Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines

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Ducati Terminator Concept

Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines

The is 2018.

Judgment Day has come and leveling modern civilization. An of

Terminators roams the post-apocalyptic killing or collecting humans

they hide in the desolate and deserts. But small groups of have

organized into a hiding in underground bunkers and when they can

against an force that vastly them.

Controlling the Terminators is the intelligence network Skynet,

Connor must decide Marcus can be trusted. But as Skynet new

strategies to end the Resistance forever, and Marcus must find ground

to take a stand the onslaught—to infiltrate Skynet and the enemy head-on.

The Halcyon presents a Moritz Borman in association with

Wonderland and Vision, a McG Film, “Terminator McG (“Charlie’s


Howard 3”), Common (“Wanted”), Alexander (“The Unborn”) and

Bonham Carter (“Harry and the Half-Blood Prince”).

The behind-the-scenes team includes cinematographer Hurlbut

(“We Are Marshall”), designer Martin Laing Harbor”), Oscar®-winning

editor Buff (“Titanic”), costume Michael Wilkinson (“Watchmen”),

visual effects supervisor Gibson (“Pirates of the Caribbean:

Man’s Chest”), and animatronics John Rosengrant of Stan

Studio. The music is by four-time composer Danny Elfman

“Big Fish,” “Good Hunting,” “Men in Black”).



The drama at the heart of “Terminator unfolds against a …-

post-apocalyptic America in the aftermath of Day.

“We’re telling the of the world after Judgment says McG. “This is the

of the becoming of John Connor, the of Kyle Reese, the strengthening of

and where our humanity ultimately This is the moment when

takes a stand against the

In bringing the long-promised “Terminator” to life, McG wanted to create a

that was no less real. “I want to shoot actors green screens; I

wanted reacting to physical Terminators,” the says. “I wanted the desolate

West—an expanse that a world of hardship, so you could it and

feel it. Because the bombs gone off and damaged the ozone, the a bit of a

different color. Earth has a quality, and you immediately realize is


Producer Derek who along with his partner at Company,

Victor Kubicek, the “Terminator” rights, recalls we met with McG, his vision

was so to what we’d seen in our eyes.”

“It was undeniable that he was the director for this picture, so much

ability, and enthusiasm and for the story,” echoes Kubicek. “We knew that

he would it home.”

McG directed “Terminator after having been a fan of the series for

most of his life. Terminator,” written and directed by Cameron, was

released in 1984 and the world to the Cyberdyne Systems 101 T-800,

Cameron’s follow-up, 2: Judgment Day,” released in became a

global box office The story picks up after Connor has been

institutionalized and now-teenaged son, John (Edward Furlong), must

himself against a sophisticated Terminator (Robert Patrick), Skynet

has sent back in to assassinate him. But the future-Connor back a

reprogrammed T-800 to protect his younger self. Sarah,

“I was 17, just arriving in the when ‘T2’ came says Christian Bale,

who on the role of John Connor in Salvation.” “Just the excitement in

the never known anything that. You couldn’t hear a throughout

the movie because was just screaming.”

Director Mostow closed the first in 2003 with “Terminator 3:

of the Machines,” in which the terrible Connor (Nick Stahl) and his spent

their lives to prevent—Judgment Day—rains nuclear war the world at

Skynet’s command.

3” was co-written by John Brancato Ferris, who returned

to the franchise to the screenplay for “Terminator Salvation.” offers,

“Since we ended the ‘Terminator’ trilogy by destroying the we knew we

couldn’t go back to the of time-traveling Terminators. The new film had to be

what happens after the fell.”

Ferris adds, “We to write about the long-predicted between men

and machines, which gave us an opportunity to change the tone of the

franchise. The earlier unfolded in a familiar, contemporary this film is a

war movie, set in a post-apocalyptic future.”

