Touring on my 2012 Ducati Monster 696 ABS (and how I farkled it for a…

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Ducati Monster 696

Touring on my 2012 Ducati 696 ABS (and how I farkled it for a 10,000 camping road trip)

our trip this summer, who knew motorcycles seemed and a bit curious about my choice of for a long road trip. rode that where?” was much the average reaction. I’m hardly the first person to on a Ducati Monster, and you only to visit ADV Rider for endless of people taking far greater on far less appropriate machines, still been asked its like to tour on what’s a … sportbike. (An air-cooled, … sportbike, which is its own special category). So here it

First: Would I do it again? yes, I would. I probably maybe as soon as next Do I wish I had something more

Of course I do, but I’m not willing to sacrifice any of the fun to get it. there is this idea a road trip needs to be on the some big comfy cruiser, or at a machine designed for mounting and putting on long miles. And I get that, to me, most of those just look big, slow, and boring. I don’t fit on of those motorcycles anyway, so I say to that.

For a counterpoint, just out this guy. who is traveling the country on a Panigale. Ducati’s new superbike, or this guy. who around the world on a Yamaha R1. bikes are some of the least motorcycles for a road trip I can of. Why would they do that? those are the bikes they after. (Lust really is the word when discussing the

The Panigale guy covers this a lot better than I can, but the of it is that you should just get the you want. Buy the bike that you excited about riding, of its “practicality.” For me, right now, the Monster. But I’m more fickle Kevin, and more afflicted MMS (multiple motorcycle syndrome), so who what bikes I’ll up in the future.

Basically, I tour on the because I can’t find better. I want something sporty, and fun to ride, and I want a that I fit on. For me, those requirements any other concerns, even distance comfort.

So would I anyone else tour the country on a Monster? Well, that depends.

The Monster is a bike – At 5’4″, I’m short, in the demographic of People Who Ride which consists mostly of men who are on taller than I am. However, to me, the Monster feels like a 3/4 bike. Physically, its tiny.

its size is a huge plus for me, its likely going to be a problem for with an inseam longer 30″. What feels a natural riding position to me is to be cramped for normal size especially after a few hours. the seat to peg relationship is pretty

Even I found myself my legs out to relieve the bend in the every now and then (especially in the day) (As an aside, this is no worse than any other in the same class, and felt much the same to me as my previous 650R. I can live with it I have short legs). On the side, even with the handle bar I installed, the cockpit is pretty roomy.

Even the recent changes in geometry to the 696 there is still quite a bit of between the seat and the bars, so I that part of the ergonomics be less of an issue.

Mileage – There are many different to touring by motorcycle. If your includes 500+ mile and a lot of time on the interstate, the Monster isn’t the bike for the job (duh). As I on the last three days of my it can be done, but it was not in any way comfortable, and even at my was quite painful.

Over sustained periods at speeds, the lack of windscreen to wind blast on the head, and shoulders takes its toll, and the predictable fatigue. The suspension is which on the interstate just stiff. Even the aftermarket is too hard for that kind of cruising.  The sporty steering that makes the bike so fun on back roads makes the just a little twitchy on the

I wouldn’t call it unstable per se, but its not you can just kick back, the scenery, and let the miles roll by. No the situation, the Monster is a bit on the high side, and requires the rider to ride the bike at all times.

at an average of less than 300 per day on mostly back roads, the is fantastic. The lack of fairing and on the Monster turned out to be much of an issue than I anticipated. I was aware of the lack of wind because of the bug pattern on the front of my than I was due to increased fatigue.

At the of mileage we normally do, there is a marginal difference between fairing and not. In short, from something like a 650R to the Monster makes no difference comfort wise at the and type of riding I actually to do, and the Monster is unquestionably more

If I could find the perfect that was fun to ride, lightweight, has a power to weight ratio, high spec suspension and more suspension travel but allowed me to touch the ground, and had fairing to offer comfort longer distances, and was designed to luggage, I would buy it. It doesn’t People who don’t mind around 500+ lb bikes 34″ seat heights have limitless choices in today’s market. I do not.

I usually to put up with underpowered “entry machines so that I can touch the

The Monster 696, while the displacement of the model, is not entry Its not entry level in price, and I recommend it as anyone’s first *. After nearly 11,000 I’m still really happy my choice. Its just plain That 80hp, 2-valve motor might be my favorite ever made. I love the spec suspension (on nice, paved roads).

