Twisting Asphalt Ducati ST3S ABS : Sleeper of The Pack

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Ducati 65 T

Ducati ST3S ABS. of The Pack

Photos by Stephen

A thick early morning layer is hanging just a few above the coast as I whip another mile of twisting Each consecutive series of comes flying at me in a rapid that almost seems and yet it’s not. Because happening right before my and even though I can’t believe it’s real, I it is. Driving hard out of the turn I ahead and as soon as I’m able to on the next corner, it becomes the corner. Gone.

Just that. Consumed in a remarkably singular motion that comes forth when you that you’re not just out you’re hunting a form of

With my heart pounding and a of sweat covering my brow, I from corner to corner in an advance. It’s one part a touch of countersteering and a dash of off the saddle. The perfect recipe for an graceful yet utterly sporty morning adventure.

The kind of that allows you to do as much or as work as you want and still the ride to exactly the same

By the time I finally pull up to a in Malibu after miles of tilt swooping satisfaction nice to finally take a – even if that breather a mouth full of sea salt. the bike into neutral, I my attention to a group of wetsuit-clad who are crossing the street and staring. have no idea exactly how fun I’ve already had before tasting a sip of coffee this Of course right now I’m not even on their radar.

In the lane to my stands a piece of heavy auto lust, a brand new Martin DB9 and it’s luring set of available eyes towards it.

most of the greater Los Angeles Malibu offers an almost perspective when it comes to Around here what you is far more important to some than just about else in life. People live in shacks but throw serious amounts of coin for automobiles, all in the name of personal

Yet while perception is the rule here, right now I can’t but feel like there’s a kind of pleasure that from being the forgotten The lost member of the moto crowd. It’s the kind of that can only come knowing that you’ve let in on the big secret and nobody else

A secret called the Ducati with ABS.

It’s not the fastest motorcycle in the or the most exclusive, but it’s one of the most multifaceted. As I watch the on the DB9 continue to grow, I can’t but smile. When was the last you swung your leg over an motorcycle and enjoyed being the in the crowd? When the light turns green one roar is all it to make the point.

While you need to exceed at business to this bike, the bike is nothing but business when it to riding.

At this point I’m my fourth hour of riding and only stopped to get off the bike Once to eat and once to fill up the Compared to most Italian this seems almost

I’m used to taking rest in twenty-minute intervolves and yet today the intervolve I care about is the of minutes being spent between curvy roads.

far the ride has been nothing of phenomenal. The kind of coalesced where the style in which you to ride and the length of your come together in perfect It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m particularly sporty or willing to it down, the bikes acts either way.

Smiles at you and asks for more.

On most by this point I’d be ready to it in and head home – but not today. Not on bike. Not when I feel I can go on forever.

Carving canyons in has been an utterly enlightening and I’m ready for more.

By definition the motorcycle category is all about It’s a unique market that’s built on the belief a number of folks want that’s lies between a land yacht and a high ergonomically harsh thoroughbred. Yet bike that stands the confines of this category one side of the sport-touring equation of the other.

There are no true splits, or at least that’s my experience until I saddled up on the

Introduced at the Milan Motorcycle at the tail end of 2005 as a 2006 The ST3S is the fifth “ST” sport-touring motorcycle to be produced by The basic genetic structure of the dates back to 1998 the ST2 first rolled off the assembly and thrust Ducati into the marketplace. Back then was a good bit of fanfare made those early bikes, the first reviews weren’t as glowing as the company probably had

For all their racetrack heritage, were entering the sport-touring late and had some serious to make up. Since those ST models the bike has seen a of quiet revisions and has been badged with a confusing of numerical names. Instead of sequentially, the boys back in decided to base the bike solely on the number of valves per Therefore for the uninitiated the ST3S is newer than the ST4.

