Honda CR-Z 2012 rever Notícias de Carros novos e Informação

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Honda CR-Z 2012 rever

Honda CR-Z é esporte híbrido que se caracteriza pela tecnologia avançada que proporciona uma condução confortável e reduzir significativamente o impacto ambiental negativo. CR-Z is a unique Car, which combines the advantages of clean. efficient. gas-electric hybrid powertrain with six-speed manual transmission and a stylish coupe body. This exciting new coupe is designed to change attitudes about current hybrids. with a lively engine assisted by a parallel hybrid IMA system .

The name of the new Honda CR-Z. Compact Renaissance Zero aims to reflect our passion for Renaissance design of compact cars. back to the basics and reinforcing the basic elements that make Honda unique .

· The first hybrid car with a six-speed manual gearbox in the world

· The unique drive system with three driving modes (3- Mode Drive System ) in order to reconcile operating convenience. liveliness and engine support IMA system to the needs of the driver

· I-VTEC engine with 1.5 liters combined with Honda’s IMA hybrid system with CO2 emissions of 117 g / km and fuel consumption of 5.0 liters per 100km

· Nova marca, streamlined form of sports coupé 2 +2 configuration

· The wide chassis with short wheelbase. which aims to ease of handling

Exterior of the CR-Z is formed around the concept of “ moving wedge ”, with a low hood and wide stance that gives the car a confident. athletic look. The distinguishing features of Honda’s design. such as glass hatch is divided into two areas and streamlined. slightly curved roof line. were used in the design of this elegant coupe and then combined with extremely sculpted curves form the exterior .

Pela primeira vez, a parallel hybrid system fuel consumption and low emissions combined with a precise six-speed manual transmission. For the first time after the Honda Civic IMA in 2003. which was equipped with five-speed gearbox. the new CR-Z combines a conventional automatic transmission with a petrol-electric powertrain. which is only possible because of the flexibility of Honda’s IMA hybrid system .

Manual transmission is combined with four-cylinder engine displacement 1.5 litros, which is new to the EU and is a key component of the unique character of the CR-Z. The engine is enhanced with an additional 78 Nm of torque forces elektromotra 14 Ks. mounted between the engine and gear box. Engine 1.5-liter displacement. combined with the power and torque of the hybrid IMA system. giving a total output of 124 hp and peak torque of 174 Nuevo Méjico.

Electric motor Honda CR-Z is the maximum torque at just 1,500 rpm, which is unusual for a small engine with atmospheric vacuum. Coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. engine assisted IMA provides a great flexibility in individual gear. has extremely low emissions sporty sound and exhaust ports .

Honda CR-Z has been fitted with three driving modes (3- Mode Drive System ), to provide the driver more choice in everyday driving and increase the applicability of the car. This unique feature allows the driver to choose between three driving modes. by changing the reaction accelerator. steering. idle stop timing. climate control and the level of assistance provided IMA system. In developing this three driving modes.

Honda has decided to allow the driver to choose between maximum driving pleasure. efficiency. or the balance between these two possibilities. Honda’s engineers wanted to give customers more choices in how to drive the CR-Z. depending on their needs and desires at the time .

The European version of the CR-Z has a unique day time lights with eight LEDs. accenting the lower line of the front light group. This is the first time that the daytime running lights fitted to any production model Honda. combined with the fog lights where fitted. they give the rounded look of the European version of the CR-Z .

Slightly curved roofline and sharply sloping rear of the Honda CR-Z. are features common to many models of Honda. both past and present. This design allows the car to cut the air with minimal disturbance. reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The CR-Z has a 2 +2 configuration. allowing users to transport adults of lower increases at smaller distances. or children on longer journeys. The rear seats can break in one easy action that would. if necessary. increase luggage capacity .

Control panel of the compartment has a complex two-stage design. darker upper parts. which gives the impression to float over the light gray lower. in order to extend the center of the inner door panels .

Enjoying the driver is at the core of the structure of the CR-Z and plays a key role in creating the character of the car. The platform shares some components with the Honda Insight. but the wheelbase. width and characteristic setting for the new hybrid. To reduce weight and increase strength. applied the spring of cast aluminum. the system Macpherson. unlike steel. which are installed in the Honda Insight .

Wheelbase the distance of the CR-Z is shorter by 115 mm and overall length of 295mm compared to the Honda Insight. This increases agility and reduces the empty weight of the CR-Z for a 44 kg compared to the Honda Insight – a family car with five doors and five seats .

In its effort to further contribute to global action to reduce CO2 emissions. Honda continues to focus on research and development of technologies that improve fuel efficiency and seeks to provide a product with improved performance that does not pollute the environment. Além, he is kept in mind that the product is available to as many people.

The novelty is that the IMA system in the future. be integrated into the Honda Jazz. and in addition. Honda is also working on developing a new hybrid system that will be suitable for installation in the class of medium-size vehicles .

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