KTM 990 SMR V Ducati Hypermotard Evo SP DIY Reviews!

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Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO

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Sergej KTM for me..

Ramtin K: ducati be great on the road but there is one nobody will beat KTM i am not arguing with u i am telling u.

NUT I import about 80% of the Ducatis are sold in the UK. They on the back of one of my mate. I still bought a KTM coz i the fact its a genuine supermoto/tard.

The is the ultimate tool for the heavy throttled up whilst on your on the rear break but the pickleheads say the 990sm or smr aint a true are lunatics coz out of all of the large engined the KTMs are the only ones to form. I hope they put the new lc6 in a SMR

Ramtin K: LOL really? i see! so what you dream of every mmm interesting!

NUT SACK: Your a bellend. Im from Scotland had as a kid mostly RM’s and KX’s coz were cheaper to fix when i was and still had a rubber skeleton. old now and i aint arguing with u im you.

From late 80s i got lots and decided id stop my own bike in early 90s. 94 i got a 91 it was expensive and i fell off lots but smashed it up till 98 and at that i treated myself to a KTM because were my fave bike. you whats your story?

NUT Im talking to your mom. Im about to freak her so hard gunna fly out the window

Ramtin K: u still talkin?

NUT for the record your a spastic and i both the 990sm and smr to the hypermoturd any day of the My point was that Ducati is the name about. Which is a

NUT SACK: I just got an 11-plate i also have a mint so your argument is freaked. And off is Irish slang you Stupid lol. Ducati are the biggest in the business but you tried to say KTM was.

was the original argument you made so start deviating.

Ramtin K: grandpa, ducati is better on the and KTM is crape. i don’t even why i’m wasting my time with you. fack off ye? lol

NUT off road wise i agree. your talking crape coz the number 1 name since the 916 and well you know it. I sleep at anyways and dont call me kid im old. are you 85yr old? no? why you calling folk kid.

You i was a kid so you could groom me you nonse. go to your garry glitter and leave me alone.

Ramtin K: makes you sleep at night. talkin about being to do some REAL offroading real business. take a and try some extreme offroading and it break. get a KTM and try the same and watch it they are made for that. u make a bike and call it an bike, make it good to perform well offroad as nobody does that as as KTM. now that’s a fact. you yourself whatever that you sleep at night kid.

NUT SACK: lol no it isnt and fine you know it.

Ramtin K: ktm has got a better it’s faster. better on the better on track, but u would go for the because of it’s NAME and it LOOKS better. no comment! i do comment, it will be ugly!

K: oh btw, KTM’s name is to ducati!

snworbeach: KTM is much bike in every way..so you have to eat more beans to get the ktm is now. i own 990 smr and its. to good to be

ToAmbitionMX: I ride KTM! I this bike.

05068279: not getting the point. There is an part of the review (ie KTM is the ‘better’ and a subjective part (we LIKE the more). Think of it like The Ducati is a like a supermodel can’t cook, is always and can’t really hold an conversation. But that’s not going to you from going out with is it? 😉

useryoutub100: 8:22 that the looks nice than i have to smoke what he did

@tommasauser The KTM Is friggin ugly.

Real supermotos are 125cc- dirtbikes with big breaks and thoes things are things are so basically superbikes with a frame and suspansion. and since do you go for looks and price over and useabilitY? besides the duck more in the long run.

bluenapalm123: Dreadful review. If the is better. why? This explained in this video? Im at buying a SMR and this didnt me. Italian sexiness doesnt fly me.