While the naming convention be a bit perplexing the basic idea the bike is not. Ducati the ST3S as bringing together, very best components and comfort, making it ideal for use” and they’re not far from the

As The Pacific Coast Highway into Interstate-10 and I head Downtown LA, I can’t help but that this bike so many different things it’s almost revolutionary for a like myself. It’s got truly unique Ducati and charm while at the same seemingly allowing the rider to go on

Someone my age doesn’t normally to wanting or needing a bike goes beyond racetrack yet this motorcycle offers the of comfort, reduced heat and quite frankly a riding that doesn’t require twenty-minute wrist breaks. through a series of lane-changes I help but think that in respects this is a 999 that you can all day.

Twenty minutes as traffic on the Freeway comes to its crawl, I watch the temp rise towards to the mid 210s and I myself shaking my head. unbelievable. While it’s a hot day in LA, I feel the usual Italian wave pouring over my body. Unlike my 999 and other I’ve ridden, someone at the finally figured out how to get the heat from the rider when rolling down the road fifty miles per hour.

For a world Ducatista this is a mind-blowing revelation, however for the category it’s nothing

Clearly Ducati understood the when they introduced the line because most about sport-touring motorcycles begin with BMW. been building comfortable, heat resistant motorcycles and while there are other in the market, BMW clearly has defined as the sporty touring motorcycle over the past several Yet for all their German reliability and functional engineering, the ST3S something that no BMW I’ve ridden has – a nimble, intuitive, pounding and emotionally cathartic experience that in many is just as comfortable as any Bavarian ride.

Thirty minutes I’m across town and standing at the of The Angeles Crest. After all the riding I’ve done I can’t wait to finally get a to let the bike out again. Personally I playing at the top of the rpm range the most fun you can on a motorcycle, but true to its touring the ST3S makes rolling at seventy-five miles per hour almost a completely non-event.

It doesn’t roar, shake, or rattle it just goes on and on and on. In an movement towards your I can easily imagine tearing off of miles a day for a week straight on bike.

Yet the beauty of the ST3S is it can do anything you want whenever you As California Route-2 shifts a quiet neighborhood byway a full-blown sportbike ascent in seconds, the idea that bike is based on compromise illogical to say the least. It’s not the same visceral sensation as say a but it’s the best damn of that experience I’ve felt on a bike with

In some respects calling bike a sport-tourer is a gross While it’s obviously to travel, it excels at making you invincible when you’re corners. Heading into the of many endless corners it apparent that I’m moving far less in the saddle on this than I normally do.

The taller and handlebars make countersteering a and the ST3S has a magical way of swooping corner to corner with an sense of ease.

The bike flows from one place to and that creates a remarkable of control. You can’t help but like you’re one with line” and while it’s not racetrack technical the sensation is relaxed. It’s also damn easy to body this beast.

The footpegs are directly beneath where sitting and that allows you down with such a amount of force that it can the bike wherever you want it to go any other input being Instantly.

Coming out of the next I get on the gas and whip the throttle back. a moment of hesitation and then the just shoots out from me. It’s not nearly as instantaneous of a as a Superbike or even some of the but the ST3S gets going the best of them in its class. even the best in its class.

deceptive speed to say the least. You don’t expect it with a this big, but no matter how times I let the bike out it just asking for more. Unlike sport-tourers I’ve ridden bike doesn’t leave you for more power.

Rather it offers plenty of power.

At its core the ST3S is much a Ducati and when pinning the throttle back and it rip, the bike lets you it. It yells with Italian and a vast command of the human There’s an utterly Italian to this kind of speed. An that doesn’t come statistics or require you feel you’re hanging on for dear but rather offers you the chance to like you’re one with the

You create it and you control it. The bike is a conduit for your dreams and passion.

The giddy-up factor can be attributed to the 3-valve 992cc 107 engine, which is built on the motor platform. Ducati altered the engine by adding an valve so that now there are 2 valves and 1 exhaust valve per The result is a surprisingly stout powerplant that offers a commanding sensation when opening it up then the traditional 1000DS does.

Why they decided to neglect this in favor of promoting the 2-valver is me. Granted I have nothing the 2-valve, but this engine such a greater linear of delivery that I wonder why doesn’t ship more with it.

