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After many, many requests by the PC faithful, Corbin has retooled a seat design for this super machine. Naturally Corbin has perfected the ergonomics and created a perch that provides long range comfort and support. Our saddles offer you a more sculpted seating platform that conforms to the shape of your body and greater square inches of body contact.

Of course we build them up with our Comfort Cell foam for firm support that lasts all day and engineered in a removable, adjustablepassenger backrest.

Corbin’s passenger backrest is designed to be adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your copilot’s posture. Once installed, the backrest is easily adjusted with a single set screw accessed from the rear. Installs into hardware concealed in the saddle for a perfectly clean look. Notice how the Corbin Ovalbac backrest is shaped to fit the contour of your back to maximize comfort and support value.

The oval shaping of the model also helps to keep your body cool by not trapping heat. Around the garage, it makes a convenient hand hold. Nota: on this seat, the backrest must be installed prior to seat installation in order to reach the manditory safety screw.

Notice how the shaping is designed to emulate the shape of your body. This gives excellent support for longer range. Our neutralized seating helps to curb sliding in the saddle which greatly reduces rider fatigue. Naturally we include your choice of color options for look that can range from outrageous to stealthy. We’ve created a cover design and stitch pattern that coordinates with the Pacific Coast perfectly and adds to the visual appeal of the bike.

Shown here we’ve used our Pigeon Grey vinyl material for a relatively close match to the stock components.

Por supuesto, the Corbin saddle components are designed to keep the hinge function of your Pacific Coast trunk. Installation of the front and rear saddles is easy with mounting similar to stock. On the Corbin rear saddle there is an additional bracket that needs to be installed from under the trunk lid. Inside the saddle we use our exclusive Comfort Cell foam to provide a firm, resilient ride that gives you long lasting support.

This closed cell foam type will support you for long days in the saddle and will actually break in to take on a personalized fit.

Neutralized seating posture helps to curb the tendency to slide forward in the seat which helps to reduce rider fatigue. Corbin’s rigid Fibertech basepan material provides a perfect fit to the body groove for a very clean look.

Honda PC 800

We attempted to engineer this seat design to allow the side covers to be removed without taking off the seat, but it left an unsightly gap that we just couldn’t live with. sin embargo, the Corbin saddle does remove easily with just two bolts.

Corbin’s rear saddle features the same, generous ergonomic shaping as the front saddle, but also works with a Corbin backrest or your Hondaline passenger backrest if you prefer. Notice also the custom stitch pattern we worked into this model. Corbin’s rear saddle also offers generous vertical back support for the rider (just over six inches).

Choose from a range of Corbin backrest models to suit your taste.

For maximum versatility we’ve designed the Corbin components to interchange with the stock Honda pieces. Notice how the backrest works with an internal bracket that doesn’t clutter up the look of your bike.

Our Ovalbac backrest has removable finishing plates on the rear that allow for a custom look. The standard plate is a leather look ABS material, but we also offer Carbon-Fiber or primer. For just a little extra we can also provide a chromed steel model.

If you’re looking to add just a bit more storage space, take a look at the Corbin Glovebox shown here. Enough room for a couple bottles of water and some other small essentials like a pair of gloves, your PDA, Cell Phone and some Maps. Complete Glovebox information .

Honda PC 800
Honda PC 800

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