The brakes are The handling is confidence inspiring. It all the feelings that make the risk of riding a motorcycle it, and looks good while it.

So there it is. That’s enough of the Monster for now.  The established is that I’d rather deal the challenge of riding a fun but “inappropriate” around the country, than be by something more suitable.

by motorcycle is a ridiculously inconvenient way to especially when camping, so is absolutely no reason to do it unless you are fun.

That said, are still practical problems to due to the fact that my chosen was in no way designed for long distance The ergonomics, suspension, and gearing are all designed with sporting fun in rather than comfort. are no provisions from the factory for luggage, or even a tank The bike doesn’t come a place to mount a GPS, or grips, throttle lock, or any of the touring features people to have.

I was undaunted, however, by any of as most of what I wanted be achieved with fairly and inexpensive modification. So, internet, if you this page because you are about taking a road on a Ducati Monster, here’s I did to my bike:

How I Modded my 2012 Ducati for Touring: This is the part I get extra dorky and provide a showing what we did to my bike to easily accommodate a 10,000 camping road trip, and go into detail (with pictures), explaining every Behold:

My bike is definitely no stock, and I’m not even done. I’m tempted with the possibility of performance modifications, but those cost real money, most of what I’ve so far is relatively inexpensive.

Riser Bar – The stock bar position required too forward lean for me to be comfortable all I rode with the stock bar for 900 miles before the kit came in, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought, the bike much better for me with the grips located higher and to the rider. I personally think it just come this and the racers can put just put clip-ons on they are going to do anyway.

The new bar is the riser bar kit made by Ducati for the and its purchase and installation were of the deal I made with the when I bought the bike in May of year. I researched third bar risers, but the Ducati kit provided change in geometry, and came the required extended cables. and the fact that I could the dealer install the kit as part of the bike purchase made the Ducati kit the easy choice.

The was that while the accessory listed the riser bar kit as a part for the it was not very clear that the kit was not for the Monster 696 with ABS. matters because the longer line included with the kit actually fit on the ABS version.  Here’s a lesson: On the non-ABS version of any motorcycle, the front brake runs from the master located on the right front to the calipers on the front wheel.

On a equipped with ABS, the line makes a detour to the ABS unit before being to the calipers. On the Monster, it looks this:

(Notice the stock bar).

The ABS control unit on the is located on the right side of the under the gas tank. (See the and silver box with brake running to it in the above pic).  In for the riser bars to work, I a brake that would from the handlebar to the ABS box. The kit Ducati doesn’t come one.

Fortunately, custom lines are pretty easy to and Ducati uses standard $100 and only about a later, and a brand new stainless braided line made by was delivered to my house. It was actually an inch shorter than I but I’d also added a little bit to the we measured to make sure it

The mechanic at the dealer was not too excited replacing the hard brake with a braided line a different way than stock, but some reassurance from us it would be fine, he shrugged and it for me anyway. Good enough, and the including ABS, work even 10,000 miles

Above you can see the new, re-routed steel brake line, and the handlebar (which is really looking, and I hate the chrome but it feels so much nicer it doesn’t much matter it looks like).

Heated Controller and Heated Grips . gear is something I’ve I never want to be without on my I love it. I’m just not happy I’m cold.

The Monster has both hand grips, and a plug-in for my jacket liner.

First, if you don’t know heated gear, its pretty fantastic. The jacket liner I is more or less like an blanket that you can wear the regular riding jacket. It has elements wired throughout the that get warm when the is plugged into the bike controller switches the heat on and the temperature).

The heated jacket extends riding comfort, and I imagine going on a road without it, even in the summer.

The hand grips are the same Some bikes even with heated grips the factory, but they are a cheap and enough upgrade that its not a for me. I’ve bought this kit now, and my hand grips get toasty warm when I them too.

I like particular set-up, and this is the bike I’ve had wired way.The heated jacket with a nice 2-channel PWM modulation) controller, intended so you could independently control the temperature, and the gloves that in. PWM is nice, since a lot of systems use a which tends to wear out and 2-channel also helps for a clean install.

  Rather use the (very cheap looking) switch that comes the heated grips, Kevin the grips into one of the channels on the that came with the This way, I have control of the grip temperature, and one switch mounted in the cockpit. Its a install, and gives me better The one controller, with two switches me control the heat to both the and the jacket.