Plus i think the KTM actually better. Does MCN actually these comments?

lawmand: vid #UN#

MAC Eastham: KTM all the way freak the =)

Hamish Kilpatrick: why not review real and light supermotos of these touring supermotos, like a husky 510, and putting your knee your on a motard get your on the outside peg

vrednie: @ttraynor1 Me It’s Ridiculous, Insane, And i commute to work any other

Kai Mitchell: @davethecats No. They’re bikes trying to creep a new market share. Supermoto is slang for motard

ondaevento Io ho una KTM e non farei a cambio con la Ducati se mi regalassero tutta la fabbrica. (si fa per ma la rivenderei per quella della ktm ) E un impossibile Ktm e Ktm. Il motore Ducati ha un secolo.

lee wilson: so a fashion contest is it, so whats the of the test, the ktm freaking romps it, MCN are a joke, pissoff back to and sit outside yer poxy pub you pair of sipping puffs

max imod:

tommasauser: @Boothzor I think the is subjective. I’m 190 cm tall. On the it seems i’m riding a for kids: ridiculous.

For the sports point, i hope u will not an smr on twisty roads, cause u not be able to stay behind it. obvious that the track the main field of those of bike, but with the ktm u can take satisfactions. with the ducati u get 2 from the ktm 😀

useryoutub100: Thumbs up if you also the mirrors of Ducatti Double up if you noted that on last Tom film where appeared a Ducati Hypermotard was really an SXV camouflage

CR125MANIAC: LOL ktm only the 990 as a supermoto so it would sell I have ridden one there heavy,unbalenced,not enough low down all they are is sports bikes tubular space frames no panels and a supermoto sticker on it

I only watch MCN to see cool what they say is almost when you can actually hear this should have with to sum up we wasted a day missinforming you and a track racer to give and opinion on something he doesn’t do. thanks mcn!

derapage15: the is not cheaper. in italy the EvoSp 1000euros more than the

padifreak2: @Blaze0303 They’re 😀

inhardrockitrust: @select899 English, who do not learn another language, will never have to money, English, always from the wrong side, so who go to London I know that a bit ‘changed

Tyler Sanborn: I ridden both bikes, and own the Hyper 1100 EVO SP. and it’s awesome! I have also a Speed Triple, an s1000rr and a and the Hyper is by far the most enjoyable I have ever ridden. not to it’s one of the coolest looking on the planet. it’s comfortable, quick, handles extremely it’s fun at ANY speed, it sounds with the Termi slip-ons, and an iconic Ducati. really, more do you need. Ciao!

exxonvaldeezy: so you consider your test tobe going the same turn 8 times?

@tommasauser. I just think is an difference 2 seconds in a short With the name SP, R, performance are

Theese are not race machine, ok, but 2 are 2 seconds. The same guy of mcn (you can see the vid on you talk negative of the hypermotard it with multi 1100 and i think someone say that he talk better about i have a multi 1100S and i hyper and ktm sm T. I can feela big difference in the of the k!

1maT3rr0r1st: This just that the guy on the Ducati is a better Nuthin else. My money is on the KTM

1natehundred: 990 smr= really hard to find in the states.

loco: @adoniscomplex thats i though lol dangerous

crabapple101: Ducati has the X factor dude. Too for school! You gotta remember reviews by experienced riders in this clip don’t translate to the same experiences for like me and 99.9% of the motorcycling

I test rode both a few weeks ago and I’ll tell you my — the X factor!

AbgLong7393: emmmm

Ataylor0: Hell yes go for a bike that better. 2 seconds quicker a lap, who are you racing on a track Yourself, in a proper race go for the but id rather have a bike not as good and appreciate how it looks 2 seconds quicker round a which means jack in road riding.


@jasongrim 100, supermoto aren’t large, so 100 miles to a on a sm, is really good!

550starfox: do Ducati know about Answer. jack crap! reasoning guys, why take to the track if your not racing? You should have got somebody who about supermoto to test If I remember rightly you had Christian to do the last Supermoto group Iddo KNOWS supermoto.

KTM is the one to if your not a poser and want pedigree, power and an everyday machine for losing your on. Ducati if your into the the gear, no idea thing

@Blaze0303 You’re right one of them is a HYPERmotard!

silentpyro12: your director, this is uninformative and not entertaining.


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