“Terminator takes place in 2018, 14 after the nuclear …


In “Terminator Salvation,” says, “Skynet is dominant but in a state of

evolution. Humans are on the out. Their backs are the wall and their

circumstances are desperate. This is the final effort for the survival of

“Everything is difficult for humans McG attests. “It’s difficult to get

difficult to get energy. Everything is And you’re always being

Nevertheless, Borman states, has to be hope for humanity. There has to

be in the way that they live shows they believe will be a future after

the that the world might again out of the ashes. And their is, of

course, pinned to John



To embody the who is the fulcrum of the vast “Terminator” McG

cast Christian Bale, who a critical component of his vision for the

“Christian is a wonderfully talented and a true collaborator,” the director

Connor fights on the front of the Resistance, but is not yet its leader. New


The man Connor has become is at once an of his younger

persona and someone new. Bale affirms, definitely a guy with a lot of

issues, who has been told the future all his and bears the burden of that

But his mother also told him is no fate but what you make, so

that, he can’t just go and think everything’s going to be He’s got to be out

there fighting. And he is a I saw him very much like an character.

To create a strong opposite Bale’s John the filmmakers cast

Sam Worthington, off his experience working with creator James

Cameron on his film “Avatar.” “Sam is a tough guy, but at the

same he shows innate human says McG. “He holds his own

Christian, which is a tremendous considering how formidable an actor is.

It was very clear from the that Sam was our guy.”

Marcus last memory was of being put to for committing a crime;

he has no knowledge of how he into this world or his purpose is here.

“Marcus had on … row,” says Sam “He was put to …. But

then he wakes up in post-apocalyptic world and has to go on a surreal to


people like her a chance, but her research falls the hands of Skynet, and the

consequences of are quite revolutionary for the machines. But she is the

one who enlists Marcus to donate his for what she will only him is ‘research,’

and hers is the last face he sees before

Adrift in this strange, new wearing stolen clothes and to come to

grips with happened to him after “…,” is saved from a Terminator

by a young man, played by Yelchin, who identifies himself as

Reese. “Marcus ends up in an building where this starts firing at him,”

describes. “And out of nowhere, a kid in, grabs him and saves him. And

kid is Kyle Reese. We hear him as he did in the first film, ‘Come me if you

want to live.’”

Kyle, who eventually travel backwards time to save Sarah is

at this point still a struggling to survive himself. scrappy; he’s a gritty

says McG. “I needed qualities to be evident in a younger of

Michael Biehn, who played the Kyle in ‘The Terminator,’ our story takes

place ten-odd years before sent back in time.”

a “Terminator” fan for as long as he can remember, was with the

prospect of portraying Reese in his teenage years. and I talked about what

he is through as a kid to then become the guy in the first film,” he muses.

is he so tough and strong when older? And you see that he already had

of that as a kid. Kyle has from one day to the next, eating

he can find. He’s out there by T-600s and other human who

aren’t all friendly.”

While listens to the shortwave radio delivered by John Connor,

of joining him in the Resistance, Connor is searching for Kyle.

“Star of embodies innocence in the picture,” McG. “She embodies

You take one look at her face and you ‘That’s what we’re for. We

want to keep like this alive. is the future.’ Unlike those who the

world before, she has grown up in a that’s ruled by the brutality of the

It’s given her the ability to them coming, so she’s to offer a critical assist

every now and again.”

Surviving day to day, Kyle, Star and now are alternately threatened

and helped by human refugees they along the way, including played

by Jane Alexander. the rest of her group wants to the trio away, Virginia

upon sharing what resources they have. observes, “The irony,

of is that it’s only where living itself is a that Marcus experiences

human kindness and compassion.”

Kyle and Star are suddenly when they’re ambushed by a

giant insect-like machine multiple arms and legs seeks out its

prey and loads into a Transporter to take to Skynet. Pursued by an army of

the massive Hunter-Killers to the sleek, MotoTerminators—

across miles of roads, bridges and rivers, and Star are

ultimately captured by the and deposited in a Transporter, their unknown.

