1920 MODELO explorador indio

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Indian Scout

This is a collectable 1/6th scale model of a 1920 Indian Scout, there are not many 1/6th scale model motorcycles around, so they are quite rare. It is made by Guiloy and retails for about $80.00. The scale of 1/6th means that this is a very large model at 15 inches long and 7 pulgadas de alto, it weighing just under 2lb.

The model is not too bad and there is plenty of detail and as a static display piece that’s all you want.

None of the brake or gear levers and pedals move, the chain doesn’t revolve and the front suspension (what little the bike had anyway) doesn’t operate. Only the seat is sprung that gives the bike some suspension.

I found that the cables can come adrift very easily and do not appear to have been glued on very well. The headlight and horn also came off after only a few weeks of it being on display. You have to handle these fragile models with great care.

We have to remember that it is a static display model and not a children’s toy, these things are meant to be placed on a shelf and left there. and dusted off periodically! In that respect the bike is an excellent addition to any motorcycle enthusiasts collection and is an impressive piece to admire.

Guiloy have made a half decent model but it is not as good as minichamps or Franklin Mint models. There is plenty of detail on the engine and all the cables and electric wiring is present and these cables go to their respective places around the engine and dynamo.

The most common question that is asked about this model is why are the tires white and not black? Well the answer to this is that rubber is actually white when its manufactured and charcoal is later added to dye them black. There is also a process called vulcanization that Charles Dunlop devised and patented too that all modern tires go through, that process was not applied in the early 1920’s.

So the model is historically accurate in every respect and its makes a nice change to have a model motorcycle with white tires instead of the usual black. Historic accuracy is of course very important with all scale models and they must be made correctly. We can forgive the rear license plate for saying the name of the bike instead of a real registration number though.

A very useful and much used feature of this model is of course the stand. There were no side stands on these type of bike in the 1920’s they all had a rear stand that folded up around the rear wheel. In many respects, this is the best method of propping a bike up.

This method is not really utilized that much today. only on race bikes, where the stand is detached and wheeled underneath.

Indian Scout

Nice detail to the headlight, its a pity that it doesn’t operate to give the model a more interesting bit of appeal. it would have been an oil or cadmium gas lamp anyway. Note too the leaf spring suspension set up on these old style bikes. The suspension set up was drafted right off a car of the time.

Later this design changed to give better road holding and overall comfort.

It is my only 1/6th scale model bike and unless you have plenty of room in your domain then its best to collect smaller scale models. 1/6th scale takes up a lot of shelf real estate and uncovered models need a lot of dusting.

Overall not a bad model, its a bit lacking in some of the finer details such as moving parts, but apart from that its quite acceptable. I enjoyed making a webpage about it and it was easy to photograph.

So its a model to look out for if you are into collecting scale model motorcycles, its worth the money but don’t expect too much with it.

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Indian Scout
Indian Scout
Indian Scout
Indian Scout
Indian Scout
Indian Scout
Indian Scout
Indian Scout

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