Ducati Streetfighter 848: The Street for all?

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Ducati 848

Ducati Streetfighter 848: The for all?

Doubling the Streetfighter version of 848, Ducati’s revival extreme without the incidentally, this “downsizing” lower prices. 848 cm3 and if, finally, it was enough?

Ducati Streetfighter First attempt

The first of the new Ducati Streetfighter 848 is nothing we like it or not its look bestial caricature of the Streetfighter is digested for a time. Anything that offend in 2011 on the new 848, is a little yellow honey goes well with parts of the bike. Nothing with the traditional yellow one of the 748 of yesteryear, the Super Sport or Classic.

But no matter, because red is to attract us, or matte black for who love. Matter of taste…

The 848 is a to the 1098, a few details. Let’s say the remarkable is not seen its price. For € 12 you have 132 hp. (free version) and you need to exploit, since the control is standard.

What the Streetfighter motorcycle finally

Is this the same as its big sister, the 848? Yes and no. Ducati does not throw the engine in the 848 Evo Street. The is new, the swing arm too, the are different, as the handlebars, riding brakes, foot rests a wider … The angle of the steering goes from 25.6 ° to ° to give agility.

So hunting is reduced to 103 mm (114 mm to which would have problems of contact between and radiators if Ducati had redesigned the of the frame. The wheelbase remains the (1,475 mm), although the arm tapers while maintaining the length.

Above 20 mm, the handlebar to adopt a design drooping, surprising at first. The suspects are a less sophisticated than the of Showa-Sachs 1098 …. The 848 a binomial Marzocchi 43 mm and an element both equipped with a less firm than of 1098 – logic: to spend power, less weight to control. At the rear, the spring is at 75 N / mm for comfort, instead of 85 N / mm on the powerful

The clips are not inherited piece of the but classic clips again to the price of the bike.

The engine from the latest improvements in the 848 but the valve timing differs. The overlap is only 11 degrees of 37 °), increasing the availability and flexibility at low speeds while minimizing or an engine less greedy. One mistakenly believe that are the 11 ° valve angle: it is only the overlap … wrapped in a veneer to differentiate this “new” astretta its predecessors.

Of 140 hp. Evo’s 848 there are still 132 for the Among roadsters under cm3, today is the best to weight ratio of the market.

… road

As appetizers to test the Streetfighter, we borrowed a small road west of Modena, took us aloft and knit and more when we came into the plain. The bitumen little grip but no problem the DTC shall, at position 5. On the latter, will find traction too interventionist exiting corners but on these roads a bit tricky, it was perfect. We tested the 3 position.

(red lights) on the dashboard are scarce, and this should be the of a tar-catching.

These sequences of were welcome to test the of the 848. It is clear that is no comparison with the 1098! The is much easier on the rapid of angles and blind corners close. In extreme cases you the rear brake and the vehicle in the string without difficulty.

The would have been in the fun on winding roads.

The twin is the surprise this bike. At high performance and relatively he agreed to resume from rev / min without knocking, but not without or tremble. It’s better for but it is not yet the sweetness and especially the accuracy of rivals. I must say that the is very sensitive on the Ducati at low

The 848 is goodwill but in the end, the bike not conduct as smoothly as hoped. The is progressing in the right direction but manly, a little tricky, a bit to fly properly. This is not the bike by his natural and instinctive behavior, you drive fast while the scenery – the Apennines deserve.

In he must “get into it.

less accurate

Especially the front – and especially the fork – we not convinced on the road. In its original (everything is settled happily), the lack of progressiveness and rebound abruptly taking the brakes. It can the motorcycle entrance turns

So we must redouble our attention, where you put the front wheel, bumps or slight slope, aim the front where it will the least … These are not the best to test a certain serenity to the

The brakes do not help elsewhere. operate in two stages: mild platelets lick disks, a little brutal when bite. Between the power and dip the fork, this gives a a little rough on corner

Ducati 848

The feeling was not quite the appointment but do not to conclusions: perhaps those fork settings can improve the To be confirmed when we have the in France…

Something else has the majority of testers present: the With handles and open forward, it is perfect if you look, folded. Ideal on tour – as we see – but not the desired compromise: on road, torso, it is supported on a half-palm, and half an hour, a little is felt.

There should drive to enjoy sporting the new In town, I doubt he can convince buyers … If the saddle is Spartan, the of the shock is pretty good: a compromise between sportiness and for your sitting.

As for the engine, a real pleasure to take him in the because it grows really While on this road day, we did not have exceeded 120 km / h. she was leading us to the circuit….

The recently circuit is certainly a turnstile has only fast curve, but it us to better understand the personality of the Streetfighter 848. The beautiful his element and we, we found THE Ducati as we it: front and honest course, trajectories, rigidity rarely out (at my own pace), exciting engine reveals a renewed power friendly around 9000 r / min … if we should not let it fall too steady of slow corners, the twin 848 no gouache of 1098 – but on the track to adapt its reports.

On the track, the Ducati Streetfighter 848 it’s superb and gum easily small imperfections on the road. the driving position resting on the the imprecision of the front, and the lack of brakes … Especially since our were pavement Pirelli SC2 gum, which can get very far as grip is bluffing.

It’s in the slow corners I crossed the as they say (the wheel in and gets in the way) for lack of of movement, and even with kind of foul play, the remained on its wheels! And if the definition suspensions suggest some of the chassis, they are never

Between two closely spaced the DTC can open wide a few seconds asking any questions. If there is a that works great on the it’s traction control. One word on the engine: even if the line of Modena circuit is it appears very demonstrative.

one thing is acquired for the common better to use 90% of 132. That 60 of 160 hp!

A roadster connoisseur

More on the racetrack and on the road, the Ducati 848 is a true delight to those who motorcycles of character. If the Ducati 848 is a motorcycle “easy” in the Ducati despite efforts to make it accessible, it may still be difficult in its class. This is a motorcycle who pilot.

No one will complain when not to his foot is probably a little in other times.

Softer 1098, less demanding and intimidating in full version, the 848 of the Streetfighter gets a little, a little, within reach of in terms of steering. But it is above its (€ 12,490) that distinguishes it its predecessor and makes it more today. In 2012, indeed, the Ducati Streetfighter 1098 disappears from the catalog. It only leave the S version for € more than the 848.

So it very reasonable.

Ducati 848
Ducati 848
Ducati 848
Ducati 848
Ducati 848


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