My Ducati ST2, A Tale of Metamorphosis

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Ducati ST2

My Ducati ST2, A Tale of Metamorphosis


by Dan Moricoli

Long around the country to escape the of my business life are what I do motorcycles. Primarily, I ride which were chosen for

reliability. My favorite has been an GS which has taken me from to Alaska, and back, without a The bike has given me lots of and

with it, there is no road, or condition, that can’t be

I had always thought of Ducatis as things: beautiful but lacking the of Teutonic sturdiness and dependability I had essential for my riding style. I

had ridden one before the day in June, when I bought a 1998 ST2 less than 500 miles on it. The was a lark, without forethought or

which led to a path of discovery and

Used to the more upright of the Beemers, I added 7/8 inch bar and set out from my home in Chicago Nova Scotia. The first day of

600 miles of turnpike riding. The day with surprise at the number of glances the bike generated as as how numb my … wasn’t.

On my day, I turned off the turnpike and the Blue highways of the Adirondacks. On isolated roads filled sweepers and twisties, I got my

first of the extraordinary range of the ST2’s

The ST2’s suspension doesn’t to changes in the road so much as it to them. I quickly learned varying road conditions become a partner in

my pleasure, not an obstacle to be conquered. As the between the bike, the road and I the feeling of escape and freedom by cycling,

became ever satisfying.

Continuing on through Nova Scotia, and Prince Island, my admiration for the bike as the ST2 confirmed that it is a genuine distance

touring bike. The ST2 is reliable and handles heavy well over long Along the way, its inimitable sense of style and grace to

the pleasure of the experience. In fact, the only drawbacks are a bit of flutter in the end when behind large at highway speeds and a

not-quite-immediate when passing at high

Following my sojourn in the Maritime I paid a visit to BCM Motorsports, a dealer in Laconia, New Hampshire I on the internet. We

discussed a number of to the bike to heighten performance. As a step, they suggested the FIM as it would have far greater than a

slip-on, at a fourth of the Ten minutes later, the chip was and I was on my way.

I spent the next few on sharply spiraling, undulating in the Green Mountains of Vermont. such roads on a Beemer is one attacking them,

yielding to with a Ducati is an entirely unrelated, experience. The chip added to the magic and made the even more electrifying

and It began to dawn on me that I may have been the one steering and the bike was in control, it was leading me.

The bike was returned to BCM for the first mile tune up. Upon I once again set off to scour the and Green mountain ranges for now

sacred strips of pavement intending to head back to Over the next few days, I little pretense of touring as I was on challenging every road


The service, or more the service specifications that BCM had made the magic even potent. It was especially spellbinding on a run just

outside Waitsfield, where I lingered most of one day and of the next. By the end of that weekend, I was with realizing the full of my

ST2 and decided to return the bike to BCM of taking it back to my home in

Ensuing discussions with Meyers of BCM focused on stretching the envelop of the bike to suit my style of riding. Race speeds

don’t interest me, but course agility does. I wanted from the ST2 was the quintessential bike. A torque monster of immediate

acceleration up to 110 mph, or so, and faster, but smoothly controlled,

In as much as many of the proposed to the bike are standard on the ST4, a in for an ST4 was considered. The move was rejected as the low and

mid range output of the ST2 make it suitable for my requirements than the

To improve engine performance, sought to smooth out and beef up the torque and power curves. He attaching the Ram Air system on the

bike (again, standard on the ST4 but not the reworking the head to improve control, adding high pistons and improving exhaust with

Ducati Performance ons. I also elected to adjustable clutch and brake installed as well as a steel clutch line as final

To improve braking, Bruce changing to the cast iron rotors which again, are on the ST4, but not the ST2. Additionally, he using

steel braided lines and Dunlop racing

Upon completion of the modifications to the I flew back to New Hampshire to it up. My plan was to test ride my a stock ST2 and a stock ST4 to

properly the practical difference between the bikes. Then, I planned to my bike down Virginia’s Parkway and the Blue Ridge to

Deal’s Gap for a proper test of work.

Before riding the I reviewed the Dyno-graphs Bruce had in the three stages of the development of the 1) stock, 2) with the FIM chip and DP

and 3) with the engine modifications Upon seeing the graphs, I was away by the impact of the changes. The showed a net increases of 25%

in horsepower (93 hp at the wheel) and over 23% in of torque (69 at 6500 RPM).

As I took my out for a 20 mile test run, I was tentative. This was no longer an The improvement in the bike was so dramatic, I was

That special, throaty murmur was now a lion’s roar. acceleration at any point under RPM, the bike didn’t respond, it jumped. If I even

about stopping, I did. this very special ST was to take some getting to.

It was immediately apparent that was no point in riding a stock The difference was too great. I took out the ST4 on the 20 mile run. I then out

my new bike to again run the course. back to the ST4 just to make I had the differences clearly identified.

My accelerates with as much as the ST4, but significantly more My bike clearly out brakes the Ultimately the ST4 will go faster, but it is

twitchy at slow, in-town Bruce and his team at BCM had given me what I had asked for and I was thrilled the result.

Before I left BCM for Gap, we christened the bike ST 966. I arrived at the Skyline a day later at 10 AM. The rest of that day by far, the

best single day I had had on a motorcycle.

What has happened is another story.

# #


I the bike in Illinois from the dealership I have ever I am especially pleased that the has led me to discover just how good a

dealership can be. The entire crew at BCM are very special people who not love motorcycling, but love to and assist others who share

enthusiasm for the sport. They enhanced my riding pleasure in thoughtful ways.

I purchased my Ducati ST2 with less 500 miles on it for $9,000. An additional has been spent on the following:

magnetic tank bag (good, priced bag)

Ducati liners (poorly designed)

Two Wheels cargo bag tie downs (I say enough good things her products)

Corbin seat (an over the already good seat)

7/8 inch Bar risers 600 mile days easy)

(attractive and functional)

Heated (No bike should be without mine were Hot Grips and at $87 a bargain compared to the over installed cost of the BMW heated

Enlarged side stand (a must for touring)

Constructors Group adjustable clutch levers (I bought them out of I was surprised at how much comfort add to a long day of riding and

how much precise they made and gear shifting feel)

braided clutch brake (I can’t attest to how much actually improve anything but I the look of them)

Yoyodyne clutch slave cylinder a worth while insurance against the failure-prone stock

Cast iron front rotors coupled with racing brake pads (a improvement over the ST2 brakes. The pads are a huge improvement

the ST4’s stock pads)

FIM (the single least way to improve performance. Adding an slip-on at the same time improves the perception of performance)

Attached Ram Air ducts, Custom cylinders bored to 966 cubic and Bruce Meyer designed with an 11.23:1 compression (the best

money I spent on a motorcycle)

Ducati slip-ons (I am not competent to comment on versus any other after slip-on but I love the sound)

the author:

Dan Moricoli is a 57 year old marketing executive who rode as a man but gave it up to raise a family. He took up riding again and has

13 bikes in the last three in his search for the right combination of for his touring pursuits. His business constant travel and he keeps in

various locations around the for use on long weekends, or extended as his schedule permits.

His current includes the Ducati Super ST is used for touring the Eastern States. He also owns a BMW RS which is kept in California

and for touring the western United Another BMW, an R100 is kept at his home in Chicago and for short trips around and

Wisconsin. An Aprilia RST 1000 is on order.

Ducati ST2

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