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Adley Silver Fox Review

Adley Silver Fox

The proprietor of Scootling on the corner of Ponsonby and Great South Roads in Auckland, Andreas, recently invited me to test their Adly Silver Fox 50cc scooter, and to the surprise and amusement of many people here at the MTN offices, I jumped at the chance.

scooters, like anything with two wheels and an engine, are great fun, and around town they are the king. You can take advantage of city traffic congestion on a small scoot like this to zip straight to the front of the lights, much to the chagrin of the cage drivers.

I have to say up front, the one thing that differentiates this scooter from some of the other 50cc nippers out there is this scooter’s footprint. The wheels on the Adly Silver Fox measure in at 13 pulgadas, compared to the 10 inch jobs found on most other 50cc-ers. Having bigger rubber on a scooter equates to a much better handing package.

Braking and cornering ability is great, and to be honest I felt much more stable on this than on some other scooters. And over Auckland’s somewhat dubious inner city roads, stability on a small scooter is something that has always made me shy away from this particular mode of transport.

But I have to say that with the Adly Silver Fox, you have a 50cc scooter that is fighting well above its weight in terms of handling characteristics. The only drawback I could find (apart from the top speed of just under 60kph I was able to achieve) was, due to the larger rubber, some of the Adly’s power is being used to move those bigger wheels, which equates to a slower off-the-mark speed than you would find on others in this category.

So it will never rip your arms off with its launch capabilities. Pero, in saying that, the larger wheels have the benefit of increasing ride height, giving better visibility in traffic.

Ahora, on any standard 50cc scooter, a lot of time is spent with the throttle twisted hard against the stop. That doesn’t seem to worry the Adly, even though it’s air-cooled, the little beastie didn’t get too hot.

Starting it up is with the press of a button but should the battery call it a day, there is a kick-start back up to keep you out of trouble. A large storage area comes as standard under the hinged seat, which is opened by way of the ignition key. But if that doesn’t provide you with enough storage, motorcycle-style top-boxes are available for scooters such as the Adly should you need to carry a lot of gear.

As with basically all scooters motivation is provided by way of an automatic variable drive unit, which means you simply twist the throttle and go. There is no conventional gearbox that needs prodding.

Both brakes offer good feel and strength. You can even give the back brake a good heave on the handlebar situated lever to get the back end sliding in to a turn. But I never tried that, honest.

Emergency stops are handled with style and composure. Just grab a big handful of both ends and the little Adly is quite happy to leave black lines from front and rear, but in a controlled and sure-footed manner, all the way to a total stop, thanks in part, I’m sure, to those bigger feet.

The seat is extremely well shaped and supportive. Firm, but with good high-density padding. Some manufacturers seem to think that an upright riding position magically means a rider is going to be comfortablein my opinion that assumption is very wrong.

The more upright the riding position, the better designed the seat needs to be as all the bodyweight is supported on the seat rather than having the weight distributed between the bars and seat on a more sporting motorcycle.

Adly Fun Cruiser (I)
Adly Fun Cruiser (I)

A $2090 on the road, the Adly Silver Fox is one of the cheapest 50cc scooters available, and definitely one of the trickest.


Desplazamiento: 49.26ccm (3.01 pulgadas cúbicas)

Engine type: Single cylinder

Carrera: 2

Poder: 3.70CV (2.7kW)) @ 5500rpm

Compresión: 7.2:1

Bore x stroke: 40.0 x 39.2mm (1.6 X 1.5 pulgadas)

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