However, just the 1000DS there is a relatively power window when to the 4-valve Ducati engines. you’re getting on the throttle the of hyper-acceleration only kicks in four thousand rpms and it dies down just eight thousand. If you top the engine out to ten on the it doesn’t seem to add very to the adrenaline creation experience.

along about a third of the way up The it’s hard to miss the in the road surface. What had a perfectly paved chunk of transforms into a wet-weather Suddenly there are patches and in the pavement that can completely a sportbike.

It’s in these that the Showa front end and the Öhlins rear shock shine. The ST3S does a job of helping you navigate these of rough and tumble sections by a tremendous amount of feedback at the same time bouncing you considerably less than a model 999 or the entry level

Of course by definition sport-touring are supposed to be less harsh in sorts of situations and the ST3S in this regard. It’s the of bike that marginalizes asphalt without it being a to its performance capabilities.

Of course a bike going and getting it are two completely different aspects of and luckily the ST3S offers a set of Brembo brakes. For a sport-tourer outstanding. They offer a feel for the road and at no point did I get the sense that they underpowered when trailbraking a corner or coming to a stop.

In some respects they be too powerful – if that’s possible for – because no matter how smoothly you the front disc brake the end of the bike has a real propensity to dive. It’s not completely but it certainly takes some to get used to and is a definite departure the way in which either the Superbikes or the handle braking.

When I roll into the parking lot at Ranch, I toss the bike up on its and start to unlock the bags. If is one area that Ducati pales in comparison to BMW, the luggage. For starters the need for keys for the ignition system and the baffle me. You’d think in world having one key do both would be standard issue. The on the bags are another sore

They’re not the worst in the class, but not BMW simplicity either. For the sake of all around the world I wish all the would just get together and BMW’s design. There’s no to try and out-engineer perfection.

On the flipside unlike BMW, the hard is included in the bike’s purchase

A place like Newcombs a tremendous amount of motorcycling – both in the bikes that up and the riders. Glancing around the lot it’s obvious that are all kinds of motorcyclists. A good of them probably won’t fit on an The bike is by no means short.

I’m and while I was able to put my foot down at a stop, it certainly like a bit of a stretch. I can’t shorter riders feeling comfortable unless they changing seats or repadding the saddle.

An hour later I’m back down The Crest the Westside of LA after a late and I’m finally feeling just a bit spent. The sun has started its decline and a day once held an endless of opportunity now holds nothing than a few more hours of As the traffic gets a bit heavier and I my way down the mountain, it’s to ignore exactly how many Ducati got right on this

I’m not sure why the company puts so effort or emphasis on marketing the series in general or the ST3S in This is simply one the truly motorcycle that is on the market now and it offers a plethora of personalities to If you feel like running it it’s absolutely game for the yet on the other hand it’s than happy to play if you’re in the mood to take it and amble around.

It’s truly one of the most packages I’ve ever As someone who doesn’t draw a from either ProItalia or the motorcycle mags, I suppose fair to say that I have a different view of journalistic I came into this with some fairly preconceived notions as far as this was concerned.

It’s a bike does not sell particularly and my sense was that if the motorcycling public was ignoring it there was a reason. After thrashing on it for a few weeks the only rational for limited demand that I can up with is a lack of marketing

I also suppose at this I’m starting to sound a bit like a evangelist, but the reality is that is just a wonderful motorcycle offers traditional Italian and flare while at the same catering to the creature comforts make riding for extend of time extremely enjoyable. a downright fantastic combination of aspect of riding that I not enjoy, but also admire.

now ridden my fair share of metal if I had to come up with a top list to own and ride, I find it bewildering and shocking that of all the that are out there the ST3S sit in one of my top two slots. It’s not nearly as in any aspect of riding as a 999, but for else – and everyday life – outrageously good and in many it makes weekend adventures far enjoyable than any full-blown could.

This is more just a motorcycle; the ST3S is a knife for riding. It lets you corners, take grand and motor along at any speed you If there’s a better definition for touring I don’t know it is.

Photos – Stephen Schauer;


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