“That is part of the of the machine world,” comments “You do

the best you could do as a human being, and it’s not enough. You just can’t

these machines down. everything that Kyle and throw at them, it’s

not enough. They can’t be

Having eluded capture Marcus saves the life of a A-10 jet pilot


… hit Los Angeles, I truly Moon would be the last standing,”

McG jokes. “So she got the job.”

On way to the Resistance base, Marcus is by a landmine. Rushed

into the outpost, he is immediately treated by wife, Kate Connor,

by Bryce Dallas Howard. “In the years since Judgment Kate

has become a physician, the best she can in these circumstances,”

relates. “She finds and she’s talked to as many as possible, learning

different to enable her to save lives.”

is also Connor’s partner in the fight. “John is a soldier and is

a doctor, and to that effect a very tightly bonded, team,” says McG.

both have strong and the will to lead. It was critical to a Kate

Connor that be worthy of leading the resistance, and I Bryce had the

elegance and the intelligence to people believe that she indeed call the

shots if ever happened to John Kate and Blair both are in with

the tradition of powerful characters in the ‘Terminator’ films.”

is the first to see that Marcus’s has been modified into a

previously unknown model of a hybrid with a human brain, and

exterior, but the interior of a robot.

Completely unaware of his Marcus is overwhelmed by the

realization his state execution was only a to a new state of being. “Marcus

has arms and legs but he still has a heart and brain, and therein the

rub,” says Worthington. “Is enough to protect his humanity? He he’s

human, but everyone him other than Blair he’s the enemy, including

Skynet. But I think this explores the power of human and free will

through character. Even though he is with machinery, his human

guys I’ve ever He’s sort of easygoing and back and a good actor as His

character is Connor’s lieutenant and he a great job.”

“Barnes is spiritual warrior in many fighting to the end by Connor’s side

for the of humanity, and he sees Marcus as a says Common. “But, by the

As the on the ground changes, Connor his own strategies must

also change, which sets him at with the recognized leader of the

General Ashdown, played by veteran actor Michael “Michael

Ironside, who I worked before on ‘The Machinist,’ the leader of the

Resistance, and we come to be at in this movie, but he’s you

can definitely believe has become the of the new sort of scavenger military,”


John Connor the only way to truly stand up to ever-evolving

combat strategies is to them where they in the heart of Skynet itself. And

may be the key to infiltrating their network. has this incredibly hopeless

says Bale. “Sure, got some weapons, but it’s just throwing a few sticks

and at a fortress…except for this character of So, Connor has to make

this leap of faith and break rule that he has established for

He knows that the machines use the best parts of humanity us. So, how

does he put trust into whom he knows to be a machine?”

only hope may be to trust in other, and that trust could be

enough. “Where humanity really lie?” the director. “Is it the strength of the

human heart? What is it makes us want to … for one That’s what can’t

Created from drawings by designer Martin Laing and his of art

directors, the army of machines rampage through “Terminator came to

life under the of Stan Winston, the legendary creator who designed the

original Sadly, Winston passed during the making of this “Stan

confided in me once he created imaginary monsters as a to keep him

company,” McG reflects. “He he felt like the only kid in the who did this. Little

did he know his friends would come to be the of millions. But most of

all, was a good guy who loved what he It was a real honor to have had the

to work with Stan I intend to dedicate this to his memory.”

John Rosengrant, an supervisor at Stan Winston led the 60member

For Rosengrant, the sheer of work demanded by this required

some innovations. challenge on ‘Terminator Salvation’ was to up with lighter-

weight that still replicated says Rosengrant. “We used of

urethanes and plastics, which painted using breakthroughs in technology to

achieve a metal

On “Terminator Salvation,” the challenge became creating Terminators

would be logical extensions the world of the “Terminator” universe.

we’re in a period prior to the of the first three films, we had to, in a

reverse-engineer,” explains Laing. “In the way that your laptop ten years ago

was thick like a and then, over time, got and thinner, the Terminators you

already are the thin laptops and our Terminators are the They’re more


in an period,” says Christian “In the flash forwards to 2029 we’ve seen

in previous Skynet has absolute dominance of all the of T-800s and

Hunter-Killers. But what seeing here is the genesis of the In the present,

we’ve got a lot of T-600s, are more primitive versions of the and a

phenomenal array of machines.”

preeminent foot soldier is the which McG describes as “bigger

and than the T-800, “a `57 Buick to a 2009 Mercedes Benz.”