Often, just on the heat to the grips is enough to the chill off and let me focus on riding.

On a trip, the heated jacket is for me. There’s no way I could carry bulky layers to stay while moving. I just I could use the heated jacket off the

Magnets for a tank-bag . Here’s the I like riding with a bag. Its really convenient. I really like my particular bag. Its not too big or small, has the right and functions just how I want it to.

I my valuables in it, (keys, wallet, passport, cameras, etc,), a liter of water, snacks, my sunscreen, bug spray, first aid get the idea. When we arrive on the bikes, and need to leave the and go somewhere else, I just the tank bag and off I go.  No rummaging gear, or transferring things to a or worrying about things stolen. All of the really important is always with me.

My tank bag has a strap that allows me to it to an over-the-shoulder bag or one-strap backpack. hiked miles and miles way. The point is that its close to an optimal piece of for me.

The problem was that the Monster has a tank. My tank bag is magnetic, for use with metal tanks. So, buying the bike, I shopped for another solution. There are bags that strap on a big pain to use, and look and some that attach suction cups (yeah like that will work in the real world).

I found something better what I already have. I found would cost at several hundred dollars, and not be as good. So, instead of finding a bag worked with my bike, I to make the bike work my bag.

The gas tank on my bike is covered by two body panels. Its really, as it allows the actual tank to warp and flex a bit due to heat, and ethanol in the gas, it showing. The tank can be manufactured in the material and in the incredibly complex required to maximize volume and fit everything, without worrying too about aesthetic concerns.

Only the outside profile has to to style considerations. Then, the panels can be made purely to the bike look finished. The also allow Ducati to body panel kits let you to totally change the appearance of bike.

The point is that is a small amount of space the visible body panels and the gas tank.

This called for favorite solution to any problem: Specifically, some dangerously 1.5″ diameter 1/8″ disk magnets I found on Four of these magnets carefully under the tank would provide enough to hold my overstuffed tank bag in well over the legal limit (you know, in

The process went something this: I sat on the bike and placed by bag where I wanted it. Then, we masking tape to mark the of the panels with where we to place the magnets. Then, we the panels. We placed magnets the tape on the outside of the panels, and them to located the magnets on the

Once the inside was marked, we and prepped the surface, and then and taped the magnets in place on the of the panels.

It would have just that simple, if wasn’t one more problem. The in my tank bag weren’t just one magnet in each location. would be pretty expensive, by what I paid for 10 magnets. the bag had a puck with a ring of in each location, like so:

I the tank bag manufacturer. This is clever. Its cheap to buy and to make, and its very strong. I loved how this bag gripped to the metal on my Kawasaki.

Again, the problem is this would not work the magnets I had just bought. In the of magnets shown above, the of every other magnet is This makes the entire grip more strongly to the tank, but prevents the ring being attracted to a large magnet. Thus, when I my order with Amazon for the I bought enough to both some in the bike, and modify the tank bag.

Ducati Monster 696
Ducati Monster 696

I used a ripper to open up the base of the and remove the ring of magnets above, and replaced the four with the large single The key was paying attention to polarity, so the magnets I installed on the bike match up with the bag, the magnets to attract rather repel one another. Fortunately, my project was a success, and the result is worth the effort.

  I get to use the bag I like, and the convenience of a magnetic tank bag on a with a plastic tank.

Seat . Not too much to say about upgrade. The stock seats on tend to be pretty terrible. At I thought the seat on the Monster be fine, but its major flaw revealed itself as a tendency to you into the tank.

No matter how you try to yourself on the bike, the seat force you sit in one rather uncomfortable If I were a guy, I imagine it be very uncomfortable. Given I did not want to ride around on bike with my crotch into the tank, I sprung for the seat .

Its not cheap, but its well comes with a much storage spot built the underside of the sea pan, and still the stock rear plastic should I decide to put that on the bike. After 10,000 I’ve decided it was worth it. Its not as as the seat on my Kawasaki I had re-done by (That was 100% worth the The Sargent seat does me more choice in body and  mostly solves the of getting shoved into the

However, its a little hard, and I its going to break in any more. Its but could be more comfortable, and I’m making further modifications to the

Mounting Luggage on a Monster 696 . one more reason I don’t undertail exhausts). Mounting on a bike that wasn’t to hold luggage can be tricky. Its tricky on the Monster, because the are in the way.

