Velazquez: DUCATI Street Fighter

Ian Parks: Biased video, I dig the the 3 cyl Trumpet over the V-twin over engineered Duck. Maintenance on the Ducati makes triumph an instant winner on its own, plus. the S-Triple triumph is way more fun to ride.

chema mtz: @rheaMDC21 hey man, thanks a lot i watch almost all your videos, u are like an inspiration to me, even do im 16 i want to have a bike soo bad, btw i own a yaris too :p

Ducati Drew: A P R I L I A.

NQSchleu: DUCATI !

DoubleTap1899: No comparison at all. the Ducati is elegant and world’s above the Triumph

bakerboy2222: Also, your video is more than a little biased with the music 😀

kraiijj: the SF is naked, so it is a naked bike, even it has many sportbike components. It is just Ducatis biggest naked. so take back your apples 🙂

ih8momjokes1: freak the test drive. become a male prostitute, and go with the ducati! You give sex away but you get it in return :p if you know what i mean.

Jed Hubic: @Mojn2 Dude you live in Denmark! Buy a cheaper bike, and make it a streetfighter!

Mark Nowhereman: @elyeayea1 — thanks and u r wlecome.

nebulabob: To each their own,the Ducati is nice but to me the Triumph is just amazing looking and is the best for everyday riding..

lastseries2011: Ducati is more handsome. But I don’t know about the engine between these two bike. Which one has more smoother engine? Which one is more comfy?

Mark Nowhereman: @NQSchleu – yep yep yep.

bakerboy2222: 1 – Ducati’s naked bike is the Monster not the Streetfighter so apples to oranges. 2 – Yes, both the Monster and Streetfighters are sexy(ier) bikes. 3 – The Speed/Street Triples have ridiculously flat power bands allowing you to have more control over the throttle which is paramount in congested city driving and doing wheelies, which are basically what these bikes are made for.

Faster, more control, more fun, more reliable, factory upgrade(able) exhaust vs 1 or 2 more biddies out of hundreds.


Ducati Drew: @Mojn2 You can get a really good deal on a 2009-2010 Apilia Tuono. new left-overs. Big L-Twin and a lot to handle. substantial torque.

RicardoSS85: If spending time working on your bike or paying hefty sums on bike shops (desmodromic valve adjustment, timing belt replacement, etc) is your thing, then by all means go with the Duc!

chema mtz: @ hahaha lol so ill get a streetfighter and some girls :D, but do you think that a streetfighter could ride with sportbikes??

KayakSilas: The Triumph is the better bike in my opinion.

Mark Nowhereman: @DoubleTap1899 — You Bet!!

Vasi rosu: @DoubleTap1899 Speed triple is the bench mark for naked bikes,street fighter is to much race orientated. For real world speed triple is the winner hands down

cos ellemme: whoever modified the triumphs design from the 2008 model should be fired and hired as a butcher. Speed Triple 1050 was my favourite bike until this piece of crap came out. I know for a fact im not the only one who feels this way. I had one when living in europe and wasnt able to bring it back here. I was happy to perhaps purchase a newer model until they disappointed me with this new design.

Then the streetfighter came out and made all my troubles go away. No comparison between the two.

Benjamin ivan Perez: Ducati SF all the way sexy bitch, can’t wait till march I am getting one!!

Christopher King: You both are on drugs. They are equally brilliant.

nukrozamrud: Hey mark how long does it takes to edit these videos and upload them

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Jed Hubic: @elyeayea1 Well, you could always build a real streetfighter and get all the girls and make it as fast as you want.

Mark Nowhereman: @elyeayea1 — both bikes r in different world. i would choose the streetfighter over the R6 anytime anyday. i can get a girl by showing them my R6. but i can get girls by showing them my ducati streetfighter. GIRLS w/ an s. LOL!

Terrence Weston: Good video, but obviously biased. Queue mostly inaudible background chatter for the Triumph. Queue awesome techno music for the Ducati. For my money, Triumph wins. Ducati is asking for too much green for me.

If money were no option, I’d initially go with Ducati only because it looks amazing, and the name Ducati screams sex. If the name and looks weren’t enough, it would come down to a thorough test drive of each bike.

dan corso: D U C A T I.

DucatiDarius: Ducati!

Youssef Almikhi: Gotta agree with you i have a speed triple and for me it feels like a lot more solid platform and inspires confidence it probably isnt as good of a bike for the twisties as the streetfighter but after sitting on both i got the triumph as it just felt a lot better underneath me. I also like the extra torque the triumph gives you over the ducati for city riding and is a more comfortable riding position and wider seat for longer rides. Both are really nice bikes no doubt though

john johns: Triumph.

chema mtz: what would you prefer. a ducati streetfighter 848 or a yamaha r6, i know they are differente

Ian Ramos: Ducati. Flawless victory lol

M o j n: I’m planning on buying a naked bike, but I can’t decide wether I should buy the Speed Triple or the Streetfighter :/ I haven’t been able to find a bike dealer/private sellers with the Streetfighter in Denmark..

Claudio Ribeiro: 200% DUCATI.

vrod03100: After test driving both yesterday i can say this. The Triumph is more comfortable and a little better handling in the city. The ducati looks better, sounds better, and to me had just as good acceleration if not better at the top end. Plus the Ducati service intervals are now 15000 miles were as the Triumph is 12000. They are both great bike which is making it very hard for me to decide what to get.

But the Ducati had personality while the Triumph seemed a little vague and boring to me.

DoubleTap1899: I would say that title belongs to the Monster, air cooled, light and mean looking.

Holiday: We dont make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new.

Dont give up!

Ducati Streetfighter 848
Ducati Streetfighter 848
Ducati Streetfighter 848
Ducati Streetfighter 848

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