A seven-foot-three, rudimentary version of would eventually

become the with a simplistic rubber pulled over the face and clothing

to hide the endoskeleton, the “prowls the badlands looking for with a

heartbeat, an unrelenting with a singular focus of McG continues.

They carry a an M203 lower unit, of anywhere from 3,000 to

rounds per minute, and a backpack of ammunition. The filmmakers wanted to

the T-600s as machines that are no manufactured but maintain their

in the field, battered and weathered, camouflage mostly lost, in

battle, or eaten away by the As Kyle Reese said in Terminator,” “The

first were easy to spot.”

using both rigged and puppets in combination with the T600s

appear in the film in states of disrepair. “It gives a creepy, zombie-

like when you see, for example, the lower jaw exposed or areas out of

their faces,” says

Seen in “flash-forwards” in the earlier was the Terminator aircraft called the

Hunter-Killers, or H-Ks, patrol the scanning the ground below

massive floodlights. Like the the “Terminator Salvation” version of the

represents a more rudimentary than what Skynet eventually develop.


the carnage. “Its job is to break any structure where humans are

grab its prey and put them in the to be taken to Skynet.”

But failing strategy, the Harvester unleashes “Because

the Harvester is such a big as it’s collecting humans are always going to be

the few that Laing continues. “So, in the way that a shepherd uses

the Harvester has Moto-Terminators, which are Terminators that

race off the humans and bring them They also have and the ability to

kill, but the goal is to escapees and return them to the so it can put

them in the Transporter.”

These machines are based on the Ducati a personal favorite of

director The Italian company was approached by the and was thrilled

to be involved. They four identical hyper-motored for use in filming.

“We had to have credible-looking in this picture, so we went to

the and the whole team from says McG. “Ducatis are powerful,

agile machines, so felt like a great to start as we created the language of the


The visual effects was able to overlay the Moto-Terminator over the

practical Ducatis. The also had a practical Moto-Terminator in Los

Angeles, which was used filming.

Skynet covers the with these machines, but for the lakes and rivers, it

has developed a underwater Terminator called the Resembling four-

foot-long serpents, eyeless but with heads that drill their

victims, Hydrobots to sound and vibrations in the waters prowl. “The

Hydrobots out to be pretty fun, interesting says Rosengrant, “sort of

a between a psychotic crab and sort of sea serpent. They’re vicious

things with pincher-like claws on the front and an kind of drill bit. that


They up using a combination of steel that were kept as

as possible and lightweight urethane painted to look like “We

ended up getting a lot of extra that none of us thought we get with the

practical model,” states. “We thought it would to be augmented with

CGI, but we all amazed by how well it turned

Watching the Stan Winston working the various rigs, found their

But by far the most of Skynet’s creations isn’t metal: Marcus,

the human hybrid who learns of his cyborg over the course of

the film.

special effects make-up and were created by Rosengrant,

team developed several to accommodate the many different

Marcus finds himself in, a full reveal of the interior after his

capture by the Resistance.

A of large prosthetic pieces using the latest technology,

and CGI, the creation of Marcus was a endeavor that demanded

and patience, especially on the part of Sam who spent as many

as six hours in the make-up chair being on by a team of three artists.

The effect, which McG was able to with help from the

team of artisans from corner of the production, was an iconic that truly

filming we were the leads, but it ain’t so in the People aren’t coming to

see us. got to provide some kind of a to it, because no matter how great the

and the explosions are, you’ve got to a good story or otherwise

the point? But let’s face the Terminators are the rightful stars of the And

Ducati Terminator Concept

they’re going to blow away.”