My opinion is that exhausts should be located or under the bike, not beneath the seat. However, that’s they are on the Monster, so we had to figure out how to saddle bags without them on the exhausts.

After online research (naturally), was basically only one system would bolt up to the Monster to the bags from touching the and give the bags something to to. It was expensive and we didn’t really it. Plus, I wasn’t sure it work the bags I already

I’m not opposed to getting new bags, but we had a few weeks at this point to get to leave, and as much as I’d like to top-loading, lockable hard for the Monster, I’m not sure its possible, and I  going to make it happen we left. Plus, I’ve with the bags I already and knew they worked.

So to do? Materials science to the rescue.

We to try the cheap and easy route We bought some high silicone rubber extrusions McMaster Carr and some duty zip-ties and just a couple of pieces around the (Part Number 1129A9 ). the material with the high temperature rating only in orange. Oh well.

Its not exactly the elegant solution, but it worked well for the entire 10,000 trip. The silicone pieces the surface temps on the exhaust transferring too much heat to the and kept the Ortlieb dry saddlbags touching the exhaust. Two locations on exhaust pipe was not enough.

final packing, when the were overfull, we had to add another in the middle to keep the bag from in between the rubber at each Also, the rubber bumpers to the front of the bike had to be mounted and carefully such that didn’t catch the rear hugger (fender) when the was compressed.

We strapped the bags at the to the passenger foot brackets, and the strap at the back around the fender to keep the bags sliding forward. It wasn’t but it worked. After about a the bags settled in, and then move, even after down some fairly roads.

I’d still like to on the set up. I’d really like some lockable, hard bags. I’d like a mounting system not quite so rigged.

Its cheap, and it but only just barely. It take some work  and a bit of to figure this out, so we’ll see if I can find a better

Aftermarket tail lights :

As you can see the stock tail light out from the bike a considerable When I tried to mount the the first time, the tail were in the way. It was pretty to order some smaller from and swap out.

In both the top pic in this and below, you can see how the stock tail would have been in the

The smaller ones are nice the stalks are rubber, vs. the hard mount on the stock tail Based on what I’ve everyone eventually bumps the stock tail light and the mount. So even though I have preferred to just the lights alone, at least the ones are an improvement. You can bend lights back and forth on mounts without breaking

Plus, they are easily as as the originals, despite their size.

Stuff I did not do: Many owners change gearing by to a 14 tooth front sprocket. gear on this bike is tall, and 6th gear really is used at higher interstate It took a little while to get to it, but but after 11,000 miles, learned to appreciate the stock It works well at normal speeds, and helps with better mileage.

At first I I would want to change it in the of having a lower first I may eventually do it for other reasons, but for a road trip, I’m convinced the gearing is better. If I can off-road the with a first gear causes the bike to stall about 12 mph, anyone

So that’s it. We were on the road for 6 9961 miles, and camped 28 with this set up, and it worked well for me. While it would be to have better luggage and a comfortable seat, I would go just like this if I find better solutions by the we’re looking to leave on our trip.

Update July . Since this is by far the most-read on this blog, its time for a update. First, after the post, I still support I wrote, with the exception of the about the windscreen. It would be really nice to have a bit of protection. I still love my (it still makes me grin time, and I always look to riding), but the truth is that I eventually buy something more for long distance.

  Right the fun of the Monster still outweighs its and impracticality. However, eventually, I believe I will be able to a bike that is every bit as but more comfortable. We shall Also, I did switch out the front for a 14 tooth late last I am on the fence about whether to it, or go back to stock gearing.

have their advantages and and I truthfully can’t decide, or a recommendation on this particular Next time I need to the sprockets and chain, I will go to the stock gearing, and maybe will yield a more preference.

In the mean time, I did go on multi-day, multi-state trip spring with the set-up in the original post (plus the 14 front sprocket).

Below are to the larger trips I’ve on the Monster with this I’ve decided I am unlikely to much for future trips, and I no care about finding luggage. I really like my dry saddlebags, and I am happy with the of the set up as is:

Update February 2014 . Uh oh, I did it. I’ll have to hand in my card, I finally gave up on on the Monster. Check out what the new is for 2014 here .

Ducati Monster 696
Ducati Monster 696


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