Specifications for the Suzuki GS650 eHow

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Suzuki GS 125 E


The GS650E is chain-driven and uses a different transmission, while the GS650G series is shaft-driven and uses a slightly different engine. The E uses roller bearings while the G uses plain bearings; therefore the Gs operate at a higher oil pressure and use a different oil pump. Other than this, the engine specifications and body construction are relatively similar. The GS650 uses an air-cooled, τετράχρονους, transverse four-cylinder engine with two valves per cylinder.

The engine uses a dual overhead camshaft. The total engine output is 673 cc. The bore by stroke on all models is 62 by 55.8 cm while the compression ratio is 9.4:1.

The induction system is four 32 mm Mikuni carburetors. The transmission is a five-speed. The ignition is transistorized and the starter is electric-powered.

The maximum power is 73 hp at 9400 rpm while the max torque is 42 foot-pounds at 8000 rpm. The front brakes use two 275 mm piston caliper discs while the rear uses a single 275 mm disc.


The dimensions of the various GS650s differ slightly. The GT is 85 inches in length, 33 inches wide and 46 ιντσών υψηλής. The seat height is 31 inches and the ground clearance is 6.3 ίντσες.

The wheelbase is approximately 57 ίντσες. The bike weighs 468 pounds.

The cruiser-styled 650GL is 86 inches long, 34 inches wide and 46 ιντσών υψηλής. The seat height is 29 inches and the ground clearance is 5.9 ίντσες. The wheelbase is 57 ίντσες.

The 650GL weighs 466 pounds.

Suzuki GS 125 E

The 650G Katana is 86 inches long, 30 inches wide and 44 ιντσών υψηλής. The seat height is 31 inches tall and the wheelbase is 58 ίντσες. The 650G weighs 480 pounds.

The fuel tank on the 650GT and E holds 4.2 gallons while the 650G Katana’s tank holds 6 γαλόνια. All the bikes have a gas mileage of approximately 44 mpg. Top speed is 120 mph.

The stopping distance is 27 feet at 30 mph και 125 feet at 60 mph. The rear tire size differs between the G and the E, as the E has a 3.75H-18 and the shaft-driven models use a 17-inch back tire.

Features and Appearance

The GS650 features adjustable suspension. Suzuki introduced a fuel gauge on the GS650 and easy-to-operate choke control on the left handgrip. The turn signal is located beside the high beam control to add simplicity. The GS650G models use mostly chrome while the GS650E uses black painted parts.

The motorcycles feature four-into-two chrome exhaust pipes, one on each side. ο 650 G has a white fuel tank and a black and red vinyl seat. The GT, GL and E are available in a few different color schemes, such as black with red paint covering the sides of the tank and side covers with gold outlines, black with red outlines, dark blue or white with blue and black stripes around the outside of the gas tank.

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