The practical challenge for the of “Terminator Salvation” was to bring

to an America circa 2018 its sun-blasted expanses, skeletal and both

human and Terminator From finding the ideal and shooting

facilities, to the fabrication of physical element, to the type of stock used to

capture the vistas he sought, McG worked in collaboration with his

team to a unified and totally new vision for the reality of the


To pervade the with a post-war tone, McG and his of

photography Shane Hurlbut the film using an experimental of the “Oz

process” in film processing. “We an old film stock from and we let it sit in the

sun too long to degrade some of its explains McG. “Then we it in a

way where we added more than you would traditionally add to a film stock.

And we went further to manipulate that in the intermediate to give the film an

quality that gives you the that something’s just off the way

this world looks, is in keeping with the mood of the picture.”

The locations would play a major role in the film in tactile reality.

“We a big, vast world,” McG “To do that, we needed this

diversity in our locations. In this we go to the sea, we go to the mountaintop, we go


you,” says production Laing. “Judgment Day has taken so we

have a devastated landscape and out you literally open the door of the and

you see these amazing deserts. And Studios, in addition to being a

studio, also has a huge of land around it where we build sets.”

With the of a once-powerful military force on in the Resistance, the

filmmakers turned for and support—not to mention hardware—to the

Department at nearby Kirtland Air Base. “‘Terminator Salvation’ is set in a

that is post-Air Force, it’s just the Resistance,” producer Jeffrey Silver.

we figured the Resistance would itself after the discipline of the forces

today, so we went to Davis, who is the coordinator of the Department of

in Los Angeles and its motion picture He introduced us to the Air Force and they

opened the doors to us. We got all the hardware we we were able to shoot

on Air property. We had just fantastic because they recognized

in the future portrayed in this the military will still be the men and who

protect us, no matter what may

The production utilized aircraft and to reflect the kinds of supplies to

humans could conceivably access within the context of the “The

resistance does some hardware, so it’s not sticks and stones against the

says McG. “They’ve got planes, and some older machines

that they use to back.”

A key military jet that into the story is the A-10 Two (also

known as the Mighty the Flying Gun, and the Tankbuster). by Blair

Williams, the A-10s are one of the forms of air support the Resistance

for taking on Skynet’s massive Air Force Captain Jennifer herself an

A-10 pilot and the who provided guidance to Bloodgood in her remarks,

“The A-10 down in the weeds, gets and slow is its main mission. a


the flight dynamics of the aircraft. The special effects led by special

effects supervisor Meinardus, rigged up a gimbal and a helicopter from a

crane, so the aircraft could be moved in a fashion from above, and McG

shoot the bottom as it pulled from the set without any whirling

Because Kirtland Air Force shares a runway with a airport,

Albuquerque’s Sunport, the Air offered the production an unused for

staging, which ultimately was modified to stand in as the Resistance

In the film, this outpost is of a series of ‘60s-era missile

connected by a large underground of tunnels. “Everything you see in the

outpost are the the Resistance fighters have set generate power, to grow

own food, to build a water system, to equip an infirmary—stuff guys

would have in from their reconnaissance and what, realistically,

they have jerry-rigged together to this a functioning facility,” relates.

To research the Resistance Laing toured the nuclear shelters

beneath Budapest, and looked at other post-disaster “I took a whole

series of and came back to create the in which the Resistance

lives and he says. “These men and women are not fighting Skynet, but

they’re fighting the environment they’re in. resource is completely depleted;

just living with the that they have.”

The creators spoke to futurists what would happen the flora and

fauna, as well as objects. “We wanted to get all of that into our

movie,” says designer Michael Wilkinson. “We ‘If the bombs went off

about 14 ago and destroyed most of North what would be left?

would people scrounge and together to survive, to fight?’”

but functioning weapons, recycled electronics equipment


In the wardrobe of the film’s key characters, collaborated with

McG, and the actors themselves to ensure each set of clothes would a

number of key requirements, first and of which was authenticity. “We created a

stock of clothes that from different sources—be it different armies of

North tactical and police gear, gear, and just regular clothes—

thinking about clothes people would after a nuclear war,” he “What

has survived? What has the culled together to make uniform? We were

always the knife-edge of realism and accuracy on one and at the same

time, heightening so we were creating appealing and visuals.”

Continuity with the films was another factor considered in

designing the costumes. For Connor, Wilkinson worked in the stripe army

pants reflect back to the clothes by the younger Connor in the second

film. But beyond that, he Connor’s silhouette stark. is more with

Christian,” observes. “The intensity of his and his commanding

presence tells you who Connor is. There is a certain to his look that

helps you get to the real John Connor.”

nod came in the form of the sneakers by Kyle Reese—an echo of

the he will wear as an …, as in “The Terminator”—which the wardrobe

adapted with shearling and cord laces. “It was really because you’re

starting these fantastic, iconic and then tweaking them to fit our

vision for this movie,” says.

The designer crafted the costume of a 21st century Terminator

utilizing leathers that back to the T-800’s wardrobe of “We got an old

pair of leather biker and essentially destroyed them, really aged them up, so

had this patina to them, and we took two leather jackets and them

together to become one he details.


outfit. McG and I really liked was the idea as opposed to the world of

machines all of them look the same, beings are different because

express who they are through clothes,” he notes. “We looked to the

American people of the region to see how integrated ornamentation into the

things they carried. So, on top of military, tactical dress, you a layer of organic,

expressive, human handcrafted elements. In way, Star wears a

star-shaped badge on her hat; and wears a variety of chains, feathers and

other found as jewelry pieces.”

Arming the also entailed combining with practical realism.

The team outfitted John with an HK 416D, the German of a U.S.

M4. Connor’s right-hand Barnes, carries the mammoth 50, while Blair is

armed the sizable Desert Eagle 50.

the extensive gun battles, chase and explosions, the filmmaking

team had a amount of firepower to execute as and safely as

humanly possible. “We to do everything in-camera,” says “When it was

necessary to extend CG, we did that, but we wanted to build blow things

up, and really the car. It was extraordinary to have the of the

explosion to add to the realism of the sequence. You see in everyone’s

eyes. You can feel adrenaline rising. We aimed to it as safe as possible, but

we definitely to push things every of the way, to create a movie at its

core, is a war movie and captures the of that intense pressure.”

was the mandate for the practical effects and effects teams

alike. effects supervisor (and unit director) Charles asserts, “McG

wanted pyro events, explosions and at a one-to-one scale, not as miniatures

or This is actually more of an movie in that sense. So, we

to deploy the visual effects as as we could, to not overdo it, and


gas itself, followed by another at the gas pump island. The effect

12 weeks of preparation and thorough measures on the day of the event.

It also the production had only one shot at it right and capturing it

on film. McG no chances, filming the scene multiple angles using on

remote switches; cameras up protected in crash housings; manned by

operators behind and even cameras on helicopters, very long lenses.

more spectacular, perhaps, was the drop and the crash of Connor’s

into the river. To accomplish sequence, the crew constructed a

length of river in the middle of the consisting of an 18-foot-deep tank housed

a scissor lift moved the helicopter up and down and was so the helicopter

could crash in the and ratchet over. Along the was a mix of real and

concrete trees, the rigged with gas lines to a controlled burn, and beyond

a protective fire ring, a cadre of local firefighters by.

The “napalm” was dropped in a series of along a 300-foot length of

each blast using 100 of gasoline, with the flames several hundred

feet the air. Lasting about seconds, the effect was like a gun strafe

of fireballs, generating a big blast, “and luckily more than that,”


“It just got your going,” Moon Bloodgood “There were some

stunts—we’d start running and it would be dust and things and I

had no idea what was going to hit me. And we be laughing because we were so

But I loved it.”

“My character through the wringer,” says “He gets strung up,

cut up, and blown up, meant I also spent a day getting strung up, cut up,

Ducati Terminator Concept
Ducati Terminator Concept
Ducati Terminator Concept


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